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(crowd cheering) All right! The biggest names in the biz were on the red carpet, the pink carpet actually, last night at the Met Gala. Here to break down the fashions, the hits and the misses, the host of Bevelation, Bevy Smith. (crowd cheers) Our guru and author, say hello to the very stylish, Lloyd Boston. Hey
(crowd cheers) And also fashion stylist, Robert Verdi. (crowd cheers) Bevy!
Yes! You don’t only cover fashion, you were fashion. I went to the Met Gala
Look at you! (crowd cheers) Now Wendy, this was an important moment for me because I wore all black designers. That cape was Dapper Dan by Gucci. By Gucci. The gown was Kimberly Goldson of Project Runway fame. Oh!
Yes, and my shoes were even done by a black woman. Tiannia Barnes, she made the shoes.
She makes shoes? Yeah! (crowd cheers)
Wonderful. Fragrance, makeup, hair, the whole thing! Fragrance, makeup, hair, everything was black. Wonderful, I’d love to ask you a million questions, but we’ve gotta get to Gaga and all those costume changes. (laughter)
Lloyd! Wow I mean come on, what an entrance, right? That’s an entrance. She’s wearing Brandon Maxwell. She was the first one on the red carpet, right? So she was in no one’s way? Correct, and no one could come before her, no one could walk after her. And mind you this is the designer walking her, undressing her there because she had four different looks in one. All those layers! He did the meat dress years ago. Did he?
They’ve been long time collaborators. And notice she peeled down. He’s her stylist. Yeah, stylist as well. And she had her own little wagon of Gaga accoutrement. At the end bra and panties but it started with this parachute kind of cape. Even her handlers were choreographed into these beautiful moments, kind of bringing that elegance. Its like a Russian nesting doll, she just kept on giving. Well she was the co-chair so she did have to set the tone. You know what I loved most about this too, is that her wagon was House of Gaga, which gives a nod to black, gay ballroom culture. The house of, darling, and that is very camp. So I appreciated that she brought that into her look. And I love the idea that she’s undressing on the red carpet, ’cause you spend the entire day dressing for the red carpet, and here she did the rewind on it which I thought was a really camp concept. Only her, and she didn’t fall the whole time. Yeah no! All right, Celine Dion. I’ll just say that I love Celine Dion, I did not like this. I was like Celine Dion’t, Dion’t do it, Dion’t. I didn’t like it. You know Wendy, I’m surprised that you don’t appreciate this just a little bit more., you know why? ‘Cause she’s 51 years old, I know.
and she said that she wants to have fun now. Oh its fun!
She’s feeling liberated. And she’s feeling sexy and forever and a day we’ve known Celine Dion to be a fashionista in the most severe way, and now she’s having a little bit of fun. She stopped trying to be sexy and pizazz-y. When I tell you she was having a blast at this gala, a blast!
She was? She was showing off the legs, shimmying,
Good! the whole thing! I think she was referencing Cher, Vegas show girls, and I think those were very common themes last night. I think they were easy to go to for people, ’cause they made sense for the camp theme. Yeah. I didn’t love it either though, I don’t know why. Maybe ’cause it looked so uncomfortable. And I think I also expect high fashion from her and I think that this felt costume. Well it was 22 pounds, Wendy, so maybe it was a little uncomfortable. Probably uncomfortable, and we don’t know her to be a fun good time girl. She is a more serious song bird if you will. Speaking of bird, that head dress looked a little sickly, a little thin, huh? Yeah well.
If I’m being honest. She coulda used a few rows. A few rows, right right.
A few rows. Cardi B everybody, I didn’t like the color but I liked the outfit. Oh wow!
(crowd cheers) Kind of an extraordinary piece by Tom Brown. Whose husband is actually the Chief Curator of the Costume Institute. This is kind of a mega moment for her. I thought that this was Joseline, would you look at this
spectacular. (laughter) Go in, yes! You know what I loved about this is that now, finally Miss Cardi B has really taken her rightful place as a fashionista! She really does know how to pose. She takes herself so seriously. Exactly, she’s not playing with these kids. She comes to slay on every red carpet. And I love, also that this is a bit of a nod to Rhianna’s fabulous yellow Met Gala gown, remember, that everyone said looked like a yellow pizza.
Oh, you’re right, you’re right, Rhianna wasn’t there. Yeah, she didn’t have time. A lot of the important
Well you know was there people weren’t there.
like you said, Nikki Manaj was just steps behind her and did not make this kind of an entrance. I love the fact, if you look at this woman’s journey, from where she came from to where she is now. She’s really something else. They cleared that carpet for her. It takes people decades to get that kind of respect. Good for her! Representation matters, if you can see it you can be it. You know how many little girls gonna be at home saying you know what, it ain’t where you’re from, its where you’re at. Yeah, yeah. All right, my best dressed was Katy Perry. I just love a chandelier. (laughter and applause) What did this look like when she got inside though? Did she take out the candelabra?
She was a burger. She was a cheese burger.
Oh that’s right! I saw that picture too. I love this right here. That’s so fun! (laughter) I think she felt more like costume in that. Both of her looks felt costume-y, they didn’t feel like they were referencing the camp concept. I think they were really costume, but this is her wheelhouse, this is not something unfamiliar to her. Yeah well camp is supposed to be over the top so bad that it’s good. You know a lot of people got the theme wrong and they took it too seriously. Like Katie Holmes. Yeah, and she came with a tongue-in-cheek feel. This is what she does; this is like bringing sand to the beach for her. So I love her for just having a great time with it and not caring.
She’s was having a great time. Yeah. (crowd cheers) It’s the new enlightened Katy Perry. (laughter) What was your favorite thing to snack on in there? (laughter) What was my fav? I had some fish! Oh.
Yeah, they had some prime rib but I had the fish. Did you have a date? A date? No. Well just asking. (laughter) All right then let’s talk about Kim Kardashian
Back to fashion! Who had a date. Lloyd? Oh excuse me. I liked them together last night Did you?
Oh yes I did! Okay so we’ll get into that in a second. Let’s start with her
He looks like the killer and she looks like come kill me.
Right exactly. Well you know what, she always looks beautiful. Let’s start there. I wish it was longer tho She always does look beautiful, but mind you the theme last night was about camp. Over-the-top, kooky, crazy, fun. Her body is camp. That’s exactly what I said Wendy. Her body is camp, her body is exaggerated. By the way that waist that everyone is talking about is courtesy of Mr. Pearl. He’s the man who makes the corsets for Dita Von Teese, the burlesque dancer. Oh I thought you were gonna say he’s the doctor that removes the ribs. No, maybe a little bit of that but listen! I only know that the corset underneath that is Mr. Pearl. I was behind her, that waist is what they used to call back in the ’50s, a wasp waist. A wasp waist. Yes honey, a snatch to the guillotines. And you know what, that booty was pumping, honey. And you know what else, I like that she came through dripping, drip-drip! (crowd claps) Right? Didn’t she come through dripping? I wish that this dress was longer though. I agree. She also referenced it as a gown in some of the interviews and I’m like that’s not a gown! You’ve been getting dressed a long time and you’re on the red carpet, why are you calling that a gown? On any other red carpet I think she’d look hot and sexy. If this was the Grammy’s or some other young, hip awards show, but this is an art-meets-fashion show and I think this was slightly, not slightly, this was off theme. And her date, I felt, dragged the look down. Nothing worse than having a date that doesn’t bring you up. That date was bringing her down. Guys like this, and I think Kanye and Kim look really nice there, but guys like this, they flip because it might be a $1,000 jacket and a $1,500 pair of pants, do you know what I mean? Oh all the sudden ’cause it’s expensive, it’s acceptable. Not!
But it’s Dickey’s. He looks like her security. Yeah he does. (laughter) But they look good together. They look like they don’t care. (applause) All right, Janelle Monae, Bevy? Oh Janelle Monae, I love this! It was a full on (crowd drowns Bevy out) It was a perfect wink and a nod to camp. Yes! Brava, brava! Perfect wink and a nod. So that little thing kept winking at me, and I said oh my god Janelle, how come that little thing is winking at me? She said it means that he likes you. That’s why he’s winking at you. but actually no its this thing called smooth technology. And its just random blinking sequences that happens. So it just blinks any old time. So it wasn’t about me, unfortunately
Right. I think it was a very artful execution that Christian Siriano did. It looked more like surreal to me. I feel like this is such a complicated concept, this idea of camp, to wrap your mind around, and that a lot of people went off-theme.
I like the hat. Yeah the hat is fantastic! Hats on hats on hats! Yes! (laughter) I love it all, I mean, I knew a girl back in Atlanta who could do that winking boob thing at Magic City, and there was no technology involved. (laughter) And you know, I am not a boob man, but a winking boob always gets me. (laughter)
But you know, she’s having fun, and I always get on her, especially on this show, about not having a sense of humor. She really showed fun, frisky, high camp, she nailed it! And surrealism, as we talked about. Salvador Dali, right? Yes, Erte. Erte, the moments darling. Lloyd, what did you think about our Billy Porter? Oh come on, Billy is having a moment! Come on now! I mean, the only people who’ve tried this in the past, Gaga has tried this in the past, Mariah Carrie’s done this.
Billy can get away with this ’cause everybody loves him.
He can totally get away, because you know what? He is very much in that pose. Ball world, now he’s not from the ball world, but he’s representing it on camera beautifully. Are you going to the ball on Saturday? Bevy and I are going
Are we going together Yes, we’re going.
Am I in? We’ll be at the ball. Am I walking for a category, or am I just going? We’ll talk, we’ll talk
Okay, okay. But Billy. Now Billy, this 10 foot wing situation, 24 karat hair piece, but what was really great is that when we were talking, he was telling me its his first time at the Gala, so he knew he had to bring it.
Really? Yeah.
Yes, it’s his first time he’s slated.
And the blond did it, which is extraordinary.
Yes! Yes again. They are the most prolific, important designers in this space for sure. Definitely! So it was really one of those lovely moments for Billy Porter. I’m so very happy for him. (applause) Well who did we leave out? ‘Cause they’re wrapping me up. There was like J-Lo we coulda talked about.
Oh there’s so many. I liked the buckle in the back on Jennifer’s dress. But she looked like the abominable snow monster. (laughter) She looked like just regular Jennifer Lopez. Quite frankly I thought she and Alex were too important for the room. (crowd murmurs with shock) Ooh! I think that they go out too much. I agree! They coulda sat that one out. Take a breather and come back and make us miss you, right? All I’m saying!
Yeah! (applause) Here they are, this is my style squad everybody! For more information on them, go to (Wendy Show theme music)

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