Men’s Haircut and Style For Thinning Hair

For most of us guys, hair loss is something
we are all concerned about at some point in our lives. It can be a sensitive subject but
there are plenty of ways to deal with it. This haircut is great for you guys that still
have a decent head of hair, but have noticed areas that are starting to thin out. Luke Benson, Guest Artist for Wella, is in
the MFH studio, providing all the top tips on how to cut and style thinning hair. Matt is in the barber chair today. He definitely
has plenty of coarse hair but the back and sides appear to be thinning slightly. The
hair is also starting to thin towards the crown and the front hairline. During Matt’s consultation, Luke decided
there was too much of a disconnection and the hair had been left too long in certain
areas. Leaving more length doesn’t necessarily mean it will cover more scalp and can sometimes
draw more attention to problem areas. Luke washed Matt’s hair with Nioxin System
1. This included the Cleanser Shampoo and Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner. The
third step was the Scalp & Hair Treatment which was sprayed directly onto the scalp. System 1 is specially formulated as a hair
thickening treatment, delivering denser-looking hair. It reduces hair loss due to breakage
and strengthens the hair, while refreshing the scalp and delivering a healthy shine to
natural hair with light thinning. I have been using Nioxin for the last few
years and have spoken about it many times on my channel. I’ve seen great results!
Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below. After washing the hair, Luke sectioned the
hair off. He dried the sides so he could see the hair in its natural state, before cutting.
He used a comb whilst drying the hair so it would lie flat. Luke then used his clippers on a grade 1 to
create his guideline for the skin fade. He blended out the lowest half inch with 0.5
and moved up through the guide into a 2. From there, he used detailers to define and
tidy up the hairline. He also faded the edge of the beard into the
sides. Into the top, everything was cut square. Matt’s
hair on the top was previously very round which had left him with too much hair in the
weightline through the middle of the head. Luke worked with the length that was left
on the outside edges and to square it off. He wet the hair, over directed each section,
and point cutted to add texture. If you like hair, grooming, skin and fragrance
videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel. Go on, click it, right now! For the front, Luke left a slight disconnection
between the top and the front – which would become the quiff. Into styling, Luke used Nioxin’s Diaboost.
Using Nioxin’s HTX Technology, this gel treatment coats each strand and expands the
diameter of the hair. It instantly looks and feels thicker. He followed by using the Nioxin Thickening
Spray to add long-lasting volume and lift Matt’s fine hair. Luke dried the sides and edges of the hair
to help emphasise the square cut on the top. This was one of Matt’s main problem areas
and so Luke showed him a blow drying technique – using a round brush – to help build volume
and increase the appearance in density. He sealed the ends of the hair, using a GHD
styler. This helped refine the hair. To finish off, he used a small amount of the
Sebastian Craft Clay to break up the hair and add definition to the style. To hold it
in place, he used Nioxin Strong Hold hairspray. And there we go, a technical cut, but with
some simple and easy tips on how to work with thinning hair. We’ve already had some great guys in the
Man For Himself Studio and there will be more cut and style videos coming up. Be sure to subscribe now and suggest a hairstyle
in the comments below. Buh-bye.

49 thoughts on “Men’s Haircut and Style For Thinning Hair

  1. I dont think that he is balding. His hairline may have recided slightly however he does have a widows peak that may make it look a bit recessed. I am 16 and my hairline may be worse than his

  2. Hey Robin, I think a lot of us guys would benefit from something on Man for Himself where we send you pictures of us and you tell us what style and products you think would be suitable for us. Great vid, as always!! 😃

  3. Hey Robin,
    Could you please compare Nioxin shampoo with Salon guy's pure shampoo. Which is better for hair health??

  4. Hey robin can you try out some hairstyling brands that arent created by youtubers like loreal redken etc? Products that are more accessible

  5. Great video, I’m also currently thinning and have been onto nioxin system one for over a month and already started to see a difference! This video was great as I’ve been looking at trying a different style of haircut and now I know I can change to something along the lines of this cut 👌🏼

  6. This is just an advert for Nioxin. Not informative enough for just thinning hair. This is purely an advert. Which is disappointing. This channel had lots of tips and impartial advice but now it’s just selling out ☹️ I guess everyone has to earn a living…

  7. I wish they were good barbers and good hair products here in mexico, decent hair products are stupidly expensive and the barbers just don’t know how to do a simple fade 🙁
    My hair is starting to thin and the barbers just makes it look much worse

  8. Great cut, but with all that styling, products and probably a visit to the barbers every two weeks I’m glad I’ve grown mine out. Now a haircut every 6 months and minimal products.

  9. Awesome video Robin! i'd really like to see a haircut with someone who has very curly, thick, and wavy hair because most hair youtubers kind of disregard that hair type (in my opinion).

  10. Nixon is a volumising system it will give the APPEARANCE of thicker hair. Ultimately the best thing you can do for hair thinning is regular full scalp massage, drink plenty of water, fruits and vegetables but if you are deficient in something take a supplement. All these things will help to promote a healthy scalp and hair follicle for the best chance for healthy hair. I would not waste your money that you work for on Nioxin.

  11. I've tried almost all anti-DHT/anti thinning shampoo and supplements since 2016. I have even tried Nioxin since February of last year continuously. I still have Level 2 system. It has done nothing. That scalp (moose) treatment at the end makes my scalp so dry that my hair become crispy/clump together that even running fingers through hair pulls out my hair. Of course hair dry/straightening gives an illusion of thick hair. Nioxin does smells and feels good though on scalp but waste of money. I did keratin treatment and it really gave a "look" of health,thick, and fuller hair. I think its time to use minoxidil.

  12. Great vid buddy.
    I mentioned about a week back that I was going to Royston Blythe to have my hair cut properly and sort out the mess that the chop shop did round the corner, well they did and I'm trying to grow the top now properly. This style next for me. What is this called without showing all the vid on my next vid?

  13. I don't think you'd ever do this, its too ballsy, but you should completely stop with nioxin for like 3 months, and have a hair professional, not from nioxin, look at you scalp before and after, and see if there is any change in the density/amount of follicles, to prove if it actually does anything.

  14. When I was 12 my hair is falling. I already have bald spots on my head. I cried about it & my uncle gave me coconut oil. I've heard of these coconut oil hair treatment before but never actually work. It was a homemade coconut oil. cook the coconut oil with water until it turns brownish then use it for 1 week your hair will become lush & never falls again unless you're dead

  15. Hi Robin! I see lately you've really been a fan of nioxin. I'd like to see you do a brand battle video of your opinions between nioxin and hair restoration Laboratories DHT blocking shampoo and conditioner. Please do one!!!!!!

  16. Good stuff Robin, haven't been around for a while, can you do a video for guys who's hair isn't thinning but just has fine hair and how to make it look fuller. PS this is the guy with the longass username, changed it to something different 😀

  17. I wish the model for this video had more extreme thinning hair, as I have a bad receding hairline and very thin and fine hair and when I try to find videos about thin haircuts, it normally never helps as the model being used still has great hair whereas mine is alot worse haha. Would be nice to represent people with this type of hair, but that don't have as nice hair as the model in this video. Thanks for the video, Robin

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