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this is fascinating wait until you see what this gentleman looked like only a few years ago his name is Marcus or Roth Krantz knew our raw food guru here in town of course as part of the big show the total house show happening this weekend will give information in a little bit but we know when we hear something as drastic as a raw food diet people think there’s no way I could keep this up I need my steak I like warm pasta but tell us about your experience again we need to see this photo seeing is believing you brought in a picture of yourself some 20 years ago this is me 20 years ago and tell us about your state at the time doctor said you were a mess inside I was dying my heart was giving out my liver was clogged my kidneys were turning the stone I I was literally dying and I didn’t nobody you know doctors real don’t I hate to say this but doctors really don’t know what health is they know how to hide symptoms it was a 20-year journey for me to figure out how can I get from this to being alive again and as you can see I look a little younger now then you went vegan yeah I said I went vegetarian for a while and I thought well that’s a logical thing to do it’s healthy right and then I still got sick and then I went vegan I still got sick and I said you know what I realized that people who don’t eat meat they’re still eating bread cereal pasta all that dead food and that’s there’s no life in that and you take an Apple for example okay an apple it’s healthy right there’s an orange but if you take an apple and you plant it in the ground it apple tree grows but if you bake that Apple if you heat that Apple and then plant it in the ground nothing grows well what happened something happened you killed the enzymes all enzymes and living food died above 115 degrees and we are the only species that cooks the food in tampers with the nutrients so take us through a recipe that you said you could do at home and you can grow your own garden it doesn’t have to be expensive you wake up in the morning and you pick dandelions and you eat them the flowers and all right exactly they are and this is people have lost total touch with nature but something is that people even need to understand and go well I don’t have time and all that I don’t either I’m like part of the modern world I don’t have any time at all I don’t even like eating it’s like such an inconvenience for me it’s it’s I want to make something as fast as possible and happy as nutritious as possible so what I do is I just grab some stuff like show you here I can either get it at the store that the general rule is to get stuff that it’s most people that go for the sweet stuff they go for the like the fruit that’s it well you that’s an imbalance it causes your pancreas to go into shock you need to have greens in nature if you look at a tree 2/3 of its green stuff if you look at horses cows and stuff like that they greens so it’s really and that’s the other thing about you know people say well I need my protein I need my meat well where do animal we’re doing animals like cows horses get their 2,000 pounds of muscles mm-hmm they get it from grass that’s all they eat is grass right what is a daily diet for you like take us through morning I really don’t need that much the longest living people in the world barely eat and that’s something people need to understand if you’re eating good stuff just a handful of food can make you go the whole day and it keeps you feeling full yeah my family I don’t crave them yesterday I flew in from Vegas and I haven’t eaten in like 12 hours I felt you graham I feel great yeah so the thing you need to do is like eat stuff the way you find it in nature in the proportions that you find in nature so I just put some green stuff in here the general rule is half green half fruit so so half green where you get your chlorophyll which you need and then your fruit which is your you know your sweet stuff which makes it taste good so we just make your own mixture I like here and get a bunch of berries so get some berries put them in there some orange mom there’s oranges why are you or I were to juice some more yourself you need some kind of liquid base so you put your juice in there date dates are really good a couple of dates and you’ve got your sweet your your sugar boost the aging process you say as you did and you’ll notice the difference in your hair your skin yeah well yeah matter of fact you know if you look at animals in nature they don’t lose their hair their hair doesn’t go gray we’re the only species what we call aging is not normal it’s a sign that something’s not right and that’s where I created my book heal your face it’s it’s unbelievable more information you could pick up the book as well go wrong now calm for more information and check out the 34th annual total health show taking place all weekend long that’s at the Metro Toronto Convention Center total health show calm or breath television dots a hill your face there’s the cover if you need to pick it up and I’m going to sample your raw food beverage right after this thank you so much for being here Marcus right now we’re taking a quick break and I’m gonna drink up during the break thank you this looks awesome go for a powerup

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  1. I was at The Show and just wanted to express my Gratitude for all the information you gave. I've been making my way through your book (it is an easy and very inspiratiional read) and I'm now looking at my choices differently and do want to inspire others by being an example. Thank you for helping me realise my purpose this time around. Many Blessings to You!

  2. Markus what do you think about Sea Veggies or Seaweeds? I've started eatting them and I love them. They taste like fish and helps saticfy my meat cravings, but are they good for me? I know they're loaded with vitamins and minerals, but can too much be "too much."

  3. She said what I have always said–We are the only species to cook our food. I think we are the only species who get cancers and such when eating our selected food as well. Coincidence?…I think not

  4. @treverbettis
    I hadn't slept in almost two days when this video was taken. Had to head to airport at 3 am, couldn't sleep on plane, then get ready for Expo and go to TV studio at 5 am. I also hadn't eaten in 12 hours. When you live like this, you NEED super clean fuel !

  5. @MarkusRothkranz ohh i see. Also i started a website to start a community in england we will build houses, grow and forage, camp fires etc. Looking for people to start a community on a large piece of land in England.

    go to living in nature england dot word press dot com

  6. simplemente dice lo mismo q en su libro, que estaba hecho un asco y que ni volviendose vegetariano lograba curarse por que al cocinar los alimentos se matan las encimas, q hay q comerlo en su esado natural, crudo, como comen los animales, y que con un puñado de comida de verdad seria suficiente para todo el día, q las personas más longevas comen muy poco, y q los animales mas fuertes son vegetarianos, no comen carne, etc… poco más basicamente cosas q hay en su libro ha repetido

  7. Well. Greens! Get wild greens.

    If you watch his other videos he explains the benefits of wild greens.

    Dandelions are so awesome! Get them and blend with coconut water and fat.

    Experiment and see what works best for you. Go with your intuition.

  8. Amazing you could function given how sleep deprived you were! Truly inspirational lol! I remember seeing your talk and was very impressed considering your lack of sleep.

  9. Markus, appreciate your passion. I live in an apartment. How do you suggest I grow my own greens?? By the way, I dont have a balcony or terrace.

  10. Love Markus, but have a concern. Dates and cashews…. Both are generally heated well above raw…. What to do?

  11. Thankyou Markus, working on that. Do you have a recommendation for really raw dates, cashews, and dried fruit? My coop has lovely organic dates but they called the various companies and found they steam after sun drying to plump them. And the organic dried fruits are dehydrated at a high temperature . I want to be meticulous as I am quite ill and wanting to heal. Thankyou for your videos! May you be blessed!

  12. "If you look at animals in nature, they don't lose their hair, their hair doesn't go grey…What we call aging is not normal…." – Both of these statements are incorrect. The aging process is perfectly normal and indeed an inevitable part of life. To suggest otherwise is misleading and a bit dangerous. And primates can infact go grey and lose their hair. A simple google image search will confirm this.

  13. Although I do believe in his diet, mostly, I do like to note animals do age, in captivity as well as wilderness. Some animals fur grows grey too

  14. cooking was a necessary evil to have conquer the world (and kinda mess it up in the process) by making unhospitable environments "okayish" to live in
    its like smoking to be the cool one in class

    now our species is the cool kid in town and doesnt need no cigars anymore

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