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Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there’s a lot of planning that goes into working with orcas. Almost everything we do has to be pre-planned because the animals are so big. Imagine, it’s almost like taxiing 747s on a runway. We have to make sure that one’s not going to jump into the path of another one. The other thing that we do is: our shows are actually a big training session and, for example, on this particular show we’re getting ready to do, we’re going to pre-plan – in what we call the romp sequence – the movement of the whales so that animals can learn to move around each other very easily but also very safely. So, actually in the show it’s going to be a training session on the movement and safe movement and reinforcing movement of the animals. Subscribe to the channel to never miss a new video. Also, take a look into our playlists to learn even more about orcas.

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