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just a quick update before the video did you know gaming is giving away a Nintendo switch and three games check the link at the top of the description for more information did you know if it weren't for the restraints of the Super Nintendo Super Mario Kart may never have been made concepts for Super Mario Kart began in fall 1990 and came from a team of only eight people Nintendo veteran Shigeru Miyamoto supplied the original concept for the game which was the idea to make a sequel to f-zero he envisioned the game is fzero for two players since the original game was a single-player experience however this was deemed impossible as f-zero Zhong and straight racetracks and blindingly fast gameplay would be hard to pull off with two players on the Super Nintendo they instead opted for a track design that was much shorter and more compact with a lot of twists and turns according to the team the only vehicle that made sense to traverse these courses were karts as they moved a lot slower than what was seen in f-zero when it came to the game's roster the team originally used generic overall wearing men for racers though they had different color schemes it wasn't very clear who was driving from their perspective roughly four months into the project Nintendo decided on using more recognizable characters and took Mario for a test drive afterwards the roster was quickly decided on following Mario the team added Luigi and other characters who were recognizable from behind such as Peach Yoshi and Bowser Koopa Troopa was said to have been chosen last as the team wasn't really sure what to do with him and decided to throw him in Donkey Kong jr. was picked over Donkey Kong due to the Donkey Kong jr. game having its 10th anniversary the same year Super Mario Kart released the fact that he wore a shirt also made him easier to draw during the time the game had an undefined roster the overall man would throw cans of oil as weapons as the team found it appropriate for the characters when the Mario roster was introduced they thought about items that suited that universe citing the Koopa shells is a great way to have something to shoot at and hone in on opponents banana peels came about for several reasons serving the same purpose as the oil cans and complimenting Donkey Kong jr. due to his love for bananas the Lightning was made in the final stages of development but the team wanting an item as a sudden upset to the flow of a race the team were very dedicated to nailing the genuine feel of kart racing and followed up with several experiments although we've previously mentioned how staff went go-karting for research they also went to step further by making their own remote-controlled kart from the ground up with a working engine when the main programmer was given a chance to test the karts drifting capabilities he crashed into a wall and completely totaled the Kart within 5 seconds after the release of Mario Kart 64 series director Hideki Konno stepped away from the franchise for nearly a decade being absent for Super circuit and double – he'd been busy working on other titles like Luigi's Mansion and Wind Waker and when he made his return to the series with Mario Kart DS things only got busier for him at the same time kono was serving as a producer for Nintendogs and was constantly juggling between the two marking the first time he ever dealt with this kind of challenge there were a number of ideas he had for the game that didn't make it into the final product but one idea that didn't cross his mind at first was online functionality mario kart das was the first Nintendo game to support the now-defunct Nintendo Wi-Fi connection but it wasn't implemented until six months out from the game's release the team had focused on making the game work with eight human players via wireless connection and when that proved to work out well they decided to take it online though kono had been frustrated about having to scrap ideas he was able to bring a lot of his concepts into Mario Kart Wii alongside what he learned from Mario Kart DS Mario Kart 7 was the first game in the series to be developed internationally Mario Kart 64 received outside help from British studio rare who supplied Donkey Kong's model for the texas-based retro studios assisted in actual development of Mario Kart 7 Mario Kart 7 appropriately started out with a team of just seven but when the team were ready to get into full development several other games were in production this left the team at Nintendo EAD short on team members kono asked his colleagues about any studios that might be able to help them out they then chose to work with retro as they just finished production on Donkey Kong Country Returns and were available team members from both sides couldn't believe a collaboration like this was happening as all previous Mario Kart games were done in-house some EAD members were concerned about clashing cultures and miscommunication however Nintendo had complete faith in retro as they proved they understood with the company stripe for in their games and the teams got to work in December 2010 responsibilities of designing the tracks were split between the two companies Nintendo EAD handled all the courses that were new to the game whereas retro worked on the classic tracks these already had an outline in place and retro could simply add in new elements and features so it wouldn't be overly familiar to fans they also found this to be a great way to design tracks and an interesting way to develop for hardware they previously had touched before the team also pitched ideas for new courses some of which actually appeared in the final game and had some series veterans wondering how they never came up with them before in the mario kart 7 edition of owada asks concept art was shown for some ideas retro wood pitched among them is art for shyguy bizarre Rosalina's ice world neo Bowser City and DK jungle the same core team for Mario Kart 7 would return to develop Mario Kart 8 in an interview with Nintendo life on the Wii U release of the game director Cascadia buki was asked about the games roster and if the team had thought about adding characters from other Nintendo series a lost Super Smash Brothers while he said the roster wasn't the most important feature of the game he wouldn't rule out the possibility and sure enough characters like Link and Isabel would make their Mario Kart debut via DLC and with Mario Kart 8 deluxe on switch so with the Inklings from splatoon Yabuki had also been asked if the mario kart team had ever considered getting rid of the blue shell item a common source of anger for players Yabuki said the team has tried to see what mario kart would be like without it several times but they felt something was missing without its inclusion in Yabuki zone words you know sometimes life isn't fair and that's frustrating I think things are more interesting like that with the blue shells of life similar to the devotion to super mario kart mario kart wii went for a sense of realism with its controls leading to the Wii wheel accessory during development kono had the idea of creating a steering wheel as its function is commonly understood by people of all ages kono presented a prototype he made to the team and they loved it the wheel went through over 30 prototypes before its final design as the team tried to make a controller is durable and comfortable as possible the blue-ringed was added on the back to make it seem more fun and inviting to those watching people play and it would later be added to the logo for mario kart wii itself mario kart wii is undoubtedly the best-selling game in the series and continues to make a profit even over ten years since its original release in October 2018 Nintendo's financial results showed the game it sold roughly 40,000 copies during the previous quarter bringing the game's lifetime sales to 37 point 14 million mario kart isn't all success however mario kart was planned to have an installment on the Virtual Boy so under the tentative title VB mariokart the only known report of the game was in German gaming magazine big n in their August 2000 issue listed alongside other Virtual Boy games that would be canceled Mario Cart once had a spinoff of sorts in the works being spearheaded by game designer u2 Saito the man behind such games is oedema and seaman Saito being a close friend of Miyamoto and Iwata shared an ideal with them during a friendly meeting in the early 2000s inspired by his recent delve into sculpting chunks of metal Saito pitched the idea of a game about making car engines and though it sounded a bit strange Miyamoto and Iwata were willing to give him a shot the game was being made for Nintendo DS hardware and went under the name Mario motors players would sculpt metal into a cylinder with that cylinder determining the effectiveness of the engine the game didn't get far into development and when asked about its cancellation Saito remained vague another Mario Kart project that didn't come to fruition was revealed by engineer and technology entrepreneur Elon Musk must claim the Tesla attempted to add Mario Kart as a playable game in its line of cars models such as the Tesla s have a high quality 17 inch screen which would serve quite well as gaming displays however this idea was rejected by Nintendo this information comes from Twitter where a user asked musk how about a version of Mario Kart where you can play against random people who are also charging their car at the moment we're musk replied we tried Nintendo won't license it to us speculated that Nintendo rejected Tesla's offer because Nintendo might be worried about the safety aspects of having Mario Kart playable in an actual vehicle and the legal issues that could have come with it speaking of legal issues the series has also been the subject of some rather interesting lawsuits in February of 2017 Nintendo took legal action against a Japanese company called Maricar an obvious abbreviation of the Mario Kart name the service allowed customers to dress up as their favorite Mario character and drive through Tokyo in a go-cart – which Nintendo took legal action against this legal battle lasted for over a year but in October 2018 Nintendo won the case Mario Kart was required to stop using Nintendo's likeness as well as having to pay ten million yen to Nintendo in damages roughly eighty eight thousand US dollars even after losing the battle the service wasn't about to be taken down so easily weeks later the company changed their name to Mauri mobility and made the decision to keep the Nintendo themed costumes as part of their gimmick all the while trying to appeal the decision against them later in January 2019 Mari Mobility had the Japanese company cheese AI boy kabushiki geisha filed two trademarks on their behalf the phrases trademarked where Nintendo is irrelevant and unrelated to Nintendo in Japanese and English respectively currently the phrases are still being displayed on the Mari mobility go karts as the business is still in operation nearly two years later did you also know that Super Smash Brothers Ultimates developer accidentally used fan art in the game for that ultimate started pre-production before smash for Wii U and 3ds had all their DLC released for more facts check out the digital gaming video on Super Smash Brothers ultimate

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  1. So the Mario Motors advertisement in Mario Kart 8 is from a cancelled game and the features of the game were implemented in Mario Kart 7. wow

  2. i think that Mario Kart DS uses the original idea for Double dash
    i mean: the song itself uses mario kart DD sample and the voices are from that game too

  3. why is this video called mario kart secrets

    it is literally just about the development history of the mario kart series, there are literally no "secrets" in this video

  4. when u rewatch videos to see giveaway announcements for the switch u won>>>> (i, samantha, use my older sisters youtube acc)

  5. The Maricar company must be filled with douchebags who don't understand irony. How can you say or copyright Nintendo is irrelevent when your entire gimmick and buisness is based around how popular Nintendo characters are?!

  6. The blue wheel on the back was designed to make it more fun for people watching etc?! It's just a standard design flourish, let's not overthink it lol

  7. Maricar: We love your series and want to promote it.
    Nintendo: I don’t think so. Lawsuit.
    MarioMobility: Fine. We’ll still use your characters and not even mention you.
    Nintendo: Nani?

  8. instead of removing blue shells, they could rather make the chance lower to obtain one, making it overpowered(debatable), yet rarer to get
    …or just an option to turn off certain items, and everyone in the race has to agree on it, of course
    i, for one, hate the blue shell, but i can understand why people want to keep it, especially kids, who feel like it's some kind of superpower

  9. "Nintendo took legal action…"
    Can't even make it through a single Nintendo video without hearing about them being copyright tyrants.

  10. What about that story that you guys told that the reason Super Mario Kart was born was because Miyamoto asked why the guys aren't using the banana peel on the kart and then they thought about Donkey Kong and made the characters from Mario?

  11. so Mario cart leaves in blue shells because sometimes lifes unfair meanwhile in mc8 only people in lower positions get decent items and the 1st pos player gets coins an banana peels.. seems legit.

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