33 thoughts on “[Lisa Simpson 18yo] Do digital artists need this? Parblo New Tablet A610pro Review

  1. Wow hwang , you have an parblo tablet and you have a good talent keep the good work and post more videos I wish I have parblo tablet

  2. 실시간에서 본게 저거군요오?!!! 이번 크리스마스에 타블렛 사고 싶었는데 이거 살야 돼야 될 거 같아용 가격도 좋고 그리고 황포님이 리뷰까지 해주니까 사고 싶어지네요❤ 감사합니다

  3. My mind keeps telling me that Lisa is in Super Saiyan because of her hair

    Jokes aside thats pretty good work about the art tho

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