Liz Earle and Gordon Ramsay in Liz Earle’s Lifestyle on ITV

– But first, into the kitchen to prove
that salads need not be dull and boring. This is Gordon Ramsay, the only Michelin starred chef who played for… – Glasgow Rangers. – Glasgow Rangers. So you’ll be watching the
football? – Oh yes. – [laughs] Okay. Show me what we’re going to
be doing ’cause this is intriguing. Stuffed Courgette flowers. – Yes, these are little Courgette flowers
that we’re gonna be farcing with a ratatouille. And the secret of this, of
course, is to hold the ends like so. – When you say farcing, you mean stuffing. – Stuffing, that’s right.
– Okay. – Gently blowing. And we’ve got our
ratatouille mix in the pipping bag. We’ve got red pepper, yellow pepper, courgette, and aubergine. And
very carefully just seal the ends like so. – That is very clever. I’ve often wondered
how you got your stuffing into there and you just need to use a pipping bag. – That’s right, and then just very gently
twist on the end, like so. – All right, that seals it in. – And then place them into the water. – Right. So you’ve got some boiling water
there. What’s in there? – We’ve got the salted water, with olive
oil. – Right. – And now we place our courgettes inside,
like so. And continue poaching. – For about how long? – Well, three, three and a half minutes. – Right. I should say don’t worry about
jotting all this down ’cause we do have a wonderful colour leaflet that you can send for
at the end of the program. – So, they’re gonna be cooking there for
three minutes. The second salad is a salad of roasted tuna. And in the center here
we’ve got a beautiful bouquet of mixed salad leaves. And inside the salad leaves
we’ve got some herbs. – Oh, that’s how you get them perfectly
round. That’s a clever trick, isn’t it? – Right. Here we have a nicely seared
slice of tuna. – Dolphin friendly tuna. – That’s right. And on the outside we’ve
got some beautiful English asparagus – That’s coming into season now, isn’t it? – Just arrived last week. And then just
being blanched for 30 seconds. Still nice and crunchy, which is nice. – And inside here, we got a base of olive
oil, vinegar, chopped tarragon, chopped basil, and a little rock salt. – Delicious. – So, we’re just gonna place a little
touch in between. – Lovely. – And little aubergines, cocktail aubergines as we
know. You slice them very thinly, like so. – Yes. – Cut it like that. And from there, you’re
actually gonna be seasoning them onto a plate, over here. We’re gonna be
sprinkling with a little sugar. – Yes? – Like so. – And then on top of that, we’ve got some
grated nutmeg, like so. And then, shallow fry them. – Okay. And then? – Into the oven for two, three minutes. – All right, so let’s get those out and
onto a plate. – Here we are, I got them just here.
And they’ve turned out nice and crispy as you can see. – Let me try.
– And they’re like little, aubergine crisps. – Oh, delicious. – And that’s gonna be around the outside. – Okay. So, you’re going to fish out
those. – So, Courgettes are coming out. As you
can see they’ve actually stayed nice and whole, beautiful texture. Nothing’s
actually fallen out or actually opened from it’s pouching, like so. A
basil puree which is our base for our vinaigrette. Chopped basil which we’ve put inside a
blender, and then mixed with a little olive oil. And depending on how hungry you
are, you can have two Courgettes, or three. – I’d like three please. – Three. Right. Here we are, they’re nice
and warm. One, like so. Another there, like that. And then just to finally finish
it with a little, virgin olive oil which will just glaze them all over like that. – And then a little candied aubergine,
just sit around, place it on top, like so. And that gives a nice beautiful sweet and
sour. – That is so beautiful. I’m not surprised
you have a Michelin star. Thank you very much indeed. – You’re welcome.

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