Lieutenant Dangle Is a Fashion Icon with His New Boots – RENO 911!

Aah! Sorry. My brakes are gettin’
squirrelly on me. [sighs]
I’ve had some boots on layaway here at Zapateria La Ballerina. ‘For western fashions
here in Reno’ you really can’t beat
Zapateria La Ballerina. ‘Well, you can, but not
at these prices, really.’ Let’s do it. It’s go time. [instrumental music] Genuine ostrich. Three payments. Oh! Wait, what? I’m just goofin’. New boot goofin’. Oh!

100 thoughts on “Lieutenant Dangle Is a Fashion Icon with His New Boots – RENO 911!

  1. Anyone watch the old mtv skit comedy show” the state” ? Many actors from that show on reno 911. Hilarious show

  2. Omg this is literally my fav episode ever! Wish they showed the whole thing!! I dedicate this to A dead friend of mine- This episode gave us a lot of laughs and jokes! Miss him!

  3. I just went to the Zapateria la Bailarina today! The man there was very sweet, so much that i bought some huaraches from him. It exists in LA!!

  4. Lmao the new boot goofin and then the disappointment of seeing his bike around the light pole kills me every time

  5. How the heck did they get the bike around the pole? I figured maybe the production crew brought in a crane that took them up to the top of the pole and they dropped the bike down, but that banner would be in the way. Or maybe they took the banner off and then put it back on. Or maybe I'm overthinking this.

  6. This show was perfection, and ahead of its time. I loved how they filmed in these shithole working poor neighborhoods; sad stucco strip malls with graffiti, destroyed pay phones, grimy windows, and hard packed dirt where the landscaping was supposed to be. Absolute perfection and HILARIOUS!

  7. Hahaha. I lost my shit at the end..I forgot about that part. How can something like that possibly happen so quickly to his Bike ?? Haha.

  8. The way he looks at his bike stuck in the post… Wow.. made me cry, he had a vision of watching the world crumbles😂😂😂😂😂

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