Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 3 | 31st August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

can I dance with you ? I know your husband does not like it I am sorry but I can’t trust me, my intention is not bad my husband will not like it okay listen please don’t get pissed on it don’t say like this, whose heart will be broken he will get upset what he was saying ? nothing , was asking where your husband went ? and? and what ? just was asking that why you and your husband are not dancing ? I said you don’t know how to dance don’t I know how to do dance ? you do, I just said it to get rid of him get up, lets go where? lets dance no Danish everyone is doing , we also do and you stay here , do not move Roomi don’t worry , your husband is busy now when you got married it has been 7 years what does your husband do ? he is government officer is it love marriage ? yes then why you not so happy ? it happens , in starting I was also thinking that I got her so got everything then in only one year I came to know that I lost everything but I am okay, perfectly fine when someone asks , I also use to say this , we have to pretend people say that couples are made in heavens , I don’t believe people do foolishness by themselves and put the case on God excuses me , lets go Danish shall we go home ? take your bag , lets go Roomi , at least tell me what happened ? don’t ask anything until we will not reach home Danish brother , Mehwish where are you going ? I am not feeling well , we will come to the wedding tomorrow, shall we go? and yes , get the money your 80000 I was late so she borrowed this from you to buy the necklace , thank you , lets go we will meet at wedding tomorrow , bye go and sleep I am hungry mama stay here , I am making Mehwish stop, on which you should be shameful, you are showing anger what did I do? stop it Mehwish you know what you did you were doing the same, were you not dancing with Anoosha by holding her Anoosha is like my sister was he my boy friend ? stop it Mehwish quiet I know you , you did that to show your ethics but it was a mistake would I not be angry its so natural , someone may hold my wife , will I not die ? these hands , these arms , everything is mine I know I am possessive , very possessive but without possession love is not love whatever , you were supposed not to come from there I thought that was right at that time Mehwish I felt I brought you in a trap of wolves I am sorry Mehwish , I did not do good with Anooshay but indeed nothing good is happened with me too I went there to enjoy and came frighteningly indeed I became frightened Danish , and I became frightened of you this is so unfair , instead of becoming shameful on your mistake you are saying to me that you became frightened please leave me alone, let me understand what is happened actually ? I am feeling that I saw a nightmare I also saw a nightmare
I am feeling that I saw a nightmare I also saw a nightmare I also became scared , I felt first time , that you are not so strong you forget the honor of a woman in ethics think calmly once , nobody thinks in love about others thinking you should think about only my thinking I am going to market to buy some food stuff, and sorry for my anger is it love marriage then why are you not so happy ? it happens , in beginning I also used to think that I got everything by getting her then in one year I came to know that I lost everything people say the couples are made in heavens , but I don’t trust people do foolishness and put the case on God I am sorry .. I am you? I was remembering you, i mean yes , we met before a few time why did you come from there ? I was not feeling well it looks, come on I will drop you no thanks , thank you look don’t be formal, you are not looking well why I am not looking well to you ? what happened to me? I am alright perfectly alright , you go your way why are you seeing me like this , go..Okay I am going okay finish this milk completely what happened to you ? it looks I am not well, make me sleep finish it all what happened to you ? in world people have so many things , big homes , big cars , they can hire anyone they want they buy the thing which they like , they don’t bother others let them happy with whatever they have , but I know I have the most precious thing of the world , the most beautiful and most unique , ask what I have? what do you have? I have you Mehwish I have you what did happen to you in last night in night? what did happen? oh about dance, leave that and forget will you also forget that ? I forgot already, did you feel it that I remembered do you remember where you went after mehndi ? we three? not we three , only you no where , I was slept don’t you remember I was so much sleepy are you checking ? we used to make this type of jocks in our childhood its not jock Danish , you went to they market but did not get any thing and come back I did go market in reality , I thought we did not eat anything at night , tell me what did I bring ? nothing, you came empty handed , and you came like this so you are frightened by someone oh it was not a dream dream? no I remembered , I went to buy the food , then I was about to reach but I was hit by a car , no not hit but I felt that , so that’s why I was scared and do you know I ran from there as he will eat me who? the man who was in the car, he came outside to fight me but I did not response him, it means that was not a dream was Roomi slept hungry ? no I gave him milk good , It means I went to the market , it was not dream what you will cook today ? whatever you will say BIRYAANI QORMA whatever you would like when Roomi will be wake up, let him awake , at least he will do breakfast what are you doing ? I am looking at you now you will see in pictures in pictures you do not show anger , not you become pissed , you use to smile only tell me why are you so insecure ? what are you saying ? why do you think that if someone will hold my hand then he will take me with him no, how can I think like this ? so why are you so irritating ? if you think I did a mistake at last night , I am saying sorry , now forget that its okay will you go to office ? yes come before time why? we have to go at 8 p.m and you know how much time it will take to be ready where we have to go? in wedding oh yes I forgot that you do strange , tell me, may I wear black sari? no, do not wear the sari of half blouse , it does not look nice stop Danish, you bought that SARI for me but you made the blouse , in that your 8 inches back looks what are you talking ? I am saying right Mehwish it not seems good that men wear full dresses and girls with half naked dresses people will see you eagerly then I will feel shame , and he will be also there , and will think that you wore it for him what rubbish you are saying Danish, you know that … please don’t be anger Mehwish the girls wearing sleeveless with naked back are being treated like a bite in the eyes of hunger men I am not insecure , but I don’t want that my wife may present herself to a billionaire as an eatable bite you became mad, you are mad sale it Danish brother may I tell truth brother Danish, this old bike does not suit with our pretty sister in law why are you talking about sister in law ?
may I tell truth brother Danish, this old bike does not suit with our pretty sister in law why are you talking about sister in law ? does she ride bike? you did not get my point , she might sit over it , its not suitable for her you car is also not suitable for her if I may get money then I will not buy your care , sale it to someone else yes , he is pretending like a mad man since night , he went to buy food , he came back empty handed he was breathing badly , he did not remember tat he went to buy food what happened to him ? you Mr Shewar is passed in his heart like a sward you are laughing and he is teasing me here you know he refused me to ware the black SARI why? he says if you will ware SARI with half blouse then people will see your naked back, ohh? now what may I do , blouse can not be stitched in this short time do you remember when I met him first time , I did say that your husband is so conservative he does not admit that he is conservative or may be he loves me so he is so possessive this the way of men, they become possessive to take the girls in their slavery okay whatever you know Mr Shawar was so upset after your leaving why? he was blaming himself, he was saying that ” all of this happened because of me” he said I wanted to dance with a beautiful girl, nothing more than that but her husband felt bad then what did you say? what would I say? I just said that nothing like this will he come to wedding ? of-course he will come may I do a request to you ? yes then say him to stay away from me why are you talking like this ? do you know what may he think? ypu don’t know what he will think , may be he may do some misbehave with him oh? okay I am putting off the phone, will ask to tailor may be he will stitch a new blouse before evening bye may I come in sir ? please come may I sir sir ? sit don’t ask this little things thank you sir say sir I want to talk you something personal yes tell me I want to buy a car , a big one , it was my old wish that’s why I am saying it when I got married I did promise to my wife that ” I will give you a big car ” sir is it not possible sir ? Mr in which work you came, everything is possible here just tell you wife to wait for two months two moths okay one month , but you will not get a big car in one month and you should not have a big car before promotion why sir? someone does complaint , inquiry may start we have so many enemies in this field you are saying right if you will buy a small car first , then your wife will start trust on you she will believe that her husband has guards , he will buy a big car one day is it but never get to be afraid why I may be afraid in this job , inquiries are in routine , sometimes we are saved sometimes not I said nothing to be scared , just you have to be practical how practical ? whatever you will earn in this work save 20 percent separately , think that you did not get that for what sir ? to get freedom respectfully , I am coming from court right now yes sir, what happened to your case ? I get freedom respectfully congratulations sir thank you this T.V hello I am not wearing black sari well you did not get happy I am happy shall I wear the suit of Mariam’s wedding ? old? its not that much old, and important thing is that Anoosha did not see this yet , I will say to her that its new no what do you mean by ” no” ? why you will wear old suit , go market and buy a new one I don’t have money, yesterday I opened my account and did deposit all amount in my blue coat , there is the key of cupboard, 3500 rupees are there, take all and if you feel hurt by me , then sorry you also forgive me mad !! yes you got them now talk about other stuff which I found what did you find ? my necklace , why did you place in your cupboard from mine, from where you got key ? its not that necklace , which you bought then? its that necklace which I bought when you dd buy this ? and why you did not tell me ? how would I tell you, I thought to give you surprise , I cam early , but you spent your whole day outside when you came back, you throw your surprise on my face oh God, I am so sorry Danish its okay now tell me you got money ? yes now go to market , I will come till 5 p.m okay bye listen !! I love you asalam alekum sister in law walekum asalam , how are you ? I am fine, are you going somewhere ? yes going to market I did not see any rickshaw in parking I will take rickshaw from outside very bad , brother in law has car , and sister in law will go by rickshaw you are shaming me no its not like that if it is not so, then come in to my car
no its not like that if it is not so, then come in to my car and order me that ” Monti drop me to the market ” no no excuse , you have to listen your brother in law okay , lets go brother in law
no excuse , you have to listen your brother in law okay , lets go brother in law that’ s nice , come on Roomi do you have any younger sister ? yes I have she must be like you no, she is more pretty than me I will not agree by this, she may be like you , but not more than you but why are you asking about my sister ? mom is saying that I have to do marriage , but I said clearly , I will do marriage with a girl like you oh! I know you and brother Danish had a love marriage he did not tell me this but I did guess how? if I will tell you, you will feel bad no I will not mind , tell me I am telling you according to my experience , a pretty girl does mistake in love marriage or in some problem what do you mean ? it seems mismatch to me, there is a huge difference in you and brother Danish did you mind? yes I am sorry no its okay you did not tell me , where you will go oh yes , I thought I told you, I will go to FORAM , I bothered you uselessly you did not bother me, may I tell you, I get pain when you go with a rickshaw rickshaw is not the vehicle of your type, you should be travel in Mercedes I am selling this car, I am thinking to buy a Mercedes what do you do? no one asks about job, people ask how much you earn ? okay I ask it , how much you earn? aabour 8 or 9 lac 8 or 9 lac in a month yes wow I said to brother Danish , I am selling this , you may buy it, its one owner car then? he said , I don’t have money, I did say , if you do not have right now then give it in installments then he said no, I can’t afford the car you do not mind , I am his friend so he uses to share with me the domestic issues what else he does share with you ? general, about Roomi , about you, or sometimes about your fights by the way he hides the fighting, am I saying useless? no then do promise me you will not tell it to brother Danish no I will not tell is this his call? don’t tell him , that you are with me hello you got rickshaw no, I am going by car did Anooshay come ? not Anooshay, Monti he was forcing a lot, that I am your brother in law, I will drop you who said that he is my friend ? he is a corrupt man, and you sit in his car without confirmation , get out from his car , right now I am taking drop at FORAM, we will talk when you will reach at home what I am saying do that Mehwish , tell him to stop the car hello its an emergency , tell the boss how are you brother Danish ? how are you rascal brother Danish what happened brother Danish ? how dare you took my wife with you ? did I take her forcefully , she came by herself , stop it Danish brother , I am telling you I told you you can not handle you wife , and I did not take her in my car forcefully , ask her when she came back, why did she sit with me and I did not have wrong intentions , I use to call her sister in law ( BHABI) stop it brother danish , he is saying right , your wife might said , then he did so nobody takes anyone forcefully don’t about to be worried , she went happily in the car it happens in neighbors Mr Danish , either may ask for lift or giving lift, is not a big deal

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  1. Superb acting but her chz limit ma hi sahi hoti ha even love bhi zyada ho jya tou dangerous hi hota ha q ka dusra aska galat use karta ha apni wife ko khush karna ka liya as na apni life ka rule bhi tor diya or rishwat la li galat kam bhi kar liya but phr bhi wo asa chor hi jya gi

  2. Allah Pak farmata hai k Agar mein kisi aur ko Sajda karne ka Hukum deta to aurat ko bolta k apne shohar ko sajda kare Shohar tmhari Jannat hai zara socho

  3. Actully islam ny ourat ko gher mardon se prde ka hukam ewen ni dia..jb parda hi ni hoga to gherr mard ameer mard pasand to aen gy..

  4. aj ke samay danish jaisa pTi putra pita ya bhai milna kisi bhi patni maa bahan beti ke liye nihayat khushkismati ki bat hai lekin jo aurot is s khushkismati ki kadar karna ns jane us jaisa badkismat koi nahi

  5. Kutta khobbsorat Bibi LA a jaka kaho sa dance he jitna kra dil kra..
    Dosaro ki bivioo pa tu nazar na rakha na..son of a bitch

  6. Dramy b hakeekt hoty hyn kuch na kuch ho chuka hota hy aysa Allah sy dua hy k wo aysi orton sy sbko mehfooz rakhy jo na apni prwa krti hyn or na hi apny husbnd ko seedy rasty py chlny dyti hyn

  7. Kash bibiaan is dramy se khud ko safe krna seekh sken,or ye k husband's ki feeling Kya hoti Hy or wo Kya kr rhi hoti hn,shohar se barh k koi apka well wisher nhi ho skta sb mtlab prast,or lrky bhee seekhe k b v k liay hr Ulta seedha Kam nhi krna chahiay,

  8. Husband nd wife srf apne baare mei hi sonch rahe ha or apne baare mei fikr lag rhi ha inlog ko bacche ki toh kisi ko fikr hi ni ha…..hamesha usko akele hi chod dete ha

  9. What a classic dialog ❤️
    پیار میں ایسا کون سوچتا ہے کے لوگ کیا سوچیں گے.. تمہیں تو بس یہ سوچنا چاہیے کہ میں کیا سوچوں گا.

  10. Humayon saeed k dialogues zbrdast …aesi nashukri aurton ko hi aesey husbands miltey hain…teal life mein bji aur qadar khyal krney wali aurton ko rude husband

  11. مردوں کو چاہیے کہ اپنی بیویوں کو کسی نا محرم مردوں کے پاس نہ لے جایے اسی بھلا ہے

  12. hum logoo ne passay ko sab kuch bana leya ha aur yeh lehaz bhool gay han ke hum halal kama rahe han ya haram. logoo Allah ke traif loot ayoo agar dili sakoon chatay ho.

  13. اچھا نہیں لگتا کہ مرد پورے کپڑے پہن کر جائیں اور لڑکیاں آدھی کمر ننگا کر کے 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  14. Insan jb bhi apny sy upper Waly ko dehkta ha to kabhi khush nai reh sakta neachy walon ko dehky ga to Allah ka shukar karta nai tahky ga 🤐

  15. Samajh nahi aati is dunia mein importance kis cheez ki h ?
    Paisa pyaar shuhrat sex relationships ya bss fake ban ker chalna!!

  16. Danish is something psychological sick
    Mohabbat ka khaof
    Jab apni biwi P bharosa na ho.. To log esy hi logon sy dartey phirtey hain

  17. اس ڈرامے میں اسلام آباد ہوٹل کے کمرے والا سین نہ ہوتا اور مہوش دانش سے طلاق نا لیتی تو یہ ڈرامہ اور بھی حقیقت کے قریب لگتا اور دیکھنے والے زیادہ پسند کرتے

    8 قسطوں میں دیکھایا گیا کے مہوش اپنے شوہر اور بیٹے کے ساتھ پیار کرتی ہے اور سکون سے زندگی گزار رہی ہے ،گاڑی،زیور اور زیادہ پیسے کی خواہش ہر عورت کرتی ہے پر ایسا کیا ہو گیا کے چند گھنٹوں میں وہ 8 سال کی محبت کو ٹھکرا کر کسی غیر مرد کے ساتھ سو گئ اور علیحدگی کا سوال کرنے لگی
    ایک عورت خاص طور پر ایک ماں کروڑ بار سوچے گی ایسا کرنے سے پہلے

    ہمارے معاشرے میں ایسا ہوتا ہو گا پر اتنی زیادہ لا لچی عورت سو میں سے ایک ہو گی اس لیے یہ ڈرامہ اسلام آباد والے سین اور مہوش اور دانش کی علیحدگی کے بغیر بھی بنایا جاسکتا تھا
    ایسی بیغرتی دیکھا کر ان ننانوے فیصد با پردہ اور غیرت مند عورتوں کی توہین کی جا رہی ہے جو اپنے خاوند اور اولاد کے بعد کسی کو دیکھنا بھی پسند نہیں کرتی اور ساری دنیا کی ایسی دولت کو اپنی جوتی کی نوک پہ رکھتی ہیں جو عزت بیچ کے یہ کسی غیر مرد کے ساتھ سو کے ملے

    اسلام آباد والے سین نے اور مہوش دانش کی علیحدگی نے ساری کہانی کا ستیاناس کر دیا ہے

    کیونکہ جتنی عزت اور محبت دانش مہوش سے کرتا ہے اللہ ایسے انسان کا بھرم ٹوٹنے نہیں دیتے اور دنیا کی بیغرت ترین عورت بھی ایسے مرد کو چھوڑنے سی پہلے ہزار بار بار سوچے گی
    مہوش تو پھر بھی ایک پاکستانی اور مسلمان عورت کے روپ میں دیکھا ئی گئ ہے

  18. Biweyon ko sar charhana ka bad utarna mushkil ho jata ha…
    Kuch to itne izzat ko daikh ka khuda ka qareeb ho jate han r kuch iske trha asman pa charh jate han

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