Louis Tomlinson CONFIRMS One Direction reunion will happen

going onstage and not having the boys around you is it gonna be especially going on a tour now rather than just doing those wanted performances is it do you think it's going to feel very different it probably will feel yeah I mean that you know a lot of different stages of my solo career have felt the same but different really you know and I think the the tour will definitely be one of those because we you know we we saw a lot of each other on those tours obviously but I'll make sure I got plenty of myself maybe a laugh here I know Liam has been saying that he is so tired of being asked one direction again scene that seeing that that is because on every single red carpet he can win it you don't want to avoid it but believe me I love this question before but no I hit my I mean I know you had it but it still ones that everyone wants know close of course yeah I do think I've been and I certainly have something to say about it if it didn't and but I think I think it's inevitable but when is the big question and that's something that none of us really know the answer to at the moment I feel like you know what's most important is when we do get back together we're on the same page and we all have you know done what we want to do individually and I think that's vitally important before when we get back so it's just when it's as far as I'm concerned but I don't miss a question when yet but still it's always nice to hear you say it will definitely definitely definitely and that's doing your solo career having the One Direction tag attached to you isn't something that you mind is it so no there you know film stars they have like a certain role with you maybe they played and it's attached to them for the rest of their career always gonna have one direction right I mean you know when I look back on one direction and the memories that we had it's only incredible memories you know and I think we got to a place musically especially in the last two albums that we felt really proud of and what we we started off is you know a boy band and where we ended up musically it was a very different place so I'm really really proud of those times definitely absolute

24 thoughts on “Louis Tomlinson CONFIRMS One Direction reunion will happen

  1. I love him a lot… I want them back, I wanna see them together again as they started One Direction from the begin…
    Love from Bangladesh

  2. Im not gonna be shook if the 1D comeback then release a new MV they will definefly gonna break the records

  3. Y'know I love one direction with all my heart but it's sorta getting irritating that I see this same type of video everywhere like all the time!!! They have always been saying they were coming back so it's not new….

  4. Whoop whoop 🙌 happy to hear they are 1D again. I just hope it isn't just one concert or tour. I want them to get back together for real.😁 I'm so Exited.

  5. its really cool to hear him say that he has no problem with the '1d image' being attached to him. after all, had it not been for 1d, none of the boys would be where they are today. i dont see why they would ever want that to be erased or not acknowledged as a part of them. i get they've all grown and it must be annoying to be known as "the guy from one direction" but they've all made names for themselves as soloists, so they can be themselves as soloists while still being recognized as a member of one direction.

  6. I'm 16 right now,

    Please Louis don't say the reunion's gonna happen after I'll be above 60..
    😭😭😭😭 How is it so impossible to say when??

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