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guess that's the fakest thing in this frame that artificial plant that landline that's not plugged in or me no hi my name is great I'll be done no you know your life is different now first of all I have new merch if you didn't know this is one of the designs I'm really proud of it I feel like it represents me to my core the other designs are available the links in description box below because I have merged that means that I understand that and I have the ability to analyze that I want a biggest back event the Met Gala you all know about it I'm late to everything in my life other than my period know how I feel about that more than a couple of few this is already incredibly stupid but a perfect segue to talk about mecha the met collar is basically a second half of this sentence it's something I don't know okay what is the mecha isn't an award show what happens inside of there it starts as a parade and then it ends in like just a very expensive escape room explain it to me otherwise if you happen to know actually I don't even want to know I don't give up there's themes every year this year's theme was camp nope camp meaning like campy ridiculous extravagant extra hilarious at least that's my understanding of it I actually haven't googled what the actual meaning was in relation to this event for camp but again I don't care and I just couldn't help myself I wanted to make a video talking about some of the fashions I tuned it out for your recommendations on who I should review again I apologize the one I won't know how to pronounce people's name too I won't know who people are and three I will not talk about everyone you want me to talk about so just like how everyone in the world seems to be – Anna Wintour I'm gonna be a constant disappointment to you in this video so let's just jump into it shall we zendaya oh she showed up as Cinderella and she had a full actual like this was a show to me this is camp this is silly this is ridiculous Halloween meets EDM and I think it's really great also is that what makalah is it's just like a Halloween party for really really rich people perhaps maybe we'll understand it more as we go through these outfits fashions looks costumes I think she totally understands the absurd ridiculousness of the camp theme and obviously that behind her behind her knows that she knows cute Kylie Jenner wow this looks like you're fisting – sniffles kisses is that camp I don't know but you got two camps right here that will cause some pitch tents I feel let me you kendall Jenner again Vegas showgirl you look like sexy gritty you Darren Criss you look like a very flamboyant ringmaster like someone in a Vegas show at Cirque du Soleil that would like really make someone kind of uncomfortable in the audience okay new theory is the Met Gala just like Cirque du Soleil for people that can't do like acrobatics I hope that they have like lobster or crab claws because you got your bib all set and ready to go yeah speaking of Vegas the Queen has arrived Celine Dion this is how you do can't be Vegas showgirl I don't know what this is I love it this is like if Falkor from the neverending story became a Vegas showgirl and then like fully jammed a fork into an electrical socket yeah Ryan Murphy well you look like you are being first out of a vajazzle vagina this is camp to me this is ridiculous it's like Ask Jeeves getting pushed out of a dime encrusted pussy why not yeah Laverne Cox this looks like you're crowning out of like a very goth majid I don't know why that's where my brains at now it looks a little bit like your sharding in the front pollution queef but make it fashion and she didn't do Harry Styles I'm biased to this I love Harry Styles and this I don't know if it's camp but he's wearing lace and a Pearl Earring and he's got it's just I like it a lot I'm gonna have to cool down all right cue Billy Porter my god I'm obsessed I just binge watch the whole first season of Poe's the other day and I loved it highly recommend if you haven't seen it our Lady Jaye recorded an episode of not too deep but thus it'll be up in a couple weeks get ready oh and I love him so much he's a Phoenix not even rising from ashes like literally rising from diamonds made from ash already into some other new beautiful gemstone that doesn't even exist yet that he's introducing all of us peasants to he's like just a human Golden Snitch we're all trying to catch him you the peanut young go I love this this feels like camp to me her hair it's just silly and ridiculous and wonderful and she just is absolutely stunning she looks like some like Michael's craft store tie-dye crepe paper butterfly rising out of her cocoon and I loved every second of it huge Janelle Monae she's perfect I saw the video that her tit I actually blinked it's true so her tits were winking at you she gets to say my eyes are up here anyone that took – this event is gonna have a real interesting time like just try doing this for a little bit I don't want to anymore and she did that all goddamn night yeah Kacey Musgraves she showed up as this massimo mashup mop whatever you're not here for the correct pronunciation of designer names inspired Barbie and it's fantastic this is another confirmation that perhaps the Met Gala is celebrity Halloween this is very campy she looked just like the Barbie doll and she came with this like completely vapid vacant stare that's almost creepy cute Liz oh oh god this is fantastic you like it snuffleupagus was like smoking weed in its room with its friends and then all sudden like there's a pounding at the door and it's just this like beautiful like but it aggressively charismatic and personable voice on the other side there was like are you smoking in here and then the door flung open it was just this and you have been snuffleupagus is mom the whole time you got a furry peppermint cute Nicki Minaj whoa you look like if the ballerina from like a little girl's jewelry box decided it wanted to give fucked tonight you Tessa Thompson well this is like a little bo-peep went to like the big city and then came back to her farm and told her parents like surprise I'm a dominatrix now okay bye you guys cool handling the Sheep I had a bunch of like um like human butts I need to go with you Haley Bieber whoa this is like if your Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired Barbie doll was like I'm gonna go get oh no I saw a lot of people saying that Haley got the idea of camp because she has a rhinestoned song poking out of her dress and that you know is so silly that means that 80% of my high school graduating class was real can't be yeah cardi B yeah here we go I saw a lot of people tweet admit this elephant reminded them that they had to go buy tampons it is like Joan of Arc meets a period stayin sleeping bag cute Ezra Miller this is crazy and very campy and also really gives me vertigo I love everything about it I also love that I've never thought to do a makeup look like this because I hate when people make eye contact with me and this is impossible to make eye contact you're a genius cute Michael Urie I love this prom yin-yang and it's fantastic I love the heel with the suit and the boot with the dress and the clutch with the suit and the makeup with the suit and the non makeup with the dress this is fantastic how do I register for your camp because I'd like to spend my summers there cute Hailee Steinfeld steamed students beans these things still please so I can take a photo oh I can't got it oh she's in on the joke look at it it looks like both her hair and her dress and both gone through humidity yeah JLo Wow you look like a diamond monster came all over your head I mean you look stunning cute empowered deviled eggs I love this this is like some shroom driven children's movie character like this is I think what Willy Wonka's wife might have looked like you also how did you get through any doorways gigi hadid oh this is what nightmares look like this is like the upset wife that a member of Blue Man Group has to come on I don't know why this is scary if a magician's assistant like died and then like rose from the dead in like Walking Dead fashion like this is what I would imagine seeing you Eddy Perry of course of course she I mean what else is she gonna do her normal aesthetic everyday aesthetic is camp I saw all the Beauty and the Beast references that were happening and this really like you should be hanging up in like Lisa Vanderpump's home somewhere also I loved in her after party outfit was literally like a giant Halloween costume of a hamburger and I found this picture of her talking to Celine Dion and it is so wonderful this looks like a concerned mom scolding they're like high as a kite daughter about it's you can't wear that to prom yeah jared leto someone got head at this event not original I'm convinced that the Met Gala is just expensive fashion Halloween that's all it is is the inside just a giant luxurious party city that you guys all return your costumes to by psychoshy you look like a fanciest ace bandage cute okay there we go I said we were gonna go fast but you know there was so much to get through and again I apologize for obviously not talking about the people that you probably wanted me to and obviously repeating things you've probably seen said about these people are ready because I'm late to the game on this I hope you guys enjoyed this review of the Met Gala 2019 if you did give this video a thumbs up hit that Bell notification or button or whatever with a system YouTube currently has because I'm clearly out of the loop for being reminded of when I post videos because I post them but then obviously would make you want to subscribe to this YouTube channel so do that if you haven't already also all the links for my new merch is down below and other than that Kim Kardashian and I don't think this is camp but your body looks like ridiculous so maybe that is campy in and of itself sometimes I rip open Amazon boxes and like the cardboard likes plays everywhere and then I leave it on my deck for too long and my sprinklers go on and then it makes it wet and then it gets all like squishy and wrinkly and all that so this kind of reminds me of that cute

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  1. Stay away from this stupid fucking career ruiner mainstream media hates this wannabe GRACE HELBIG disrespecting with no credentials NEVER WILL Have any as well unimportant waste of brain cell killing space


  3. Zendaya – Love it.
    Kylie – yeah
    Kendall Jenner – rio carnival show?
    Darren Criss 😍
    Celine Dion 😍

    Harry Styles – it looks good & progressive
    Lupita 😍
    Ezra Miller 😍

    Didn’t like Hailee Steinfields outfit
    GiGi Hadid looked horrible & scary

  4. It’s 3:00am here in Brazil 🇧🇷, I can’t sleep out of stress and anxiety and still, u managed to make me laugh sooooo hard!!!! I need your reviews in every single red carpet event PLEASE!!!!!!

  5. I an SOOOOO SICK of seeing Met Gala reviews!!!
    Ur a little late, the internet is already flooded( and CHOKING) with The Met Gala BS🔥😡😡😡😡😡😡

  6. The Met Gala is a showcase of an art exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have a theme for the art exhibit and they try to reflect it with fashion for guests going to see the exhibit. So it’s a mixture of fashion and art. I know you don’t care…oops

  7. Campy means theatrical, showy, ironic, showy, and effeminate. Going for gaudy with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

  8. My F..,I miss you! :-)! Gracie! ( my virtual wife – she fits me in All…even in horoscope )… I don't know, I don't know….Bitch :-)! Nebraska, still love you! …. You know 🙂

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