Logo Bloopers Episode 2: 20th Television

Alright everyone, places please. Places. Now, cue the 20th Television logo. Um, excuse me? 20th Television, but you were flipped on that take. Try it again from the top. Cue the 20th Television logo. No. This is not an old movie. You are not supposed to do it in black and white. You are supposed to cue in colour. Do it again from the top. Cue yourself. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! CUE YOURSELF ALREADY!!! [Alex] OK (3x) don’t rush me, I’ll get it right this time. [Victoria again] Uh? No, you didn’t. You put it in something you call X-ray. OK, you know what, this is your last chance. If you screw up again, you’re fired. Now, cue… …your… …self. Yes! You’ve done it! That’s brilliant! You didn’t even get fired! Thank you, and we’ll see you again next time! Bye for now!

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