46 thoughts on “MIXED MEDIA ART FOR BEGINNERS | AWESOME Acrylic Painting Ideas & SUPER EASY Background Techniques!!

  1. Want to catch up on any missed videos or binge-watch the "Hamburger" Mixed Media Video Series from the beginning?
    Click this link to access (and then save) the YouTube Official Playlist for these videos 👉 http://bit.ly/hamburgerseries
    Materials used for this part of the project are in the Description Box Above and If you need a Hamburger Cheatsheet, please let me know!

  2. I love my cheat sheets,, I laminated mine,, I use them a lot::::::oh I can’t wait until next week for the next cheat sheet,,, thxs so much Karen

  3. Hi. Nice to meet you. My name is Nancy and I would like your cheat sheets like the hamburger, etc., sent to my email please.
    I am brand new to your videos and appreciate your efforts and skills. A big midwest THANK YOU from Wisconsin!

  4. Yessss!!!! I have the hamburger sheet, canNot wAiT for the next one!!! Imagine my surprise when I went & bought all sorts of sprays, markers, & inks, just to find out they MOVE when disturbed with liquid. So frustrating. (Unfortunately, they don’t share this information on the product labeling) Thank you for condensing everything into some basic categories. The little tips & tricks, and condensing all of this info., sets you apart in the GinORmouS world of mixed media. Thank you for being a great teacher….🤩⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. Your videos are such an upbeat part of my day. After I finish a few projects I'm in the middle of, I think I'll give that oil painting "hot dog" a try!!

  6. It’s so hard waiting a week for my new favorite “show”! Thanks so much and I always look forward to your videos 🤗

  7. Hello Karen! You are amazing! Thank you for the time, the passion and the vibes that you are putting in this wonderful series of mixed media. I saw all 4 episodes today and I can't wait for the next one. In the meantime, I'll watch the faces series. Thank you again. And please, I would love to have a hole set of cheat sheets for mixed media. Have a wonderful day and full of beauty as you are!

  8. Love your videos, Karen. I have your hamburger cheat sheet and did my very first girl/face canvas this week. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us all. Happy days! xo

  9. Hi Karen, I have just received your miixed media book, and absolutely love it! I would be most grateful if you send med your hamburger PDF as well. In advance, thank you!

  10. This is a fantastic explanation. It has been so long since I made one with more than paint, the breakdown is fantastic. You are so awesome for creating these sheets for us!! Can’t wait for the next video!! Thank you!!

  11. Ah yes, the ugly stage. Forever that is where I stopped a piece, it was wonky, the colors were wrong, the proportions were wrong, this isn't what I had in my head when I started. Learning to get past that phase is 1 of the most helpful lessons you give (that's like 1 of the best in like 200 different things you teach us). You've encouraged me to go back into my journals, canvases and such for the pieces that made me cry ( and want to throw away all my art supplies because obviously I'm really bad at this) and start to work them again. Most of those reworked, pieces make me smile now. TFS

  12. Thank you, Karen. I’ve watched the 4 videos on “how to” and I printed out your hamburger cheat sheet. Looking forward to future cheat sheets and videos. Between you, NoitArt, and Mike Deakin, I’m developing fun new skills.

  13. Hi great videos I was curious what do you do with all your finished projects do you sell them or do you just fill your house with them ?

  14. Hi Karen I love your work and I have some of your earlier books. Is the sheet you showed in today’s video going to be available as a cheat sheet that’s the one about adding liquid? Thanks for all you do you’re awesome. ❤️

  15. I really like your videos I don't comment really but I always watch your videos … I think after christmas I am gonna buy your book it looks fantastic. I have that same clear gesso its terrible. Everyone said to try the clear gesso by dina wakley so I did and it's a million times better then the liquidtex one. its super smooth. And way more enjoyable to use . Definitely try it if you get the chance it will change your mind about clear gesso. Thanks for making such great videos! 💯☺

  16. The ugly stage 🙈🙈🙈- each time I get hot flashes 😆- anxiety will I get out of the “ugly phase” – most of the time I do. And it’s good to walk away and let your “eyes” rest, don’t force to fix it . It is better when we come back later and start fresh. Thanks Karen for the wonderful tutorial – and technology cooperated 🙌yay! (Told’ya not to sweat, just take your time); Love your color palette and the girl looks great – (considering she’s in “ugly phase” — you should see my “ugly phase” victims 🙈😄 but thanks God for gesso!!! ) – The cheat sheets are such a super idea – totally awesome! 🙌🙌🙌🎨💕

  17. I would love one of your hamburgers! My 50 yr old daughter comes to paint with me twice a week! We love your videos and we have so much fun together. I love your girls! I live on a very limited income but I’m saving for one of your books! You are a sweetie, thank you for all the fun, I’ve found it’s never too late to learn something new! ❤️❤️❤️

  18. I am curious is Chipboard an acceptable substrate for mixed media?? I have a ton of it and well I am curious would that work? I also have a ton of ideas for doing collages on what I have to make books with it. So any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

  19. so grateful for this series! thank you! just wondering if i could get the "Which products do what when you add liquid?" sheet? is that the one for next week? can't wait for the next video!

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