LIFE HACK – How to detox your social media life with Hannah McKeeel Young

3 SOCIAL MEDIA .. IT’S EVERYWHERE… SOME TIME’S WE GET SUCKED IN.. SO WHY IS IT BENEFICIAL TO LIFE HACK YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA??? LIFESTYLE CONSUTLANT… HANNAH MCKEEL YOUNG… IS BACK… TO HELP US UNDERSTAND HOW WE CAN HACK THIS MESS! “Why is it beneficial to ‘life hack’ your social media? “So how DO you life hack your social media?” Hannah: Step One: Simplify)=”Even with choosing just one or two platforms to focus your time on, how can people ‘life hack’ from there?” Hannah: Step Two: Detox “Now that we’ve simplified and detoxed, what’s the final step?” Hannah: Step Three: Limit 3 3 3 3 3 YOU’RE WATCHING CAROLINA’S FAMILY AT 4… STAY WITH US, WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK. 3 3 3 3

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