LIM College – A Welcoming Transfer Community with Fashion Industry Connections – Gabriella

Transferring to LIM was easy for me
because I was speaking a lot with the Transfer Advisors here, and we were able
to figure out what kind of courses that I had to take at Suffolk County
Community College in order to just have a smooth transfer over to LIM. But with coming to LIM,
a lot of people want to look at the business side of fashion, which is
why I came here. From day one, I felt as though I was really incorporated into
the LIM family; because it’s a small campus you tend to know everybody. I met a lot of people here who were transfers. I was able to really connect and network
with the faculty. They want you to do well. They want you to succeed, and
they’re gonna give you the tools to do that. They’re gonna give you the
connections, what kind of things you should be looking at when you want to go
into the industry, what kind of skills should you build as a student before you
go out there, so you’re able to compete with people from Ivy League schools.

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