MLB | Enjoying The Game | Part 3

and brown ball behind the bag of dirt but it's foul Beltre you got to put the pressure on Gary Pettis Gary didn't want to catch it but he's got to pick it up now I chopped off the plate Dominguez takes a look at Beltre he's got him in a rundown and he throws to Altuve now – they will flip to the truck stop Omar [Applause] up in bel-air Kelley's put us on fire where's Bert Blyleven hat oh my goodness he still doesn't know that's terrible hey by the way Don your foots on fire Oh [Laughter] [Applause] she meetings going into this but that wasn't on the roxas marking their turf game are responding game on the the right end of the uniform the B he separated the you for a Scott Van Slyke well a Hadrian certainly set it on fire it took a while before Scotty reacted and the first thing he does something smell maybe it's my no ah now we found it he's smiling joking around he's energy with this club like we said he's really matured but you're right I mean he's all business now when the day he pitches but he's numb one cheerleader on the other days all kinds of grief who taught you how to slide like that go out in your position and play and it's like still ribbing them and Milky says alright I've had enough of you I love you George George I love you looking for any reason not to talk to me aren't you cuz talk to me because talk to me baby give me a hug give me a hug is he gonna find out like when he goes into after the game take a shower he's gonna wonder how long has that been up there he's fixing the other guy's had you might want to look at the mirror pal upsy-daisy oops Alfredo Simon there on his left least a hundred times that still gets a kick out of it invasion here at Cole doesn't have the old bubblegum trick he does not know what's happening around him and everybody's well somebody got him he's it's not the hotfoot working let's painful Moya Rivera's on deck plucky discovered the guns he played he came up when that Adrian would have had to go back to one chopped or Teixeira he's gonna get the force at second that's all though as Lowry reaches close Tampa Bay Rays they've got their hitting shoes on today yeah they broke it off right gunfire took one there but hunging me you this gets a pat-down goes after Puig and contem right on top of the head so Boyle's have an eight nothing lead and everybody's having fun Aaron oh this is what could wait what what's going on what's on my hat nev realizes now that he is the victim of the ever popular picture that crews brought up his phone that way one picture with Joe West Hey 5000 games chopped and snare Teixeira will grab it use Joe West for a little help they got the

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  1. Wow, almost at 25k! It’s so nice to see your channel get so many subs! I remember when you had less than 1,000 subscribers
    Also great video 👍

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