MET GALA 2019 FASHION ROAST & REVIEW (i'm clinically depressed cause of how bad it was)

hello everybody my name is Luz Mar and this is hot lamode and today on Harlem OH we are gonna be reacting to the Met Gala 2019 red carpet now this year's Met Gala was based on camp notes on fashion which essentially revolved around the 1964 essay by Susan Sontag called notes on camp now if you guys want to know about camp the theme you haven't learned anything about it you really genuinely thought people were going hiking you should watch my other video here which essentially explains camp and the ideals around it cuz it's very hard to understand the camp aesthetic and why people dress the way they did unless you understand what camp actually is now this review is going to be interesting because this was probably the only year where you could go balls to the fucking wall crazy and people did it and I think a lot of people were genuinely disappointed Rihanna did not show up Beyonce did not show up so you already knew that you were losing in that regard and even some people that we really truly loved didn't deliver and it was kind of sad so before we actually get into the review which we are going to be getting into I just want to make a spoiler spoiler alert if you're watching this video and you genuinely think that just because a dress is pretty or looks nice or had a lot of work going into it I would like to refer to one of Susan Sontag notes on camp rule number 28 specifically says again camp is the attempt to do something extraordinary but extraordinary in the sense often of being special glamorous not extraordinarily merely in the sense of effort so guess what I don't give a shit if it took you 47 fucking hours to beat a dress if doesn't fucking look campy I don't give a so just preparing you that mama has come she's wielding the hammer she's ready to fucking slam it down these bitches are getting fucking rekt because honestly I'm disappointed for all of us I think we all are truly disappointed and if you're not disappointed well you have no taste now I just want to say that to people I think that did camp so so beautifully and I'm just using them as examples or Hamish Bowles and Ryan Murphy like that's camp like Ryan Murphy reference fucking Liberace and Hamish Bowles for a shame crazy beautifully crafted Margiela look that's camp y'all bitches should fucking tape no that is camp that is camp that is the rest of the shit that you were about to see not fucking camp in the slightest in the slightest disappointment ensuing no first up is Anna Wintour she is wearing Chanel from what I can see she is really taking the idea of Susan Sontag 3 million feathers for camp to the extreme she's wearing this beautiful pink cave and it has this purple little hombre situation at the bottom which I kind of love and then she's wearing a Chanel Oh Couture dress that has all of these flowers on it it was one of the last collections Karl Lagerfeld ever did so she's obviously paying tribute to Kaiser Karl it could have been better I really wish that she had worn a suit Anna Wintour is like literally never in a suit ever I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her in a suit and I feel like that would have been can be for her to just throw out everything and wear like a major suit like her daughter be Shaffer dead next up is Rita Ora and breathe I must ask why the fuck are you here because honestly you didn't follow the theme and secondly you look a mess she's wearing Marc Jacobs she's giving you this gold dress and I'm sorry guess what gold does not mean that you hit the theme and people do this every fucking year where they're like oh I'm gonna wear them no absolutely not gold does not equal the Met Gala theme thank you this is a mess I don't care Marc Jacobs you've betrayed us Marc why have you done this next up is Karlie Kloss and like Carly fucking Kloss I can't tell if she was like trying to be camp by looking this bad but also I don't think that she has before thought to do that so I don't know like it's a gold monogram to dress like there's nothing interesting about this dress it's in the Gucci fucking monogram there's some black pups for sleeves bow home next up is Lilly J Collins a bitch turned it out she is serving you Priscilla Presley wedding extravaganza she's wearing jumpity Somali I think it's actually super amazing I love this I love that people kind of like did some reiterations of really iconic can't be people Priscilla Presley is campus fuck she's married to Elvis so makes sense I think that if you don't really know what to do for this theme if you really were like caught off guard I think like recreating or like really redoing some amazing fashion crazy over-the-top moments throughout history wasn't a bad thing to do if you were stuck and so I appreciate the fact that Lily Collins did this Priscilla Presley think it's gonna give a bunch of people insight into Priscilla and her iconic style and I mean like listen it's not fucking gigantic silk tulle fucking ruffles from geometry to Bali so I'm happy next up is Lena wait and she is wearing pure Moss and the back of her suit says black drag queens invented camera I agree the sentiment I don't necessarily agree with a statement but I love these students I think they're super amazing I think they're like Power Hour 80s this is camp like it doesn't have to be crazy over-the-top all of the time it can be really subtle I think that these pinstripe suits with these big gigantic shoulders and knit little waists are kind of major I love them I love that they're matching they're just very simple little decadent elements of camp whereas a lot of you were just like I'm just gonna do whatever the fuck they want this like seems to really make a little bit of a statement and the fact that it has these quotes that are very like revolutionary they're really taking on these ideas of what camp is especially in a situation where can't be being talked about by these super rich you know big brands and fashion people and celebrities when camp really revolves around the idea of being shunned and the idea of this like anti culture so it's very interesting and I appreciate Lena wave for doing this next up is Emma Roberts she is also very Jon batiste ivali bitchy labora just because there was some tool on the fucking invite does not mean that you should wear tool jumper to use of all you should def fucking better but guess what I honestly don't really think you're that good so tool is the new trend like everybody is wearing like these big tools gowns now and so that's not camping it is not camp to wear these tool oversized big old dresses anymore like when people were first doing it when Rihanna did it molly goddard camp you doing it now on a red carpet mm-hmm next up is violet chachki she's wearing most II know it's a bit boring I know that the whole idea is this train with a glove I don't think it's that great really I like I think it could have been much better and I think we've seen a lot of like the camp of violet chachki on season seven of RuPaul's Drag Race with those insanely snatched waists like that would have been a fucking show bro like bring back the crazy snatch ways that you did for drag race like that would have been fucking major the street people would have lost their fucking minds like that is camp your subvert this idea of femininity and masculinity it would have been major next up was salon she's wearing Ferragamo I'm a bit disappointed in salon so she is wearing a Python inspired look by Paul Andrew Solange is probably one of the Queen's of camp she really always serves it on the red carpet of the Met Gala I'm disappointed by this look I am I just think that it could have been better I understand that like obviously it's beautiful Python Bubba Bubba listen rule 28 like I don't give a shit if the man walked it from fucking China if it's not interesting if it's not canvas not glamorous if it's not glorious I don't care unfortunately someone's not looking glorious tonight next up was Cara Delevingne I hate this look more than I hate anything else in my life but that's the camp aspect of it she's wearing to your it is so disgustingly aggressive and it's take on pride she has these like platform pumps and a fucking disco stick and this ridiculous banana headpiece with teeth and eyeballs that's camp like ugly ridiculous tacky gross things can be camp and I'm shocked that I'm saying it but this is good I think this is camp I think this is the theme I think this is what people have been looking for you know it's varied your Maria gratia no taste Maria gratia should be the queen of the night she has no taste that's the whole point of camp is you don't have any taste next up is Lady Diane von Furstenberg and she is the fucking Statue of Liberty and that is camp like Diane Von Furstenburg as the Statue of Liberty wearing a dress that just has her fucking face from like the 1970 is all over it camp its camp like yeah like it's it's ridiculous it's fucking over the top I hate everything about it it's camp next up is Nina Dobrev and she's wearing socks Posen now this is a 3d printed dress by Zac and honestly I'm a bit disappointed in it I don't really think that it delivers and the way I think they expected it I kind of wish that she hadn't been wearing anything under it like there is like skirt and tulle and liked wall underneath this 3d printed dress I think that if she'd worn like nipple pasties and a bandage over her vagina that would have been camped like bitch full-on showed up knew the house that would have been great I would have loved that but I think that like this idea that you have to have something covering your body that takes away from the camp aspect which is this like revolt and over-the-top and glamorous and you know body centric sort of situations so yeah I was a bit sad about Bob next up was India more and she is wearing aluminum she's one of the brand ambassadors and I kind of expected a lot more from her I think that this is pretty boring I don't think that this gold look is really that good I think that Nicola could have referenced a lot of his older older collections I don't think to reference the most recent question which is where a lot of loot on the outfits when I feel like some of his earlier work would have just been so much better I think the girls showing up in the lobby a la francaise would have been amazing like all of the girls like the oh it even looks it would have been beautiful I would have loved it and they would have been these big beautiful embroidered coats like it could have been great and it wasn't and I'm sad about that next up was Camilla Mendes she is wearing probably wrong Charles Melton is also there I don't really care about him see when this does not a camp outfit make baby girl she is wearing a yellow probable wrong giraffes it has feathers all over it obviously and for taking on the idea of the 3 million feathers and then there's a big silk bow tie to look like a train it's disappointing it is it really I don't think it really does anything for me I'm sad about it because I think probably could have really like taken it to a next level his print work is like majestic and I feel like this year no matter who you are no matter the brand no matter what you could have delivered like you really truly could have just gone for it there was like a no holds bar aspect to this collection and I feel like people didn't do that next up was Gabrielle Union and this is another disappointing look it is just gaudy awful boring it's not camp it's like how can I be sexy but also like have embroidery and that does that make me cam but does that make me crazy does that make me over the top no embroidery the sequins does not make you over the top thanks Gabriela getting up just pointing me next it was Naomi and she's wearing Valentino and you know what I'm gonna fuckin say it I don't think it's good at all I actually think it's really fucking boring I think great 3 million feathers Valentino don t know but her Paolo is ridiculous it's over-the-top it's crazy and I feel like there are so many better looks at balance you know and pure Paolo could have referenced I feel like you could have done those crazy over-the-top stephen jones has to like done them different you know maybe done like gauntlets of feathers with arms and you know all these sort of crazy things I may feel like this is not delivering whatsoever on what I want or need or deserve like Valentino conserve the house and I'm not getting that it's not camp it's not on theme to me it's just feathers Donatella is camp so Donatella is fine she wins anyway she's just good this dress is so fucking awful I hate everything about it which kind of makes me love it because it's so bad there's the sheer embroidered body shoe and then the neon green skirt that has divine written all over it I can't tell if that's like a July and John Waters reference or like it's just she thinks she's divine but mama served camp the house we live we stand it's awful it's grotesque and that's kind of what camp is next up is in de I don't have the photo of La Roche her stylist actually being the fairy godmother of putting all of the dust and clouds all around her but she's serving you Cinderella realness and my thing about camp is even if you were the ugliest fucking dress which honestly I'm going to be real I don't think this is a very good dress whatsoever if you brought a performance aspect to camp I think you win I think he did a good job I think you get a gold medal she brought up her whore Matassa she was Cinderella she had a fairy godmother bibbidi-bobbidi-boo in the fuck out of this look that's camp it doesn't have to be about the clothes it doesn't have to be only an outfit it can be this idea of kitschy can't be over-the-top performance the dress I don't love I think it's a knockoff of Zac Posen it's like a Tommy Hilfiger knockoff which like chomped no Zac was I think did it much better it was in this beautiful architectural situation that lit up all the way it didn't light up and there was grey underneath so that you could see all this gray mess like that that's sad I don't love that I don't while I see the Cinderella aspect of it I don't think it fully delivers in terms of the dress but I love the camp for months that's a day I gave up next up is chaos and she's wearing Marc Jacobs why do they even show up like why like Marc Jacobs as a king of fashion camp I genuinely don't think I've ever been so disappointed in Marc Jacobs ever like every collection that he's ever done every new baton collection every fucking Marc Jacobs his own collections or can't like why don't you pull out some old LD why didn't you pull out that's why somebody did the grunge or you know even cause a little drama with a hard Jukka moment like so many things could have been done this was not the thing to be done next up is Lupita Nyong'o she's bringing her Sachi this is grotesque this is awful I hate everything about this and I think that's why it's such good camp like the feather you know silk tulle situation with these fucking shoulders that makes you look like princess glitter sparkles for fucking trolls like yes like this is it all the fucking hair combs in that little beehive and then the ugly ass fucking sheer little star situation like it's awful it's truly awful but I think that's like why you have to love it is because it's so fucking bad that it becomes good that's naive camp like that's the ideal camp that we want to see not basically boring shit next time is Tessa Thompson I don't know she's wearing I would assume it's Tom Brown because she's a Tom Brown girl from what I know but she was going for this like fetish experience situation I don't know if it really delivered it anywhere except the hair I think the hair is like major and I'm not a hair town so I think the look is kind of a bit boring I know she was going for this fetish inspiration and you can see the PVC underneath but I don't think the dress really serves you anything but I think the hair is really like yeah but again I'm not a hair channel I'm here for fashion give me the shawl next up is Nicki Minaj she's wearing probably wrong mass prop in the ball tonight huh disappointing I'm so sad about this nothing about this is came out Nicki Minaj early Nicki Minaj was camp from what I've heard she seems to have wanted to go for something super sleek and sexy but it's like bitch the theme is camp you can do crazy for one night like do it why why are you being fucking annoying why can't you just give us the crazy moment that we expect and deserve I haven't seen crazy Nicki Minaj in forever and so tonight you're gonna be like oh it's crazy theme i'ma do sexy instead it's not even really that interesting with drugs bye next up is Gemma Chan she's wearing Tom Ford she was like channeling some some celebrity or something I don't know it's very boring I don't care people are like this is camp this is not fucking camp as your Miller that bitches camp Roger Miller is wearing Burberry by Riccardo Tisci he is wearing this pinstripe suit with this caged corset like 7 million fucking eyeballs a mask and a cape over it like there's a train and I kind of wish she was wearing me healed but like for the most part go off says thanks for saving us we truly appreciated this next up is Julia Garner and she's wearing Zac Posen and I love this I know Zac was like channeling the Ziegfeld Follies from what I understand and this dress is serving you like 1930 Scottish real s this to me makes sense this I love this dress I don't even care maybe it's not even camp but like I just fucking love this dress I think it's so hot and sexy and beautiful and like gorgeous next up is Katie Holmes she looks so bad it is possibly camp she reminds me of yzma from The Emperor's New Groove maybe that's what she was going for I don't know but yeah it's really not that interesting I don't really think it's camp but like maybe she was trying to channel an Eartha Kitt situation but yeah could have been better for Katie home next up was Bella Hadid and Jeremy Scott they're wearing masks II know and in the words of Rihanna I can't this is yeah I I mean I kind of like this look listen I like Bella I no problem saying that I am a Bella Loki's fan the look I wouldn't say is camp I think that Jeremy kind of gets away with camp because most Ino is camp every day of the week so it's hard for me to be like no I actually think that Jeremy's look is very can be I think this idea of like wearing all these jewels and rhinestones and you know big crystals on a man is very camp is very ridiculous it's very Effie scene which is this mixing of male and female style and mannerisms and characteristics so yeah I'm much more interested in what Jeremy is where I think Ben Bella Gwen Stefani I don't know I think people like want Gwen Stefani Billa camp but I don't think that it's that good I think it's kind of boring a little bit sad pastiche a bit been there seen it sort of situation then there was the og baggage Cordelia B cardigan Backyardigans serving Tom Brown realness I love this I kind of wish that she had done one of the crazy Tom Brown looks but honestly like she hung her nipples out and this fucking dress those aren't her actual and it wasn't designed she was with nipples out she's wearing this I don't even know I guess it's like quilted I can't really tell it's this ridiculous gigantic train it's in this sort of Tom Brown silhouette that I really truly love so much it has feathers it has sequins it's big it's over-the-top it's not in like a pretty fucking goal that's in this red that is you know really beautiful it's beautifully crafted I'm obsessed with that I love this for cardi good job sweetie selma hayek is wearing Gucci god only fucking knows maybe it is camp because it truly is so disgusting I don't really know what to do with it Emily Raja Kowski I kind of love I have to be very very honest she is wearing Dundas I wasn't expecting any of the sexy gross like turnout of look but this is camp like her body is out she's wearing some like fuckin gigantic feather fish ear situation looks like a fish in general she's wearing this like so wrong she's wearing this like see-through sarong little skirt situation I think this is camp I think this is so ridiculously over-the-top in terms of its sexy but also like it works like it's ridiculous it's like her body is out she's living her best fucking life then there was JLo and she's wearing Versace and from what I understand this was based on one of like the Versace Taylor's looks I didn't know that Versace Taylor has made sleeveless gowns like I'm confused it was based on something a Taylor I didn't you wear a fucking suit okay yeah I don't know Jayla doesn't really impress me at all whatsoever I'm kind of tired of her showing up to things and like really not serving anything I know in the past you like served those those Versace moments that you know that was great but like not interested now bored tired sad should be doing ridiculous over-the-top ridiculous avant-garde camp see I reserved you Diana Ross the boss extravaganza experience I really love the hair I don't think the outfit is amazing like obviously again the effort idea is there but that does not make something camp but I think she wins in terms of camp because of the hair I think a lot of people like are using head pieces and accessories as a camp tool I don't really know if that works I would say I'd rather more seed in your dress your gown your you know red carpet look but I do really like the hair the dress could have been much much better much more it can't be much more ridiculous then there were the sisters Jenner I shocked but I kind of liked Kendall's look I also kind of liked Kylie's Kevin look is this like orange feather experience it's ridiculous but it's not just a feather in the sense of of a million feather is like there's the see-through aspect like she is a Kardashian sister even though she's really not you know their bodies are camp they just kind of automatically are kept because they're so bad they're good I don't know something about this I like she actually looks really really pretty and who knew that the camp theme would make Kendall Jenner actually turn a look kylie is wearing these big fucking puffs of feathers but do you think is major like that that I love it's not just on the dress they're like these big gauntlets of feather extravagance it's kind of like what I wanted Valentino to do and again I think like using her body and this chainmail sort of booby dress that is super smashed waist and you know chain and then there's the purple feathers that sort of follow it on the bottom I think that's camp I think they're camp I think they did camp well I think they did it better than most then there was gal gadot and she is wearing Siobhan she i've been boring i think this is a bit of a boring look from Jimo she i know it's from the oh couture collection but like camp give us camp give us camp this is not camp it's not it's not it's not it's florals it's a floral thigh-high of food that's not camp you know that's not camp Claire white Keller you know that let's move on then there was Nicola Jesse and Emma Stone and girl eighties JumpShip does not can't make they're not Nicola gush gay really is like a stubborn little person and really wants to live his best life and think the key is the one sorry says you're not I'm actually so disappointed by this look I feel like Nicola really could have referenced a lot of his earlier collections in a much better way than just trying to do what he wants to do like grow this is not about who tonight this is about us enjoying ourselves looking at you okay then there was Tracee Ellis Ross wearing no tsuki no and this is a much keener look this amazing tweed actually really like showed us what the reference behind this Tracee Ellis Ross look is and it's a reference to the art is movement where young African Americans we're putting like frames up to their faces and taking photos with it and so I think that's what this is referencing I saw it on Twitter was kind of missing I think three zeros Ross always has fun and I think all the time her normal outfits are these big oversized silhouette ridiculous looks and so I think really stripping it down for her is campy and I think adding this element of the frame is camp it's it's avant-garde it's ridiculous it's really putting the idea of camp in a new little format that I don't think we'd seen before I love this it's not just you know a fucking star dress like Stella Maxwell over here it's actually thoughtful and actually thinks about what it's meant to do what it's meant to say it really has a meaning behind it and I think that's what this Met Gala should have been all about is having something to say then there was Kasey Musgraves dress up as a Barbie doll I like good okay I like this I like the people sort of like took characters and ran with it I don't think that that's a bad thing especially I think for like somebody that maybe isn't like super crazy creative it's like this is super nice and well done and I think she really like channels this misuki know Barbie it's like a greatest hits of mosquito collection I kind of wish somebody'd more on McDonald's look which is disappointing guess they didn't but I'm happy to see the Kacey Musgraves took this Barbie element ran with it I think she delivers it really really well then there was miss Serena Williams Serena is wearing Versace and she was wearing these off-white Nike sneakers and my thing is Virgil ah blows tulle mixed with like body con sportswear thing to me is very campy it's very over-the-top for everybody cuz it's mixing these two elements that we don't really see a lot it's revolting in the terms of like it's revolting isn't like it's revolting against you know some thing it's not like revolting isn't like it looks revolting I just feel like this Versace dress is tacky and gross and I hate it but I wish that I got this big tulle creation but shockingly I wish I got this tool creation from Virgil because I feel like the tulle creation he always mixes with these really interesting sportswear references which aren't like super pretty they're meant to like sort of be like functional gowns in a way they look you could play sports in them you could like hit a couple tennis balls around anything that's camp like diverting and subverting the ideas of what clothing and fabric and you know these things mean I feel like that's camp and so I'm kind of disappointed that she didn't wear an all Virgil experience then there were the Chopra's they looked great Brown Beach over looks awful I hate everything about this look but I think that's camp I think she's like mental it awful and disgusting I like hate truly everything about this it like scuse me out I can't even really look at it camp and then Nick Jonas just look like fucking gay and I love it and I'm like so happy he reminds me of like Mogador from The Birdcage who is one of my favorite characters I love the shoes I love this little like Gabe mustache situation with an ear cuff and like this white situation it's very good I'm proud of them this is nice Katy Perry is channeling this Paul Porter a moment I really love it this is like a modern interpretation of a ridiculous lumière experience key theories kind of always can't be at the Mac knowledge so like I wasn't expecting anything different but I think this is kind of refined they think this is actually nice I think it works really well but the theme I think it's campus costume it's avant-garde it's ridiculous this is it and then also she's even like throwing this little reference to the 18th century French Court with these little slip-on rules not like the dazzle defeated situation but more so like the actual shoe design it's very 18th century loo with the 14th Marie Antoinette can't be extravaganza then there was Kim Kardashian she was wearing a new glare creation that was made by Thierry Blair who hasn't designed anything in like 20 years which you know good for you can get to your new Blair out of karma so apparently this look was going for a wet t-shirt situation and I'll be honest the Kardashians are camp like Kim's whole body is camp it's so ridiculous it's oversized it like accentuates the craziest aspects a tight tight waist like this which is so fucking small on the big old behind like that's camp and then the dress is like pulled I don't really love the vagina ruching but like it's camp so I will allow it the waist is fucking cinch to the gods and then I actually dunno love all these Swarovski little beads coming off like represent water droplets and our hair is wet I think this is camp like this is it like it's a version you know Kim doesn't have to do a lot to be camp so this is good I think this makes sense I think this is in keeping with like what she's been wearing a lot recently Kanye Kanye just looks like a bad version of Frank Ocean then there was GGG din Michael Kors this is the one time that everybody that's wearing what the course gets a pass because Michael Kors this can't be as fuck like the brand this cam but also Michael Kors is camp so yeah but I don't know I'm just not really interested by the design they don't think it really says anything super crazy or wonderful for Lucy Boynton she's wearing Prada I hate everything about this dress I think Prada really like failed this red carpet it's really sad I don't think it's camp I think it's just like a bunch of shitty fucking things thrown together it's like the blown around room but make it Prada Michael B Jordan is wearing coach now they really put emphasis on this fucking local they were like this custom coach guys custom coach custom coach bitch everything here is custom you're not fucking special and also Stuart Bevers girl you've been playing Prairie Queen of the may four seasons it's been eight seasons that we've been getting fucking little house on the Stuart Bevers fucking coach Prairie tonight is the night that you decide that you're not gonna put somebody in a Prairie look like I think sending Michael B Jordan down fucking red carpet in some crazy over-the-top cowboy fucking bebop Prairie extravaganza situation would have been camp but no we get a black fucking suit with some embroidery and that motherfucker was like yo this is care like it's black and it's appropriate scale I was like bitch you don't even know what camp is maybe you should have read the fuckin essay before you showed up I think it should have been required reading Elle Fanning I appreciate that she's giving you like I Dream of Jeannie Malibu Barbie realness she's wearing me of you I kind of love this look it's so awful it's so ridiculous it's like disgusting I hate it and I love it at the same time I love the hair I love the nails that have off little charms on the very me of you I love the ridiculous necklace that has the Metin camp and EMU and you know that is that's that's camp me anyway things did much better than Prada I'll be very very honest then there was Lilly are in heart and Cole Sprouse and they are wearing Ferragamo and I don't know I think Cole's brows is kind of can't be like that outfit is fucking awful I hate everything about everyone kill myself Lilly wrong her like things she did it but she didn't do it at all she actually undid it and like just because something is awful and basic does not make it camp but just because you were a train once Lilly Reinhardt groaning camp I don't give a shit what you think it is I think camp okay Ferragamo Paul Andrew girl stick to the shoes but you know what from what I'm seeing the shoes aren't even that interesting so maybe you shouldn't stick to the shoes then there was Haley Bieber I know people are gonna fucking hate me for this but I love this I thought this was camp obviously it is Alexander Wang and it is a take on that Gillian Anderson dress where she had the backless dress and there was a song coming out of it but that's camp like camp is a thong in your fucking gigantic gown being shown like it's perfect it says Wang on it I kind of wish there was a little bit of asking Shawn listen the camp experience so you could show a little bit of acid the red carpet I think that would have been perfect I think like getting a real like ass thumb situation would have been majora day but I do kind of love that they took the thong aspect really brought it home it's really good I think that that is camp like that's how you can be basic as fuck and be camp Shawn Mendes is wearing nice on the wrong and like disappointment dad Wow you tomorrow is really really sad tonight they did not deliver whatsoever I was so tired of it I'm so bored by it I think that nothing that they did was really really interesting this dude is so fucking boring it is not can see just because you have some fucking silver little detailing and piping does not a camp look mate Shawn Mendes you fucked up rosie huntington-whiteley this look is not camp at all whatsoever not she is wearing I'm sure the Rancho but like I'm gonna be honest I've never really gotten the rosie huntington-whiteley height before but like tonight I like here like she does look pretty like she looks gorgeous I love the off-the-shoulder cave situation it's not camp so like she fails she does fail but I do think she looks really really pretty I'm not really into calling that the models are gonna buy the cute of the Megillah but like I think she looks good I'll be very honest next that was Miley Cyrus she is wearing he's on the wrong again like this party dress is not camp it's not I think a lot of Anthony Parker mellows early collections are a bit more campy than this I think that there was that whole collection in front of the Eiffel Tower that was like camp this is not camp this is bad ed Isla man knockoff I don't know why I don't like Hailee Steinfeld but I do love this look I think she looks super great this is Viktor and Rolf it is from their most recent couture collection which had the no photos please and all of the mean sort of dresses which i think is amazing i saw a couple of them the actual press preview this is great I love that she is wearing this dress I think it's kind of perfect I'm proud of her this is cam we love that stand next up is Toby Turner and Joe Jonas and now they are in bloom Bataan these looks are based on the most recent Nicola gasps Gail ooh Tom clutching which was held at the Louvre hmm it's a bit boring I'll be honest I don't think it's really that good I don't think that Nicola referenced anything super super well I don't think that like anybody really give a shit about any of these lips it's not camp it's not interesting it's not good and that's why I'm not getting invited on show this year in New York Christian Siriano go up Queen Janelle Monae is Right Christian Siriano and it is good I don't know what this is based on but I love it I think this is campaigning this is ridiculous I'm so happy Janelle Monae delivered like she always truly delivers but this is it this is good I love this it's ridiculous it's artsy it's camping it's you know pop it's ridiculous it's over the top camp this is camp palsy is wearing probably wrong Prabhu why do you let her come what's going on why'd you invite her journey to be there I didn't even know that that was her I was like who's that model maybe if they had done some reference things are like 18th century garments this could have been cool cuz I feel like maybe that's what they're trying to go for like a robe I love polonaise which has like the big ruched up ruffle is like that would have been maybe interesting but I don't think that this like sells the garment and not interested by it this is sad and it's not good camp RuPaul now people are very upset the RuPaul did not come and drag and I could have told you that I didn't think RuPaul was gonna come and drag this RuPaul always says RuPaul does not show up and drive unless he's being paid and I don't think Anna was willing to pay considering that she didn't put him on the cover of Oh dismay I don't know who he's wearing but he's wearing a suit and is this like crazy leopard print situation with a one shoulder feather boa I don't know really who he's wearing and honestly I kind of wish that he had burnt Drax I kinda I really wish I think everybody kind of did because I think it would have like served you the moment it would have been like this is how you do drag but we even get that which is so so so so so sad wine in the brand pay him to do drag why why not why not that would have been so beautiful I don't know the suit just isn't that interesting I'm not really like in love with it it's fine room doesn't really like we're amazing fashion I'll be honest so tea on that is that but you know I was expecting more Taron Egerton is gonna be fucking Elton John and this bitch wore a boring ass to like girl you are not like Romney Malak I don't want you to be like Romney blood don't be fuckin boring just because you were a string tie does not can't make sweetie I don't think it's interesting I don't think it's good I'm bored by it by Liz o is wearing Marc Jacobs an honestly I love Liz oh I don't think that this is not good it's not interesting it doesn't really serve me anything yes it's feathers but look I'm bored by it like I wish Liz oh it gone for a crazier thing and I think I wish Markie gone for a lot crazier and don't think that there was one look by mark dot was really really good or interesting obviously I love lizzo but like this isn't it Joan Collins on the other hand don't call me kind of where whatever the fuck she wants she's wearing Valentino so again it's ridiculous and like the feathered tiered flounces is major and amazing but it is kind of boring it's not really camp and I think now we've been seeing so many feathers and over-the-top trains and all of these things I think we're almost like desensitized to these kind of big crazy looks because now everybody is trying to do in crazy looks so it's hard I think so yeah joke cons you get a pass with you Joan Collins but you know that's it Lily Rose Deb is wearing Chanel and this is giving you that like early Karl Lagerfeld black dress gold change you know costume jewelry experience it's not that interesting it's really not that good I'm bored by it Gisele Bundchen is wearing Dior and while I applaud that she is trying to wear a sustainable dress I'll go out on a limb and say I love sustainability I want to save the earth but like the Met Gala is the one night where I'm like okay like you know you can go with it crazy you know it's the one night of the year that we're like alright let's let the true colors why let's enjoy ourselves a little bit I wasn't expecting anything crazy from Joe though because I think that actually she's boring as fuck so yeah this is just another disappointment on the rack of disappointments Julie is wearing Versace and like she's giving you Barbarella realness in the hair department this dress is all it's truly awful it's disgusting I hate it and then there's a shoe and there's a fucking legging it's awful and I think that it can't be you think it's ridiculous I think it's over-the-top I think the prints are crazy and you know compared to what everybody else has been fucking wearing this is one of the good ones and so honestly I don't feel great about saying that I like the look but it's sad that this is a camp look considering what else we've got here tonight zoe kravitz is in each summer long boring this is boring I don't care that there's a heart cut out over her boobs I don't care I kind of wish that her nipples had been out I think that would've been more interesting sorry just saying for Kerry Washington is wearing Tory Burch and she is trying to say that negativity is noise well Karen you can listen to this fucking noise you look at max nothing about this is interesting nothing about this is camp maybe this can't because she's trying to extend the message and I'm literally like fuck your message it's stupid you look bad maybe it is camp the sad thing about campus some of these people really alike try to take themselves so seriously with this beam that it's so bad that it could possibly be good aquafina is just wearing some gold fucking pleats by Joseph off to Zara and Joseph Baltazar as like camp and some green Joseph sweetie grow a fucking pair and design something interesting then there was Jemima Kirke and Lena Dunham and these bitches are camped like Lena Dunham was I saw her posing on the red carpet she really was like I am personification of CAM and I think the fact that she was taking yourself seriously as a personification of camp is camp not because she was doing a good job of me campy but because she was doing such a bad job of being campy that she was can't be if that makes any sense I don't know but I don't care it's ridiculous there were in Christopher Kane Christopher Kane is very camp he's ridiculous is over-the-top he's avant-garde we love Christopher Kane the looks I don't know I wouldn't say oh my god can't be a schmuck but I think that Lena Dunham is so ridiculously over-the-top that she becomes camp next of us here's to runnin I don't think this is a good look I think this is boring I'm not tired of this like it's better than a lot of other people's but like again it's not really camp like yeah okay it's like you know Gucci maximalism gold dragon situation but like I don't think it's amazing I'm not like wow this is like no your zucchini in the same way she wearing this big feather boa by Prada and like the leggings with the meadow and the body suit with the broidery the encrusted diamond no I don't think it's that good I don't really think it's that interesting I don't really think it's at camp but I'm kinda disappointed because I think Yoshiki as much campy er than this if you know any me I think you all know what I mean she's much can't hear this then there's Laverne Cox she's wearing Christian Siriano this is a Christian Siriano flop but honestly he's been kind of carrying my cow so far without Janelle I'm willing to let this go I just don't think it's interesting like yeah so be great like you've layered a bunch of fucking tool to make it look like flowers do I see that often yes am i interested by it no moving on Constance woman Marchesa a disappointment Constance Wu is a flop she has never served me a look I'm not interested in her anymore at this point because it's so disappointing it's sad because I really want to love her but she's just so not good people are saying that this was like referencing animate Wong who was the 1920s Chinese actress don't really care that much I kind of wish that she had like Garson is crazy over-the-top China experience if you like that would have been camp like if anybody is allowed to do some ridiculous Orientalism over-the-top china stereotype situation like could have been Constance Wu and I would have stand that but we got 1920s flapper gown okay Emily Blunt wearing my monody I really don't care but I have to look Michael Kors so she gets a pass throwing Michael Kors like this is the fucking worst dress I've ever seen it's so fucking boring and so fucking basic I don't give a shit that it's gold fuck you this sucks there's a reason that you never got to go to fucking Paris in The Devil Wears product because you're a fucking disappointment I see why Miranda didn't let you come Danai gurira is channeling Gabriella Hearst Oscar Wilde realness I appreciate that you referenced Oscar Wilde but I just don't feel like it's that interesting I don't I really don't I don't think the fabric is that interesting I don't think the cut is that interesting I don't even think the cane is that interesting or like her hair but like that's about it there's nothing really here for me to love Jared Leto the only thing I like about this look really is about the Jared Leto war dress like that's that's camp men wearing dresses is camp it's a very Gucci dress he has his own head which is reference to one of the a Gucci collection from a few months ago yeah I don't know I mean like it's fun Tiffany Haddish and Michael Kors as a pimp is camp and I think the fact that she brought fried chicken and gave it out to people was also camp yeah I mean like I think pimps are very campy a pimp named slickback is honestly one of my favorite cartoon characters in the entire world so like I appreciate it and I kind of love it I wish that if the suit had been a bit more outrageous like I understand that it's like a sequence Eber print but I kind of wished it like the flares had been crazy long or like the suit had like these big flared sleeves like I feel like that could make it more campy and interesting and ridiculous give me Coco Montrese Susan 5 her pose drivers then there was Madeleine pêche and she is wearing Jean Paul Gautier I'm like man I don't know apparently she was like childlike Tinkerbell I don't know I don't really think it's that great it just doesn't really interest me like wow what Cage skirt with some tulle overlay Mikey Yuri served the house down I love this half-and-half situation I literally was staring at his makeup and hair for like 10 minutes because I was like is that Photoshop I can't tell but it's so fucking good it's major the dress like it's just this is camp this is the performance aspect of camp mixing male and female it's a half suit half gown ridiculous over-the-top beautiful love this Janet boom Billy Porter coming in as the Queen apparently Billy was referencing Egypt and gold and he was giving you like stuff Osiris realness he's wearing the blonds it was ridiculous it was camp it was performance it was insanity I don't even believe that I really fucking happened it was still fucking major I loved it Thank You Billy Porter you know not what you do for us Kris Jenner in Tommy Hilfiger Kris Jenner is camp she has to be camp she's so fucking ridiculous that she is camp because she takes herself seriously a momager is camped it's true so this look in this opera coat made out of fucking tool is it's camp you're wearing a jumpsuit too actually I like a better said that I like her in a dress so I stand that yeah Chris Chris Chris was just camp in general sister James Charles I didn't believe it but there's the man Derek Blasberg who made it all happen thank him James Charles were in Alexander Wang he is wearing looks from the most recent collection a lot of people wanted me to hate this look and now I didn't hate it in the sense that I hated the top because I really actually truly liked these tops that top is made out of all safety pins and let's be real think about imagine constructing a garment made out of safety pins like that and it's not like he's wearing fucking a tulle dress or some like axe let's chat situation like I do really like this top I think that it can't be in that I can swear to you drag queen show up and a look wearing fucking safety pins I kind of wish that there had been a dress rather than a pant situation I feel like that would have been a lot better like listen James I would have loved to safety pink song for you that would have been major I would have died for that but I do like the top I think the pants and the boots are a little bit boring but yeah the bend down I got a fucking go next I was Frank Ocean and I love this look now people are gonna be like Luke what the fuck are you talking about Frank Ocean is dressed as a fucking valet and this is my favorite thing ever he's wearing Prada he's wearing the beautiful Prada fucking silk tech fabric and he's dressed like a ballet and that is that's camp like the fact that he showed up dressed like a fucking male parts your car his camp that's camp that is truly fucking camp thank you Frank Ocean I appreciate it Dan Chris is so sad I don't like him he scares me why are you wearing this bellman jacket that's so ugly and gross with his big bow and you're the mate I don't even come and bow makeup but the makeup scares me so much maybe he is camp because it's so unfortunate maybe yeah it's so unfortunate that it probably is camp do you know what there are critters Congrats you look awful then there was Isaac oh she wearing Feldman everybody was like oh my god the boats from RuPaul's Drag Race I was like wow I see it yeah this Beaumont look is definitely camp it's definitely ridiculous and over-the-top and disgusting and has no taste you hit the theme Liza proud of you Celine Dion showing up in Oscar the other end she was like going for this cher situation from what I understand it's ridiculous it's Celine Dion Celine Dion is camp so she kind of gets away with it I don't really love the look I think it's a little bit basic bitch but like fine everybody else bored gigantic bug and tulle gown so I'll take Celine Dion them run with it Charli XCX is wearing Jean Paul Gautier and like wow I didn't think that anybody could ever make sure he'll go team looks so bad but here we are I don't like this dress at all I don't like the asymmetry of it I think it's an ugly fucking color I think it's awful the age of aquarium the season 10 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race is wearing marsala and like wow where is he image bold when you need like this is boring on a secret you had access to the fucking Myrcella archive and that's the look that you picked out are you okay like what's up what's good like you're supposed to be the fashion fucking Queen I'm confused it's just you could have worn this to anything you could have worn this to any red carpet it's just black fucking silk fabric with sheer panels like that's not camp that was not camp that's not camp Jordan Roth I need us to like do a little bit of research and watch this Jordan Roth video because he's wearing Irishmen Herpen and I have never loved something more when I first saw it I was like oh this is kind of boring and then I watched the video of him the back is ham he's on the fucking jacket it's so good it's so major it's so iris from her pin it's camp it's beautiful I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I would die for it I'm obsessed it's just like a may inherit from her pin 3d printing extravaganza we don't deserve we stand we love it's beautiful Odell Beckham jr. looks so fucking hot like so fucking hot he's wearing John Brown he's wearing a kilt he's wearing like a vest this is it I love this I'm about this I stand this I wouldn't say oh my god this is like super camp but like it's kind of camp for a straight man so we can stand Kody fern I love this I'm obsessed with this this is March Ella I think it's so good yeah I love this I think that's the major I love these suits I love that there is the tulle bonded to the fucking Blazers and I love the cowboy boots I love the gloves that I love the little turtleneck that goes above the face good yes Nicola for McKenney bitch did at proud of you thank you Jordan Dunn is wearing a Zac Posen dresses to make favorite Zac Posen dress of the night I have to be honest this is 3d printed and it's 3d printed to look like fucking flower petals and it's beautiful and I'm obsessed and I stand and I love and I live I truly live and then deep the padukas is where he's our cousin again listen I love Zak's work this is really camp to me but I truly love his architectural work I think the way that he puts together a dress is fucking magnificent and these other hoes wish that they could fucking do that and they can't like none of them fucking cab he really he's a fucking magician with like these strict rigid sort of fabrics like the way he makes it look like architecture it's fucking beautiful perry mother-tucking styles let's talk about while at 25 first the hair is ridiculous and I love it the crown is ridiculous I love it and the look is ridiculous and I love it like we don't see also I'm driven like super crazy stuff all the time but for the Met Gala he's the one designer anything that really like shows up and plays the theme and does what he has to do to be you know a little can't be Queen so we stand Malo he's wearing one of his off the runway cootchie looks I believe other designers really truly could never and now on to Harry Styles he's one of the biggest people of the night a lot of people wanted to know my opinion on this look now I will say I don't think this is camp I don't think it's anything crazy I wish I'd gotten a much crazier look from Harry and so in that regard I think he kind of fails obviously there's the idea like EDC in style where you're mixing masculine and feminine qualities and I definitely think that he does that join the key looks very sexy yes and honestly tonight the men wearing very feminine outfits was really like confused me I love it uh I do think he looks really really hot I love that he's wearing sheer 11 he's wearing rose I love that he's wearing lace high-waisted pants a heel I think those are all very feminine aspects of clothing that don't really get translated into men's wardrobes often and so I'm very happy to see it I think he really does look good I think for this red carpet I expect a lot a lot more for men that I think you know I understand how to wear Gucci but I think maybe like collaborating with somebody like Harry it's this big over the top to get two packs or one of the interesting Gucci looks from that resort collection where they had all of the dead people like I think that would have been crazy camp but I think that is what should have been referenced so yeah like yes Harry does a cop but I don't think he's on theme and so for that he has failed now we should probably talk about the queen of the Met Gala who is the one and only Lady gaga at first when I saw her brand-new Maxwell look I was like Oh boring fucking sucks why'd she were branded Maxwell like awful and then as we're gonna watch this video now she wasn't wearing the clothes because the clothes were the camp she's wearing the clothes because the clothes were a medium for performance or an aspect of camp which I love look at this woman she starts off on this big over-the-top gigantic pink train dress and then she starts to remove different aspects of the dress with Brannon Maxwell undressing her and then she moves into turning this dress into a cape and then it becomes another dress that she goes a fuckin umbrella out of her fucking vagina like fucking Hermione Granger and Mary fucking Poppins and then she changes into a different pink dress and she's barbie girl extravaganza like ridiculous and then you can see the black straps of the other dress that she's wearing she's getting her makeup done she is serving you a performance it was a 16 minute long fucking performance and then she took some well all of her clothes and she's wearing a fucking bra that fucking hooker heels and life was good like this is camp this is camp Lady Gaga I have to say really truly did camp in the regards that she didn't go for the obvious which was clothing she went for the obvious which was a performance art and so a lot of time to talk about Mommy Dearest or out of West in the Batman movies those movies are camp and we talk about those as camp because the acting the ridiculous the playing on these notions of ridiculous and over-the-top and crazy is what we're looking for and so I think lady aren't really like performed a clothing extravaganza without actually using clothing that is super cute or amazing the for outfit changes was the thing that you really relate oh my god this bitch is crazy and like in the most beautiful way so that was my med Golic amp review I was really disappointed this year I think it was actually really really sad and I wish that we had gotten a lot better looks anything this is the one year and that we were meant to get crazy ridiculous amazing well-thought-out ridiculous crazy beautiful intellectual looks and we didn't get that and so I feel like from now on I'm just gonna always be disappointed so I want to thank you guys so much for watching I really truly hope you enjoyed it we'll see you guys in the next video and ttyl

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  4. Tbh, I was really disappointed no one went for a Marie Antoinette look/re-invention of a look, like the one with the ship hairdo, for example. 18th century fashion by its own is an endless source of camp.

  5. Listening to you, you were the most fascinating, interesting and knowledgeable when you were not cursing or having credibly snide remarks. You are very knowledgeable, you have a lot to teach people, I just noticed that there were peaks and valleys to you. What you teach and point out is getting lost in how you present in the message.

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