Men’s Skin Fade Haircut with Long Top | Cut and Style 2020

This haircut has become a modern classic.
The skin fade is all about upping the contrast between the top lengths and sides; whilst
the styling in this video is pushing the boundaries of texture and volume. Today, award-winning barber and Hanz De Fuko
Ambassador, Anthony Hayes, is cutting Gabriel’s hair – tidying the top, whilst flexing some
super-sharp clipper skills. In the chair, it’s clear Gabriel already
has an immediate disconnection, with his hair very short on the sides and long on the top. He has medium to thick, coloured hair, with
natural texture – which will work into what Anthony wants to achieve. After washing the hair, Anthony started working
on his skin fade. Starting with a grade 3, he isolated the length
on the sides to neaten up the disconnection. He then went in with a zero as a guide line,
before blending it up into a 1, then a 2. What do you think? Would you go for a skin
fade? Let us know in the comments below! And hit like to show your support! Moving onto the top, Anthony wanted to keep
the length so Gabriel could be versatile in styling. He isolated the fringe first, and then from
the midsection of the hair to the back of the crown, he worked from short to long, going
shorter towards the crown. He worked with vertical sections, every section
being directed towards the centre to allow more weight and length on the sides, whilst
maintaining a bit of internal texture throughout. You’ll see that this is a really simple
but effective technique. If you like hair, grooming, skin and fragrance
videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel right now! Go on, you know you want to. For the fringe, he subdivided the hair into
horizontal sections and removed some weight by deep point cutting. This really adds to
the final desired texture. Anthony first dried Gabriel’s hair with
a flat brush, before moving to a round brush to straighten and soften out the edges. For styling, it was all about Hanz De Fuko’s
Quicksand. This is the perfect product for this sort of style as it accentuates the texture
and achieves a dry-beachy look. Quicksand is a very lightweight wax but the
outcome you get from it is a very heavily textured finish. It also works as a great
alternative to sea salt sprays or powders. These can be harder to disperse through the
hair whereas a wax is pliable. Anthony really works the product throughout
the lengths of the hair to give it this beachy, lived in look. Quicksand has a really great hold which you
can build up by layering the product. Whether you have fine or thick hair, this
product works for all. If you have fine hair, use a small amount
to make it appear instantly thicker; And if you have thick hair, layer the product
to achieve a gravity-defying look with a lightweight finish. And there you go, a super-sharp cut with texture
in the styling. There will be more cut and style videos coming
up on Man For Himself, so be sure to subscribe now and suggest a hairstyle in the comments
below. Buh-bye.

36 thoughts on “Men’s Skin Fade Haircut with Long Top | Cut and Style 2020

  1. Awesome haircut as usual! Hey Robin just wondering I also try to do some mean grooming on my channel check it out perhaps?

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  3. quicksand or claymation for hold? i want something similar to this hairstyle but i need strong holding stuff due to my country's climate.

  4. I wouldn't personally get a skin fade, but there are plenty of guys that they suit quite well. Me, I'm currently experimenting with long hair for the first time since my teen years. Unlike back then however as a guy in my mid 20s I'm armed with knowledge of how to care for, maintain and of course style my hair so it should work out much better this time around.

  5. I love HOF claymation and quick sand. Probably the best of all the Youtuber’s products. But I think their shampoo stinks…

  6. Looks goods but at my age I can’t do the skin fades any longer. It’s great to see how much this channel has evolved 😎

  7. The scissors cutting so precisely was the most satisfying thing I've seen in a while. Love the style but not sure I personally would ever go for it, far too use to length on all sides.

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