Making A Big Lifestyle Change!

hey y'all welcome back to Katie on the flip side I'm back here today with mine washed hair and I actually got some new lipstick I'm trying it out let me know what you guys think it's like Maybelline stay matte all day tight things that probably should have looked at the tape of it before I told you all about it but I'll put a link in the description below you're interested in it but it's not first aid where I'm like holy B don't come off and we'll see how long it stays so anyways if you guys saw my livestream on Sunday I talked a little bit about weight loss and a change of lifestyle eating habits nutrition in my life and what's going on with that it wasn't exactly what I intended to talk about in my live stream but it was a question that people keep asking if I have lost weight and yes I have as of today I have officially lost 10 pounds in the past almost four weeks not quite four weeks which is amazing it's 10 pounds that I have wanted to lose for a really long time kind of takes me almost back to the pre babies that could be a whole nother video on what my weight does when I'm pregnant and when I'm breastfeeding and all the stuff it does not do the same thing as most people do I like actually lose weight during pregnancy and gain weight after the baby's born it's a weird weird phenomenon anyway um I'm excited to be getting healthier I'm exercising again and I have changed a lot of my eating habits if you want to know like all the details about all of that go back and watch my livestream from Sunday night and I'll put the link right here so you can go back and watch it and hear all the questions answered and all that but I just kind of wanted to talk a little bit about why I feel like this time is different as far as weight loss goes because I've been somebody that all my life probably since I was like I don't even know maybe like 10 11 12 has been conscious of my weight and has done different things to lose weight and eat better and exercise and a lot of times things work and are great but then there'll be like a kink in life and it'll throw me for a loop and I will like things will go differently so I've I want to make this eating style this lifestyle my new lifestyle and the book that I listened to that kind of really changed my perception on nutrition and gave me some different ideas on how to eat like what to eat why really gives a lot of helpful things on making this a lifestyle how to deal with when it's the holidays when it's a big like family getaway weekend and you just want to eat all the bad things kind of how to be able to have the things you want and not be restricted but be able to enjoy your life enjoy food and still keep a healthy nutritional like intake for your body and why that's so important for your your energy your mental stability your everything but I think one of the biggest things from this book it's called body love and it's by kelly Levesque I will put a link to that in the description below if you're interested in checking it out obviously this is not sponsored I just found out about book really lovable she gave me kind of a different perspective on why eating healthier or cutting out a lot of sugar in your diet and those types of things is really important and I think I had gotten to a point with my weight and my health and all of the mental like physical everything in life right now that I was looking for something to make me feel better I knew that when I ate what I was eating I just didn't feel great I would make a meal and then I would be hungry again in a couple hours or I would eat you know a bowl of cereal and then I'd be hungry again in a couple hours and I was like what can I like how can I eat something that's healthier you know I try to cut my portions down but then it was like then I was starving and that's not fun for anybody I love food I hate to be hungry like I kind of have think of like a fear of being hungry it's kind of weird I'm like afraid I'm gonna get somewhere not have the food that I need and like be starving which take me back to that India Graham thing I'm a six and that's like what we do is we picture the worst case scenario I've learned a lot about myself from that too in the past I have changed my eating habits or changed my exercise patterns or change just like those health and wellness lifestyle things be cuz I have wanted to lose weight because I felt like you know I didn't like how I look or I felt like somebody else didn't like how it looked like oh you know I don't want Cullen to think that I'm too fat or you know the people at school made fun of me because I was fat or you know whatever the reason would be that I would change what I was eating just based on appearance and also based on maybe what other people thought if somebody else was like you know you really need to change her eating this or somebody else change their eating habit and it kind of goes along with this whole lifestyle change that I'm going through right now I'll change a mindset of doing things because I want to because it makes me feel good because it's good for me and when I started this whole change in my eating and started exercising it was because I wanted to feel better because I wanted to make a change because I wanted to have more energy and not feel sluggish and one of the major things in the book that she talked about was not craving a bunch of sugar not always thinking about food and when I read the book I was like how can I possibly go through a day without wondering when I won't get to eat like a cookie or something like that's just how I've always I've been you know I think about food a lot and so I did it for that reason and not because I wanted Cullen to think differently about me not because I wanted you know my family or my friends to think different about me but because I wanted to and I wanted to feel better I knew that weight loss would obviously most likely be a part of it but I had told myself I want to follow some different new guidelines and eating habits to make myself feel better to get healthier and if I lose weight then that is fabulous but if I don't I'm not gonna stress about it I'm not gonna let myself be like well screw it I'm just gonna eat all the cupcakes because I haven't lost anyway but I decided that I was not gonna break more promises to myself and I was going to commit to the things I was going to commit to and stick with them in a whole different mindset than I've ever had before on a why I'm doing things I think something that has held me back in general is even just saying that a second ago that I'm doing this for myself I'm doing it because I want to in my mind as I'm saying that I'm like gosh that's so selfish like I'm terrible why would I even say something like that and somehow we've been taught that bettering ourselves or doing these things to help ourselves be better whether it's emotionally spiritually weight-wise health-wise is selfish to take that time and put all your energy and your time and effort towards that when that is so not true I just I don't understand why it's presented that way to people why people are sometimes like you know berated or looked down upon because they're taking time for themselves you find yourself talking about self love or loving yourself and you get a number of people saying well that's not the christ-like thing to do you should care about other people you should be there for other people well yes you absolutely should but you also have to take care of yourself your body is a temple that God gave you to take care of and by running yourself into the ground by doing so many things that you can't even keep up you can't get enough sleep you can't take time to make healthy meals or to exercise you're not taking care of what God has given you the only person that can fully take care of it permission to take care of it like it's it's a really hard concept and I'm even having a hard time overcoming it myself but I've heard people throw around terms like oh well you can't idolize yourself okay let's talk about what you do for your husband or your children or other family members do you take time to take your kids to you know soccer practice and gymnastics and dance practice and all those things do you take time to cook them a meal or to buy them new clothes to take them and you know even with your kids like give them a bath wash their hair paint your little girls fingernails buy them new shoes when they need out are you idolizing that person because you're taking time to help them no you're not so why is it considered idolizing ourselves or being selfish if we're taking care of our and that is something I just think it's really important to overcome personally for me I understand where this started like who started this about we can't do anything for ourselves or we're selfish because that just that ain't right you can love yourself and you can take care of yourself and you can take time for yourself without being self-absorbed without being self-centered or conceited it is possible the main thing about this is when you have taken care of yourself when your body is nourished when your like cup is full you can have more to give to other people you're gonna want to share yourself with other people you're gonna be willing and able to help other people out to do things for other people when you first take in time for yourself of course there's the example that if I've heard it once ever hundred thousand times of the airplane thing with the oxygen mask that's why they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first because if you try to help your kid first then you're gasping for air and oxygen then you won't pass out and then you can't help your kids so get your own oxygen mask going first then put it on your child all of this rant to say I think especially right now during the holiday season things are extra busy extra stressful and it is probably one of the number one times that people would be likely to say I just can't right now like I can't take time for myself I can't take time to sit down and take ten minutes to like read my Bible or say my prayers or take 20 minutes just to get out and walk around my neighborhood I just I can't that's I just don't have time right now when you find yourself saying that those are the times you need it the most and I don't know what to tell you other than you got to make time you got to write it in your calendar you got to put down your phone you got to like take away from some time that you're using for something else maybe it's like scrolling through Instagram and you think that's relaxing because let me tell you I'm the first like sit down and be scrolling through Instagram be like I just wasted 30 minutes well I could have been like exercising or doing anything else in that 30 minutes that would have been more mentally CLE clearing and like refreshing than just scrolling through Instagram so as things are crazy busy right now take some time for yourself think about the things that you want to change or that you want to be different and try to find that connection mate maybe read a good book sit in front of your Christmas tree with like a cup of hot chocolate and just look at it in the silence and the quiet there's something about peace and quiet that doesn't happen often and when we get it and when we feel it and when we just like fully embrace it it can change your mental like state for the whole day it's amazing so I feel like since I've realized this and since the approach that I'm taking towards making myself a healthier person inside outside inside my brain and set outside upside-down I feel like it's definitely going to be different this time and I'm gonna be able to make choices based on my decisions I'm finally being able to accept the fact that I can make decisions for myself I'm trusting myself that I'm doing the right thing that I'm doing the best I can for myself and for my family and knowing that I can't fill somebody else's cup if my cup is empty so it's super important to me right now and one of the things by the way little hint like a sneak peak I just recently listened to Marie Kondos book the life-changing magic of tidying up and I currently want to get rid of all the things and so I'm gonna be on a mission to do that soon – and like I've said before it is also totally a different perspective on like how it's okay to get rid of things you don't have to hold on to them because of what somebody else thinks because of what's gonna make somebody else feel a certain way you they don't live in your house unless it's obviously like your husband or kids or whoever you live with but if it's if it's not bringing you joy it doesn't need to be there so y'all just stay tuned for that I really want to take y'all on that journey let me know if you would be interested in seeing that instead of seeing me in my car every week I'm kind of thinking I want to make some videos of how I'm going through different areas obviously if you've read or listen to the book she recommends starting with clothes got a lot of work to do there I really want to take you along on that so I'm excited about that and I think I might sure that was you guys let me know in the comments below if you would like to see that also if you have read the book or lived by any of those like minimalistic simplistic type lifestyles I would love to hear your tips and how it may have changed your life thank you guys for watching it from being with me as I figure all these things out I'm really glad that I started this journey when I did so that I could share with you guys from the beginning as I'm figuring it out as I'm learning things so you can see the whole process I will see you guys at Sunday night 9 o'clock p.m. Central Time on my channel for a live stream also an Instagram I've been trimming it on Instagram lately too so I'll see y'all there thanks for watching bye

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  1. You can’t pour from an empty cup, I’m learning that now. So excited for you! I was one of those who gained weight while breast feeding. And then after my daughter was born I lost all my pregnancy weight within two months. Two more months past (so four total months after her birth) I started gaining weight quickly and didn’t know why. I hadn’t changed my food habits or workout habits. I ended up being diagnosed with hoshimotos hypothyroidism. It’s been a horrible experience trying to figure out what is best for my body and health. Since many typically “healthy” food actually have the reverse effect on my overall health. I’m still on this journey and right now I’m not focused on my weight but finding ways to help my energy levels and general health- which in turn will eventually positively affect my weight. Best of luck on your journey!

  2. Just wanted to say THANK YOU and LOVE YOU!! Your inspiration has traveled far far away, and for once in my 35 years you just said the words I wanted to say to myself all along, but now I am doing i too, I am changing my ways of taking care of myself…ah, you did it sister!! Congrats on your new way of living, and impacting my life the best way possible! Sending all the love and support from Skopje, Macedonia <3 love love love

  3. Yes yes yes!!! The religious aspect is my biggest struggle. I give and give and give and let people walk all over me, just so I feel like a good Christian. Loving others over myself. Giving to others constantly etc etc. Can you dig into this a little more???

  4. Please do what I eat in a day videos. I also want to start a new lifestyle, and exercise and eat healthier. And new food ideas is always so helpful. You’re going to rock this girl😘

  5. I lost 40 kg (around 85 pounds I think ) while pregnant and then put back on 60kg ( 130 pounds ish I think ) after she was born… I am really struggling I need help

  6. Great video. You ate right that we need to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others.

  7. I do the same. I lost weight during both pregnancies and the after the kids was born I gained like 20 pounds out of nowhere.

  8. This is so inspirational! I’m getting married in 10 months and have been meaning to kick my diet and exercise into high gear and this was the extra push I needed. Thanks so much katie ! Much love from Ohio 🙂 ❤️❤️

  9. OMG ME TOOOO!!! I just had my daughter 7wks ago, i lost 30lbs during the pregnancy. In the last week alone i gained 5lbs. I would love a whole video on this

  10. I absoultuely love that lipstick. I have four different shades of it. I also got my dad's girlfriend hooked on it too 🙂 My favorite shade is "Lover"

  11. Yeeeeeeesss My fave videos are the Declutter vlogs 🙂 espacially people who get into the spirit of kon mari.

    I have nothing left to declutter at my Own home.. so now I just peak at other peoples homes 😍😍😍

  12. Katie- I decided last January 1st that it was time to take control of my life. I didn’t want to eliminate everything from my life or be on a diet and I too felt like this time was different! And here we are in December. I’ve lost 62.5 pounds and loving life! I also joined Burn Bootcamp (the one that your friend now works at) and wow!!!! What a huge difference it has made in my life! The community of women has been life changing. 🙂 great job taking control of your life! This is the first step! Proud of you!!!! My mantra for 2018 was to FLY- first love yourself!!!! Make that yours for 2019!!

  13. Hello Katie, Been following you all for about 4 years, so happy for you!!! You should check out my daughters instagram @honeyb_heathly (Brooke Stephens) Her Motto is Read Food + Balanced Lifestyle. She makes some GREAT healthy meals, smoothies, snacks, salad combos, protein bombs etc… The food taste just as good and the beautiful pictures she post 🙂 – Keep up the good work, from one Southern gal to another (Georgia) 🙂

  14. I don't know, I want to believe she is authentic but something is missing for me when listening to her speak!

  15. So true Katie! God calls us to be good stewards and that includes being a good steward over our body/health.

  16. I’m loving what you are doing right now. You are inspiring. This video made me cry… Life is hard right now.. you’ve made me think about some things.

  17. Maybe you like filming in your car because you feel secluded and like no one is listening in and “judging” you. I know I can relate to that! Maybe Cullen can build you a little sound-proof (car-like ish lol) studio in the basement like he has for his podcasts! Where you can feel safe and secure. 😉 I dunno, that’s my thoughts on things! As a vlogger, I’m sure you’re used to people seeing you filming, but doing these types of videos, it’s better to have less outside distractions I guess! Ok I’m done rambling now lol. ❤️ y’all!

  18. Katie I JUST started back on eating a lot better and less. Also working out more. Since I started back I’ve lost a few pounds as well but once I added that to what I lost before that I have lost almost 14 lbs. I am so happy and I’m under where i started at when I got pregnant with my daughter over one year ago. Yay! Keep going girl!

  19. Yes, I'd love to see you organize and purge. I need to do this myself. I keep saying I'm gping to but so far have not done it. Keep finding excuses.

  20. I lost weight pregnant last time (not sure yet this time) and gained while nursing too! So weird!

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