Make a Digital Clock in DaVinci Resolve

hello guys with another tutorial in this
tutorial I will show you how to make digital clock in DaVinci Resolve 16 so
let’s get started as you can see I’m in DaVinci Resolve 16
now I’ve already imported a background which we’ll be using it later on first
thing I will add is a fusion clip in the media folder right click new fusion
composition change the duration to 20 and hit create with the fusion clip
created I will add it to the timeline now I move to the fusion part of DaVinci
the first thing we will do here is to some arrangements also right click here
options and orthogonal pipes will also change the arrange tools to grid now
the first thing we will design is the background of the digital clock so we’ll
drag a background here with the background selected hit control space
search for rectangle will edit the rectangle first select the rectangle and
I will change the width the height and the corner radius selecting the
background node and hitting number 2 let’s select the rectangle node and hit
number 1 now let’s go and change the settings for the rectangle make sure
that you have selected the rectangle node ok, now as you can see we just got a
nice rounded rectangle and we will add that drop shadow select the background
node control space drop shadow and we will edit some settings on the drop shadow select the drop shadow we will change the settings for the shadow
strength, the drop angle, the drop distance and the blur now select the drop shadow and hit the
number two to see it up here you notice the drop shadow is added to
the background and now we are done there with a background now, we need to add a
digital clock to be able to add a digital clock you will need to go to
this link which I will put it in the description of the video what you need
to do is copy this code over here select all of it and right click to copy or hit
copy here I will go with right-clicking copy and move back to the DaVinci
Resolve right-click whenever you want in this area blank nodes area and hit paste and now the digital clock is added to explain you real quick let me move to
the page again the important thing the important parts of this code which is
written in the Lua programming language are the width and the height since I
will be making a full HD video I’m writing 1920 for the width and 1080 for
the height I’m using the agency FB font which is bold and this is the part that
activates and makes this text plus control programmable and this is the ID
of the text plus control this is the part of the code that displays the
current time in the text plus control now let me go back to the DaVinci
Resolve select the digital clock this icon here shows us that this control is
programmable now if we go to the step over here where you see this red dot
selected and here’s the code digital block is the idea of the text plus now
we need to do some changes on the digital clock I will change the color
move back to this tab select yellow or green color I will select yellow and I
will change the size of it the tracking now the next thing we need
to do is add a glow node to the digital clock so I will select the digital clock
control space and search for glow make sure you select the second
glow here and we need to play with the settings over here select output will be
glowing image and will change this other settings now we move down to the opacity and change the blend now if I select the
glow node and hit number two you will see those this vertical lines vertical
glowy and one property that I will show you it’s H/V ratio if I move it to
the right we will get horizontal lines but I like to go with the vertical lines
so I will move it to the left give it minus one one last thing I will
do here is to make this vertical global lines move randomly so I will select
this property right click on it modify with and select shake and as the
animation place this lines will move randomly with the shake animation and
now we are done with this part you let me move this nodes and I will connect
the text and background select on this edge here and connect it to the drop
shadow finally connect the merge to the media out node and select 2 – now we have
the full digital clock here with the background now what we need to do here
is to go to playback render cache and it will select smart and we will render out
only this animation we will render the output channel or output
alpha Channel or export alpha because we want this movie to be transparent as we
will add the background later on the reason why I am dividing this where I am just rendering this part is that I will
save up on a rendering time on the rendering processing because the
background image over here is of a high resolution and it can cause the
application to crush these are the settings I will select I will go to the
individual clip select quick time will check export alpha here and add it to
the render queue start rendering rendering is finished I’m going to go to
the edit page again I will import what we just exported, what we just rendered
import media select the folder and this is what we exported and first I will to
leave this fusion composition I will go and select the background first add it
to the timeline and then I will add the movie the transparent movie we just
rendered we can delete the audio because we don’t need it let us change the
duration of this of the background to match the duration of the clip we just
export it and I would like to zoom the background here to fit on the screen and
this is what we got so far as you can see this vertical global
lines are moving turn this to a new compound clip what we are going to add
here is a slow zoom in effect for the whole clip so I’m in the frame one I
will add a keyframe here and then we’ll go to the last frame select the
composition add a keyframe and increase the zoom. And now, if you play the
animation this is what we got well I would also like to show you that in the
link I gave you before if you go scroll down and click on this link over here
you will you can learn more about how to use the parameters so if you
use these parameters here you will get different results and guys before you
leave I would suggest you to check out one of my other domains Resolve videos
in the card above I’m also planning to make more damage to resolve videos so
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new video and hopefully guys you liked it leave your comments your questions or
anything else in the comment section below and with you guys I see you next
time bye you

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