Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 18 [Subtitle Eng] – Presented by Zeera Plus- ARY Digital Drama 14 Dec 2019

*door knocks* let’s go Anoushey, it’s getting late,
let’s go let’s go I am Maham Shehwaar Ahmed’s wife what is this happening? I’m checking, how rich I am… just leave it… I’m telling the truth when I feel that I have got less money in my pocket… then I take out my wallet and see your picture then I become rich, at once it’s nothing like that, my darling in whatever circumstances you keep me in, I stay happy I love you shall I clearly tell you, Danish? we can’t live together anymore I can’t live without you ever but I can live, without you and I want to stay without you why are you ruining yourself for such a girl… who is not ready to be loyal with you *phone ringing* Hello! Hania Speaking… yes Hania, go ahead do you have any concern for Roomi? Oh, what happened? have you ever felt, that I am not concerned for him? yes…
where are you? I am somewhere outside and where is he? he is at home so this is the way you are taking care of him? 6 to 6.5 years old kid is waiting for you alone at home, and you think that you are taking care of him? I’m just reaching home, in next 10 minutes this is now,that you are reaching what you’ll do tomorrow? what will happen, day after tomorrow? obviously, you’ll do business, so you’ll stay outside the house you’ll keep on traveling abroad as well sometimes, you’ll feel like having a get together with your friends then, find a permanent solution for this how? when the kid is at home, then who is with him? his mother… it’s alright, that his mother has gone… and she won’t be coming back so, has the world finished? no man, the world is on it’s place… same to same you just get married as soon as possible… you also don’t have any danger as well…
as he has already seen a girl for you he is already friends with her therefore, there is no matter of any step mother do you know that girl? No… but he knows… trust me… his choice is not bad… he is very naughty means, you don’t know…
who the girl is? he has just told me, once or twice I asked him to show me, but he said no, it’s confidential I’ve seen the girl oh,wow… I’ve also met her alright… so, how you found her? she is very cute… then do one thing, make her meet me I’ll talk to her when you’ll hear her name, you won’t be able to talk you are taking me light so shall I tell you her name? yes please he is talking about you who are you? what are you doing in my house? maybe, you people don’t know me Mr. Shehwaar, I’ve got the warrant for taking you into custody what warrant?
what have I done? fraud & forgery illegal transfer of funds and… and? and transfer of US dollar 1 million by means of Hundi (illegal method) lie…
baseless… just prove this, in the court shall we go? where? let’s go to lock up… your pre-wedding party arrangement is done in the lock up else,all these men will make you sit in the car forcefully who is the complainant? your wife…
Maham Syed Maham? have a good day, dear husband enjoy the party… let’s go… I want to talk to my lawyer… sure… I will make you talk to him, as soon as we reach there what are you looking at? stop them they are insulting me your insult will start now you just see, what I’ll do with you in the court. now, get lost do you need a drop off? No,I came on my bike then please leave the groom has gone alright… where are you of? else, ask yourself… are you of somewhere, today? you know, why I haven’t sent you today along with your boyfriend? because, he has been caught today tomorrow he will be presented to the court, then his trial will start but it will take many months for him to get punished and your trial is done the punishment is already announced whatever stuff you had brought with you, take it & go from here there is a very long prison outside, waiting for you but where will I go? and, how will I go?
I don’t even have any money Deewan…
give her some money give her far more than her expectations when I come again upstairs,… so, I won’t see your face again because you are so beautiful that I envy looking at you and you are so ugly… that I feel to spit on your face alright madam…. please get off here I was ordered to drop you here No… please not here just drop me in the same building, where my house use to be alright, I’ll take you there but you know, that they have gone from there but still, please drop me there alright madam… I’ll take you there I’ve observed that man very closely, madam Maham when he use to come here, his face would get drained from all colors he use to roam around aimlessly he laughs at those matters…. on which a person can cry on it was clearly evident on his face, that his wife is betraying him and he wanted to stop her in that circumstances as well for his child or may be for his love he use to beat her? No, no … it didn’t seem that he even uses loud voice with her, ever No, even if somebody says that… I’ll not accept this so merciful, despite being a man? you are mistaken, Deewan if a girl gets so much love… so so she can live despite all the difficulties well that scoundrel, surely use to beat her then must have made her worthless that’s why this happens that the girl ask about her worth from someone else how he keeps her? very happy then, Deewan everything was alright then why you use to call me? my heart use to say, all this is temporary she has came here, because she thinks more than her husband’s salary and he has brought her here… because he has got so much money to give her poor girl … she is not a poor girl, madam Maham a girl which destroyed her house to get associated in another house is not a poor girl so, why I felt pity on her, while I was asking her to leave? when you looked at her, she feel to the ground on her face that’s why you pity her but when I saw her… then she use to fly in the sky… and she never use to look upon the people, who lives on the ground where is she of? means… where she’ll go, at this hour of the night? that I don’t know, but… but, she will go at first at the same place for sure, from where she came why? she has taken divorce from there? what she’ll get from there? or else… he is of that nature, that he’ll keep her again keep her or not keep her…. but one time, for sure, she’ll go there why? this happens, madam Maham if a murderer gets bail, without completion of full punishment, so… it goes to the same place once, where it had done the murder Umm…. shall I serve the food? No…. my heart is full today it feels… my stomach is full Hi! where have they gone, after selling the flat? that day also, I told you… that we don’t know please, inquire about it I want to meet my son if you want, you can take money from me take all these money, these are ten thousand rupees no, madam… I don’t want money I don’t want even a single penny please call him ask him, he’ll tell you himself even if I get to know, then even I won’t tell you no you go, madam none of the people in the building, knows about him people only knows, that you have moved to another city and he has gone after you that’s why, madam … please go if this matter stays hidden, than its fine may God bless you what are you doing? I was taking out the sim card what’s the need of removing this? just like that I thought again & again I have to talk to dad’s friends and have to tell them that dad is no more in this world my heart feels pain take this… keep it what has happened? what happened, means? from past few days, it’s Danish who calls on dad’s phone or else once, there was Roomi’s call so on whom’s calling again & again your heart aches? I am sleepy I don’t remember, that in the past one year, you have ever slept at 10:30 PM in the night yes… it just happened once that night, you had fever doctor, gave you sleeping pills I have take sleeping pills why? because I felt, I will have fever… that’s why you are hiding something from me, right? is fever is something to hide? now go, I am really very sleepy shall I give you dad’s diary? why so? read it once again before going to sleep, and read what dad has written in the last pages good night I agree… from tomorrow, we are partners of 50, 50 perfect…
shake hands Roomi… mama… why don’t you meet me? papa has forbidden you? No, I had told papa I won’t meet you look, that is papa’s car you go, she is my mama how are you, mama? I’m good shall I go?
I’m getting late can I come here sometimes? here? yes… No, my friends will ask, who is she? then tell them, she is my mama I won’t tell them this then they’ll ask, why she meets you at the school’s gate? give me your phone number I’ll talk to you on phone don’t you miss me? I do miss you, mama don’t you wish to meet me? I do wish… they why you said,”I’ll talk to you on phone”? I’m getting late, mama Roomi, you have got so changed can I come to meet you, once in a week? in a week? week passes so quickly once in a month, alright? bye, bye! there was woman on the school gate, sir as soon as she saw Roomi, she hugged him she kissed him on his forehead, and was crying also OK… Roomi said to me, “you Go, she is my mama” alright… is she her real mother? yes… congratulations! thank you… come, I’ll show you, your office this is your office.. good? very good… look at this painting, and guess who made it? you have made it… yes, in two days…
I made it for you you are like this… from inside, as well as from outside I’m not that colorful though you are like this…
it’s just that, she has taken away your colors so what?
you again make it colorful be colorful again alright come… sit here…
come sit here… I’ll take a picture of you…
come sit ready? one second… ready? smile at least yes,…
you’ll be managing the portfolio he’ll only tell, which share to buy & which to sell but Salman, what will I do? I mean, it’s just that….
on my table, just a label of portfolio manager will remain only yes… just like, the way the label of CEO will remain on the door of my room sit… sit here, please look … there are some matters to learn on & some are for understanding do you play cricket? yes.. haven’t you ever seen? one down player, is not in the form and a person coming on the 9th number, makes 100 runs he is maybe, the 10th number batsman of stock market but his form is amazing and my intuition says, he can make 100 whenever he wants to you just keep your eyes close whichever share he says, to buy…. just buy it and whichever share he says to sell, just sell it after 15 days, we’ll see… what happened to your portfolio I have never seen people in the stock market, superstitious like you are just wait & watch if my words will get the picture, then I’ll prove you that I wasn’t superstitious sure? sure… Roomi…. yes teacher? what are you doing here? I was reading, and fall asleep hmm …. do you know, you have missed a class I’m sorry sit… are you upset? you are worried… yes but you met your mama too, in the morning still you are upset? what happened?
is there any problem? she says, she loves me so much so what’s wrong in this? mama always loves… right? not always. teacher she takes leaves of 4 months, more than my summer holidays you know, actually at that time… some problem was going on there are some days of holidays, when there is a problem between mama & baba problem is still there mama just met me… but she didn’t met papa yes… it is a problem… you know, she was crying a lot, & she didn’t came on her car as well are you sure? yes teacher, she went back on a rickshaw (3 wheeler vehicle) how is that possible? papa says, she has got so much money she always use to come by car on a long car…. that’s why, papa bought a big car it’s time for a class of mine, I’m leaving now… alright? come madam Shehwaar… you?
here? why have you come here? it’s alright, go … go go back to your husband if my wife will get to know, that you have come here to meet me, she will get me hanged to death get lost … I’m not getting any bail haven’t you told your name to anyone, here? I made them write the name, Mehwish go back…
get your name canceled tell them, “my name is not Mehwish” Um… it’ Anoushey,… yes, yes…it’s Anoushey get lost now we have some good moments together please do me this favor who are you, Shahwaar Ahmed? who am I? yes? who do I seem to you? am I looking Danish? Oh, brother! who is she? take her, I don’t know her why you are here to meet me? go, go from here you wife was right she said, “where you are of”? or else, you tell me are you of somewhere today? mama, she is also crying like you come here sit here *phone ringing* Hello! Hello! is this Salman Ibrahim? yes, who are you? this is Mehwish speaking, Salman your class fellow oh, from where you fall over? how are you doing? I’m fine…
how are you? I’m also fine and how is he, Danish? don’t ask about him why? he is alive, right? No…our I’m in a problem, Salman can you please help me? go ahead… I need a job where are you? no where alright, I’m sending you my residential address via text message come to my home & see me in the evening we’ll sit & talk thank you… thank you…
bye! papa Roomi! what is it?
you are showing so much love, today I was missing you liar tell me the truth..
what’s the matter? I am telling the truth, baba..
I was missing you you know, what I thought about you, before sending you to school? what? duffer..
but you are complete naughty you were just waiting, when I shall send you to school & when you get the wings papa when I went to school today, mama was standing there she hugged me & started crying she was crying a lot, papa I know… papa, I was thinking… if she had hugged you and cried would you have brought her back home, by saying “It’s OK”? have you done the home work? yes, I did that long ago alright, let me go & change… then will have food together she doesn’t have a car, papa…
she came on a rickshaw (3 wheeler vehicle) and she went back on rickshaw (3 wheeler vehicle) as well if felt, as if she came to ask for forgiveness tell the cook, to serve the dinner on the table I’ll come…
alright? she doesn’t have a car, papa…
she came on a rickshaw (3 wheeler vehicle) and she went back on rickshaw (3 wheeler vehicle) as well if felt, as if she came to ask for forgiveness *phone ringing* Hello! are you watching TV? No, I just reached home means, haven’t you heard the news? which news? Umm… Shehwaar Ahmed is in FIA’s custody he wife has snatched everything from him alright… no comments? No comments… alright…
I’m disconnecting the call bye!

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