18 thoughts on “Mens Shocking Style Mistakes That 99% Of Guys Are Making | Mens Fashion 2019

  1. that's so true about the only employing good looking people at Hollister, the logos on their items are always so in ya face also.

  2. jake i need to talk with you ..you gotta save yourself …before you got more than 1 millions of viewers …and now you are getting down …i knnw you are working hard man …but believe me ..you will be back one day …and dont give up !

  3. I feel like you’re waay off on the trousers tip! Looser trousers are on their way in and I see them everywhere. At least in Sweden.

  4. 0.35 asks people to hit the subscribe button… forgets to put the subscribe button in the video


  5. I think Superdry is an awful brand as well. What is so cool about wearing a way too big logo on the most uncreative pieces?

  6. I definitely prefer skater fit jeans over skinny, I think these skinny fit jeans look pretty bad

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