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good morning good afternoon good evening Amsterdam and hello to everyone I'm Roth cornet this is Dan Morelle yes like what's that movie where they take the boat apart it's called oh yeah studio and to disassemble the studio yeah back together and here we are really cool reference they call us the parents we're things we have to do with just that one eye here and check yeah it's challenging yeah and then Spencer Gilbert is the one that actually has to put it together while joestar observes and reports is that correct report yeah just like really not as funny as advertised yeah at that topical film that we all love so much observe and report okay let's talk about craziness shall we yeah take a white tee tees a new movie Joe Joe Rabbit the trailer came for it came out for today and I had been warned that Tyco was Hitler in this film and still it was bonkers literally Hitler so let's talk about this a little bit this is Fox Searchlight Pictures now Disney distributed the release date is October 18 2019 so soon but not soon enough I think we'll all agree the premiere is at Toronto Film Festival and the conceit it stars Taika Waititi and Scarlett Johansson as a treat you got there first and Sam Rockwell rebel Wilson and so taike is an imaginary friend version of adolf hitler and this is described as a satirical anti-hate foam spencer yeah disgust Wow well first of all saying it's Disney distributed seems redundant these days right you are we all I know I am and then god it's a it's it's quite the tightrope walk isn't it when you're putting on the old short stash of ol ladle yeah not easy there I wonder what he's trying to say look there's a one of my favorite comedy films of all time four lions is about four British guys pretend to be al Qaeda and it's like they are the heroes of the story and they're trying to blow people up and it's hilarious because it is taking the air out of you know the self seriousness and you know I think a lot of the appeal of fascism is like oh I get to be a serious man and everyone respect me but it's actually very silly and stupid so I guess I trust him to do it we'll see the trailers actually I could do anything but the producers also tackled that you know took the pick Charlie Chaplin took the piss out of Hitler yeah at the time which was why he's brilliant Tarantino shot the piss out of Hitler he sure did he shot the hell out of him and burned him my thing ya know I think they went full full Rasputin and then after his head died he said the time is but a window yeah they did the full stretch on him yeah yeah I thought it was because I read a little bit about cuz you know you hear Taika Waititi he's playing Hitler you like mmm and I read that so I read about the movie and when you read the kit what the movies about which this trailer doesn't really tell you when you're youth the movies about I I think I understand a little bit more what they're going for but I'm kind of with Spencer in this sense like this trailer doesn't necessarily sell that this trailer is more about like wacky Hitler so I wrote but had to throw out when this came out yeah it was great yeah thank you for everything working is ridiculous for passing on that worth reading a weird needle here yeah yeah no it's it's like how do you sell something like this and I don't really know and I haven't I haven't really seen a lot of the reaction to it but like I could understand that some people are like I don't know about this I felt the same way actually when I saw the first cello for Inglourious Basterds which just had this shot of Hitler going you like nein nein nein nein nein and it's just like is this like a producers version of Hitler and I'm not sure how I feel about that but then in the context of the movie it's basically a Jewish revenge phase yeah so I feel that way about this like how do you sell it I don't know I'm curious I'm going to throw my pen and say I'm curious to see what this movie is Hitler is also in preacher right now as a character that goes everywhere everywhere these days gonna come back oh the humanity Oh God like Dan I think when you take a topic like this on you you do worry a little bit and you hope I mean like tyke is a great filmmaker I think um I have you seen what they do in the shadows because I think that's what we're all thinking of right now um so I kind of trust him to be able to do that but but that's tough because you go too far one way or the other and there's a part of me watching The Handmaid's Tale also right now or there's a small part of me that goes are we manifesting should we stop this narrative some of these narratives ideas yeah Joe you're a comedian say something funny hey guys what's the deal with that with that mustache and that vet salute am i right point out that Kevin Smith did that exact thing to me what's on stage liveing be funny I'm here tonight against travel before I had to fight about why it shouldn't be a race to me yeah and I couldn't think of the silver bullet argument which I did like two weeks later but not not not at that time on stage and oh boy did I I wish I could have that one back that's one of those Mulligan's in life yeah you don't you don't throw people under the table by asking them to talk in a humorous way about Hitler Joe yeah I know no I think one of the things that are the busts one of those well we don't have a bus we have a table the bus isn't looking for Danielle I think one of the one of the strongest ways to use comedy is it speaks truth to power and it punches up not down and speaks for people that need a voice and I think so in in that sense you know there were there was some stuff on Twitter this week that I'm just sort of catching up on where I believe a rapper did a bad thing to his fiancee and a female comedian made a joke about it and now she's getting more heat than the person who did this terrible thing and I think we need a jokes is important comedy is a very important comedy is is one of our tools for commenting on the uncomment able like really dark things really heavy things really awful things and I think you know I I don't go a long way back with tyka it's really just a great Thor movie and what we do in the shadows for me you know other people and hunt for the older people you know so I haven't been watching the guy for decades to instantly be able to be like oh well he's got it you know he's not like a Patrice for me or somebody like that who I'm like oh I will completely get behind you know this guy cuz I know as POV I know where it's gonna come from one thing I do like is that tyka I think is riding the Disney wave the right way like there's no way if it wasn't for thor ragnarok we would not be headlining a show around jojo rabbit delightfully silly romp about a man who is imaginary Hitler friend yeah and but I think I think that's the way to do and I hope more of the the indie directors that Disney is snatching up or able to use that momentum to to really get some attention on their their passion projects can I offer you a piece of feedback yeah that was really well stated and very very smart and I think we all needed to hear it and you were making an incredibly salient point about society not that funny all right will you punch this up I did not see that coming Joe good do you what more Hitler yeah yeah you know what you should do right now smash that Bell whoa Joe sir tell them to like us please great a card in the future of Star Trek that's the point where I'm supposed to say things like you guys should read these amazing articles on fandom which you should because we have great writers and they're very smart one is about Black Widow Black Widow along came another spider which is a clever title for an article that's about the new Black Widow which you should read to get caught up for the movie and why taskmaster is one of Marvel's most complex villains he is the villain in Black Widow so you should go get caught up on those I will note this that I was very tired no I'm not gonna it's I was yelled at for conveying that I'm tired so I I'm not you arrested I'm always very well rested and I'm not at all human but I kept calling taskmaster in one meeting taste maker versus really love to see your black jumpsuit this season black widow what are you gonna do justified or say I don't know I want to see the version of taste nice taste goddamnit tasks tastemaker hat me on twitter put it in the comments stand will be pitching his version of that at the end of the show her hair really did bother me in endgame because at that point just cut it off the card in the future of Star Trek's is a ticket you guys have been waiting days to hear what Dad had to say about Star Trek and so we he was at the panel and of course saw the Picard trailer did you see the trailer for the one-off movies like the the short tracks they had a short teaser for those yeah they're more like just short Jon's short tracks yeah I've sit next to Scott Vance at the at a Star Trek panel I think he dislocated my shoulder a few times during the trailer because he just would grab me and go like he was very excited no yeah we also do big reveals and stuff so so talk about it well let's break it down first sure talk about did you like the Picard trailer you excited about the series and then tell us what you learned in the panel and then you guys should also have Star Trek thoughts prepare yeah I think is the Star Trek as a TNG fan it seems like they are delving deep into TNG lore which I'm sure many people are excited about and also some people like huh but yeah they revealed that it's after nemesis which is spoiler for an over 10 year old movie but data sacrifices himself at the end of nemesis for Captain Picard and the trailer at least sets up the fact that this is still something that haunts him however and also shows the return of brent Spiner and they now the people are saying as data I don't know if they necessarily said data he has this brother before who was alive at the end of Star Trek nemesis so it's possible he was playing before or it's possible he could be coming back as some form of data we don't know we're going deep into the lore stick with me folks hi Jeri Ryan also coming back as seven of nine who's a character from Voyager but they're also bringing back and they brought out on stage a character named Hugh who was only in two episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation but Hugh was a Borg who basically was cut off from collect the the Borg collective and developed a sense of individuality that then when he went back to the Borg there's a whole philosophical debate as there is on Trek about where they're gonna send him back or not they did send him back but when he went back to the Borg the idea of individuality then spread to the Borg collective so then there was a whole splinter group of Borg that were not part of the collective that were their own people but that's the last week really as far as the TNG narrative we just heard about it and those like that those two basically story lines but they're bringing him back which means at least part of this movie is gonna have to do with the Borg there's a there's a Borg ship and the trailer so it's possible that perhaps this has to do with some kind of a Borg situation obviously from the set up the card wants to help out with something and he is not part of Starfleet anymore Thank You Ryan Lizza miss fire Bell yeah all right so I'm intrigued obviously it's it's they confirm that Jonathan Frakes is gonna appear Marina Sirtis is gonna appear as counselor Troi it feels like much more of a sequel to TNG than perhaps they had originally said at least as far as like they're gonna have some heavy tie-ins so as a fan and my favorite iteration of Star Trek is the next generation it's hard to not be excited yeah yeah I mean there's always that trepidation that they're going to somehow lessen the original or go a direction that that kind of puts a spin on things that that doesn't ever leave your head but you know I'm a fan – so really I'm excited what's your fan theory on the lady the young woman who is she do we know a good question I don't know it's a very intriguing question she's x-23 right yes Harry yeah it's 23 but yeah so it is really the first official follow up from a TNG standpoint I mean Worf since the movies I should say it's hard like where these characters went and looking have a queen right what's that the Borg have a queen the Borg I remember a lady I had a queen okay Alice Krige okay how long do we have because I think she's the she's like some new version of the Borg Queen and the Borg are not happy that she exists that's my oh is that good young lady yeah and sad 9 is X Borg or she from Battlestar Galactica yes you were like my boyfriend when he's torturing me and mixing up I yeah we my take is going to very much upset ban and I have apologized I do wonder there were some people saying that you have to be deep into the lore in order to get this but I thought Christopher McQuarrie said I I don't know the show that well and the trailer looked great to me I don't know this show all that well but you set up a mystery with like who's the special magic lady and I'm like who is the specialist I just of all right for it is the same actor playing Hugh yes that's awesome like that's ridiculous you get a call after all these years and it's like remember those two episodes you're on next-gen good for you Oh good for you all right Spencer Gilbert remember that a Dan Murrell secret identity is the taste taskmaster stuff tread carefully well when Dan describes Star Trek I want to see that show and when I watched Star Trek I don't want to see that it's like the philosophical underpinnings are so interesting in theory and in practice is just a ploy you say oh Bordeaux Borg I just watched this and I think like what what qualifies as elder abuse speaking of tired he just looks like oh I'm back doing this again oh man I got a squeeze into a flight suit and and say engage like he seems like he's like a Galaxy Quest guy like good that was probably like his one requirement it's just like let me have a dog at least he just doesn't seem like he's wants to be there to me I imagine that he does he was at the panel he got very emotional talking about what it was like to return to the series he talked about the fact that he'd said no to this for many many years and that's what happened they came to him and they said we are never gonna do anything without your input that you don't think your character would do they were very upfront about the fact that they run everything about the character through him they don't do anything about with the car that he doesn't feel would be against it tied to the character he's involved with the creation of the show at least as far as like where his character goes and I got no hint whatsoever that he didn't want to do it he seemed actually very excited about being there yeah just like I was the guy in the room at the end of the Human Centipede of content that is the world today and I'm just reacting to the trailer yeah show is that the card is Saturday okay well there you go one of my weaknesses is that we're putting stuff from the different stuff together like I don't have to be a huge Trekkie to be I I did not watch Voyager I mostly remember next generation some of it that I watched but the fact that of character from the Voyager show is gonna be on the new next-gen like but that's why I love Star Trek generations so much I'm sorry dude what like that because it's Kirk and Picard and one thing I don't have that's just my weird thing like I don't have to I don't love Ninja Turtles but when they were like we're doing a weird movie where all the Ninja Turtles from all the cartoons are gonna be in one thing I was like I'm in that sounds interesting and this would not be the first time Captain Picard interact well the last film Star Trek nemesis Admiral Janeway is the one that Captain Picard speaks with at I might need to watch nemesis is a long history of didn't you tell me this trick can I can i watch your cram it or do I need to I I was more into the overt don't be mad at me because it's sentimental and my brother and I watched the original series and rerun so that's what I feel attached to but I did watch next generation as well but do I need to go back and re-watch that and watch all the movies do I need to watch like two all the things I don't know I mean it would probably help but I doubt that they've made it completely annex I would watch her four-part cram it obsession obviously honest trailer really is the cram less you want me to do the actual cram yeah we do I eat a cram it I really I think you're asking I mean I just did it on the show more human more more here more Hugh it's a really that episode is so good because they come up with a code they take it if they put it into Hugh's brain and they take it back to the Borg collective it would kill all the Borg so they have to have a philosophical discussion about do they send the sentient being back with the code that will kill the worst enemy in the scourge of the galaxy and the billions of lives that will save versus the Starfleet rule that you don't kill sentient beings who eat it's used like I don't want to do it it's a great Phyllis I will I Borg look it up i Borg it's a great episode and there's a great one of my favorite Star Trek philosophical discussions of all times I will stand by right now I love all weather did you did you like the shorts did you like that what else in the panel got you excited well I openly said and I still do need to catch up on discovery I fell off in the first season and and I and I do need to go but if only to justify why I've been paying for CBS all access all these months I need to catch up on discovery so much of the things that they talked about with discovery were a little lost on me because I'm not current with the show they also talked about the animated show Star Trek lower decks which is from Mike McMahan who has worked on Rick and Morty and it is a humor based it is right well actually they said what originally what they meant to do was that they said there's never been a Star Trek show that was aimed at kids and they felt like the ideals that should that Star Trek embodies would be a great thing to a man a younger audience than everyone but Mike McMahan came in with a pitch and basically kind of it aged it up a little bit but it's still it's a humor based show it's a comedy based show it's about as they said the the the ship you know we are we're always on the enterprise this is about the ship that's like out just collecting gaseous anomalies the least important ship in Starfleet and you're not with the bridge crew you're with the you know the grunts down there so yeah it's a humor based Star Trek take which I know a lot of people are gonna be like no but you know we'll see I like that idea though seeing the that's like the Upstairs Downstairs of Star Trek or say it's a Hubei start my play reference that was a movie yeah you know what's his name you know the guy the guy with the thing that's like Ryan Gosling has a really bad British accent in it you still haven't narrowed this down having a stroke sorry yeah that's it was the same guy that make Downton Abbey so I'm just yeah I'm just nervous like wrote it is it for kids or aged up kids or is it like the Maury where else yeah I think they said it's it's more geared toward the Rick and Morty crowd but it may not have like quite as sharp an edge to it chose Rick and Morty has interesting but they said definitely the the take that they had was originally much more younger skewing and he came in with a take that made it more geared toward adults but I don't think thank God sounds like not exclusively to like kids definitely can't watch it but it's more for what's interesting about that to me is because I watched it as a kid mm-hmm with my brother and reruns um I don't I never thought Trek wasn't aimed at kids like I like I think it's a weird idea that you have to specifically aim something towards like just make something that's not horrible and lascivious and full of violence and entertaining and it's for kids sure right yeah yeah kids are smart yeah some of them they need dogs and your baby smart are there children to relate you tell oh yeah she start rolling over over decks yeah certainly I'm not buying CBS all access point we other things happened at comic-con as well that you guys were not there for there was the we'll talk about The Walking Dead movie but I want to just quickly get your take we did a big video about the Marvel lineup that was revealed dan was in the panel but you guys what's your take about what comic-con San Diego cannot handle that many people yet again the hotels are overbooked yeah they're making a lot I have really really really really mixed feelings about I want that to be your whole take they're making a lot nothing yet Hirsch Allah has blade you why what's wrong with Wesley Snipes I mean aside from all the craziness we've heard of his life and past he still calls himself the daywalker like he could totally slip right back into those leathers and and and boot someone in the face and turn them into ash just as well as he could ten years ago I but Patrick Stewart's old and tired I skate uphill on this one like Marshall Ollie's great a fantastic actor I love that he was really into this and like kind of lobbied himself for this role after green book which is weird it was like now I want to be blade you owe me yeah I can't I Marshall Lee is such a good actor that there's I can't I can only advocate for Marshall Lee to be in more things yeah but Snipes man we need a snack two suns counties back like I think it's long past time that we gave him his what's Wesley Snipes is Creed like whoa is he gonna do a Demolition Man sequel or something like I think the world is waiting for him to come back from his tax shelter where he had to go for a while and like just just put on the leathers again man I have always felt and I've said it before Patton Oswald was in agents of shield played like weird brother slash clones and never really got what their deal was but you just say that Patton in Blade trilogy play Trinity it's catching that's what happens does a patent from blade Trinity is one of the patents from agents of shield and shields just been watching him the whole time boom rolled into the MCU all three movies are can and do a fourth one that's done done murders all he's a great actor but yeah I think I'm with you I think this is Wesley Snipes until he chooses to leave this mortal coil note that I didn't say die because I don't think he's capable of it now thank ya I wanted him both some more yeah yeah when I'm sending the Russos post-it notes with yes only communicating through this well that's the thing that might be the answer to the question why is it Wesley Snipes blade is that the last memory that everyone has of him is how he was absolutely possible to work late movie and didn't pay his taxes yeah very clear though I think Tom Cruise though while we're on the subject of immortals is actually Lestat and it's like the greatest trick the devil ever played was becoming Tom Cruise like what's the the old vampire movie were they yep yep yeah where the guy that is Drac in the movie is actually a vampire it's the other match not the one that's that's right honest trailers right I'll say I don't know what I don't know what a different blade looks looks like I I don't know if they go classic blade which is like a British guy that wears almost kind of a Robin Hood costume yeah do people care if it doesn't look different at all yeah or they just gotta be fine and he can make a nice cape he'll reference and I mean isn't that insane you like rap over like some techno beats and it'll be fine okay yeah I mean yeah it's a little like live-action Lion King II it's like why why do blade again if you don't have a new take on it well there's also been a lot of cinematic vampires yes since blade and will they do sorry I interrupt no I read a movie like we talked about that problem I don't think probably not right probably not because when scott derrickson was saying that the next Doctor Strange really was gonna be at the mouth of madness what is it the mountains in the multiverse of madness he said it was really really this one this time I really am gonna do like a horror movie or play on them and then he was like yeah that's what I'm hoping and then fight he was like it's pg-13 oh distributers and he said it just like that so i don't think they will which is weird yeah that's yes I was just gonna say Kevin Feige I became a fan of his forever because he they opened it by by completely non suspiciously announcing at the exact time with their comic-con panel that Avengers in game had passed avatar for the all-time global yeah that that was exact same day is Marvel's Hall each panel okay I just interject for one second about that I love James Cameron's full-page ad he took out in variety congratulating in game where he wrote in like Navi language like I see you like Nate I so fadi like oh yeah the masses we've all been speaking Navi Spencer it's time to pass the dollars well when Kevin Feige was making the absolutes just like Avengers endgame is the number one global grossing movie we have the biggest movie of all time unless you adjust for inflation in which case I was like thanks yes he said well if you just for inflation that they've still got a huge lead on us but I'm just like yeah Sagi yes okay I truly am I've been accused of being like a Marvel fan girl and I'm gonna make a confession right now I am legitimately a Kevin Feige fangirl and I have no apology about it i Lee I truly think that tiger be yeah you've seen it right like just you know he's done a little waxing and he's greased up a little bit it's great got a sassy he's got a little sassy hat on you know he's kind of like this so my point is this it's a lot for hyper colored shirts like they send out to like oh like publicists don't worry I just love you and we're married you think that David all selznick of I truly believe this of today he is there's a brilliance to what he did it accomplished and the team in Marvel it wasn't just him obviously he assembled a group of producers and how doesn't say an idea and then they pulled it off and I it's radically shifted this the scope of how we do cinema like it's changed everything I really really really really think there's something very special to that so that's it that was my I'll take my check now I have no apology about it like I'm not I'm it's not I want all of the movies to be unit and I actually am not as invested in an individual character yeah I'm just more impressed it makes more sense to be a fan of his than a fan of Marvel's Marvel is a brand it's a corporation there's thousands of people working on it and Kevin Feige like you can trace his career as the architect Oh what you like yeah more so than like I like the logo yeah and that tracing and that map is actually tattooed in henna on his chest in my tiger beetle do you think everybody's the architect just I just imagine that like Marvel movies these RVs air guy see you've come here to be Shaun the Sheep currently I think ergo propter hoc their changes before you log on this if you tread lightly on Matrix Reloaded okay Billy will in the show you will really Wow it's why I didn't know you felt that strongly about the Matrix Reloaded but in all seriousness and with all due respect I do not have the tiger beat but I do have nothing but respect for people that can have a crazy idea and then fulfill it what's your crazy idea Joestar oh man my crazy idea is I don't know a damn thing about the Eternals so I'm excited to walk into a Marvel movie having zero expectations there just passed my comic knowledge of as a boy going into the to the comic book store it was like do you want to read about the the teen boy with spider powers you will read about the x-men or do you want to read about these gods who refused to intervene there so distant and powerful I don't know the interpretation of all gods it's a great cast I don't know anything about it whenever one I remembered the day everyone was like Richard Madden's going to play home cook or whatever the day and I was like cool a lot of people in Holly's right now are pretending to know what that meant and they don't I promise you Joe I'm not seeking gradually there one another one um here put put the shot back on me and Spencer and EA go and take away Dan suggesting his chair while the shot so he refuses he has too much integrity deserve to see this Joe they should see what our reality is right next to you the probably work man is my guess I find the signature it's kind of just it's part of the game of doing this show like maybe you'll be in the morning shot and it's a little bit of a metaphor for life don't you think the sinking chair sometimes it's your turn now you're in the sink your chair we love you and we don't want you to sink we want you to thrive and float like penny wise Roth I also think it's a good idea that they're doing all these big Disney Plus shows because I think that this phase is there I'm getting it back on track I don't know why I've got the rest of the one that just takes this off I'm perfectly following the script right now yes I'm waiting to hear your thoughts I think this is the the rebuilding phase and they got a lot of ground to cover like they gotta fight let's support each other man I think you're a great host I think fast you look at you with the hair look at you're just killing it I also have hair every day every night is going to follow you in the battle every day look at you you're a writer you're a comedian Roth your levels development like you isn't it send you great people don't even know like I know people miss you on Mondays and Wednesdays but like they don't even know you are like I got a great run are they they're gonna leave and then we'll wrap up with Rick Grimes I think a it's a smart business thing to be like if you want to know what's next in the MCU you have to have a Disney Plus subscription that's just good business it's like in the old No Limit days when Master P would just like shower you with cards of what was coming next four No Limit Records and the inside of his CDs like oh you're gonna want this pusher T album whoa whoa no push a T slander on this circle I will say though they should be careful because that's what pushed me out of comic book collecting was meza said that you have to buy all four monthly Superman tires to keep up with what's going on after rain but for men I do I do think there's enough ground to cover with like getting the Falcon from point A to point B as Captain America that I think doing it in an minute movie will probably pact would be packed with a bunch of other arts and people does him a disservice so I dig that because they've got a lot of place setting to do and also the lead of shang-chi seems delightful and a bear happy for him he seems like a very fun nice dude he does there's a lot to look forward to is the Walking Dead movie what are the things in theaters but like that's the weird world that we live in is that if you make a Walking Dead movie the way that they do it on TV it's gonna be rated R hmm you can't do that gore in pg-13 movie not as intense as the TV show does is there a chance when they say only in theaters that it's like a special event yeah like the first episode of atom type thing yeah it's like a limited run and then they put it on TV maybe I'm curious about that cuz I don't know I just don't know how a theatrical only movie works so well for a fireplace serenity yeah exactly I don't know I wonder if it's like a time when they say in theaters they're like for two weeks and then premiering exclusively on AMC Plus yeah are they trying to finish it Walking Dead into these movies and then just on TV pivot out into only fear The Walking Dead because it really feels my own she's that next yeah like they're losing all of their they seem to be trying to beef up fear the comics ended with yeah comic get done I think AMC is probably just trying to experiment around anyway to keep the French because it's been such a moneymaker for them even with all the lawsuits Minh trysting to think about trying to get more shooters you know if it had been at the height of Walking Dead and this was like the last time you were gonna see Rick Grimes did you say something about shoes and zombies no I said when you shoot with life zombies it's gonna be bound to be yes a lawyer I feel like if this had been at the height of its popularity it would have had a better chance but maybe you're right maybe it's just like a special one weekend event and then on a say maybe I don't know I could be wrong but it's just it's just so weird to think yeah yeah Walking Dead definitely feels like it's in its I'm doing a month off the strip in Vegas like point of its career that metaphor that we all that is Tommy tune right now off the strip in Vegas I think so in a sense this has been a good show and you enjoyed it and we thank you for joining us today and I say go so I met at our event in comic-con at our panel afterwards Joe was talking about this the other day it was it is always really really amazing and such an honor to meet the fans in person and it's really like heartwarming because everybody's really nice and friendly and you get a human-to-human moment which is rare and delightful and one of the people that I met two things were amazing about this young lady and the gentleman friend that was with her they are not they're from Amsterdam so she said when you say good morning it's actually good night so I said from now on I'll say good night to and sometimes I do that anyway but good night and unless you're still in America good morning or after it unless they're Hawaii like the Navi I see you but the other the other amazing thing about this young lady is that she was cosplaying as dad yes a dress shirt and a yeah she was very very nice yeah she's so delightful so everyone we met that that evening and that showed up for us like we're so grateful and humbled and loved meeting loved meeting all of you and she told me I'm cosplaying as dan and I was like what where it's just like it's cool like I met I was far more into it than she sorry to play [Laughter] yeah I'm even less effort just dressed like a stock photo the interesting about the Spencer cosplay is whatever they think the sleeve is the the mysterious tattoos leave yeah like it's a 7 million subs I'll take my shirt and then you have the tattoo of the Marvel Cinematic Universe man yeah it's you we're like he'll be like are you thinking of someone and they're like yes it's my mother and he rips off his shirt and like a tattoo of the mother have you ever seen them no no he'll like like what you what your sister-in-laws name Janus he's like okay watch this on fire and then like obviously would be like what do you see there just like Harrison Ford tells him to get the yeah yeah yeah David like scarce yes voices his voices all right good do tricks we'll do this he does like he does like feats of strength you know he's like a combination of Darren brown who's a Mentalist who's also really scary have you guys ever watched Aaron Brown you know this is magician minute and Billy's giving me the heart wrap he's a real sorcerer supreme I'm David Lean's like a flight of he's kind of like a combination of an illusionist and a Mentalist I feel like because that's an illusion right is that he didn't feel like had the tattoo because the illusion that was him just putting a needle through his bicep in front of Ricky Gervais did it was the trick well he's not human yeah yes the cockiness a close-up magician that I don't think he's aren't like he does a trick and he's like oh these aren't it I mean he's doing it for real that's that that's that David Lynch yeah yeah yeah anyways sorry that was about your favorite magicians in the comments below because clearly you have some I know that you do thank you so much for joining us today I really do want to see your version of the tastemaker I do think Spencer's probably pretty close to what that villain would look like which is stock image so it should be easy for you to photoshop for me thank you so much for joining us today it was great Comic Con if we did if we didn't thank you anyway and you're amazing and we will see you when tomorrow Joe yeah here I reading later today turn again you're the studio's literally business involved up until five minutes before we put on you what's the angle well any other week it would be Lion King and of course we've got to talk about the new champ Avengers it happened headline around it yeah and discuss it talked about like I think it happened and we're gonna say that it did is the name of our show yeah it did happen and we said that it did I think we should start like you should just go ahead and like feel free you

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  2. so little effort was put into that post-it covering the obvious apple logo haha!
    I love it!
    "Oh… really? we have to cover it… ok.. here, done!"

  3. Why is there tape over the Apple logo that isn't dense enough to keep us from seeing the light? It must be so hard to find grey tape that has a waterproofed plastic outer layer that could keep the shape from shining through…

  4. You guys are so hilarious and wonderful! Missed this group. All four of you together is pure magic. I'm so thankful for this show!

  5. For anyone interested, look up the actual story behind the filming of Fitzcarraldo. t's the most disastrous film production to ever happen and resulted in a man needing to cut his arm of with a chainsaw to survive in the jungle will filming

  6. I agree with Roth. Kids are so much smarter than adults give them credit for. I was watching TNG at the same age I was watching Family Matters and cartoons on Saturday morning.

  7. Upstairs Downstairs was a BBC show from the 70s/80s set in Victorian times… its what Downton Abbey WISHES it was.

  8. I'm slightly worried, because if this movie is in any way offensive, them we won't get Thor: Love and Thunder ):

  9. Hitler was responsible for the deaths of 50 million people there’s nothing funny about him. How easily we justify and pacify thee most terrible moment in world history.

  10. Dan, you don’t have to justify your Star Trek fandom. Everyone at Fandom Entertainment is a nerd. Their thing is not better than yours.

  11. When people talk about Taika ,they always talk about What We Do in the Shadows. I think Hunt for the Wilderpeople is equally brilliant.

  12. News Flash…there actually WAS A DIFFERENT ACTOR who played Blade…Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones played Blade (pretty decently) in the 2006 single season TV show!

  13. 16:01 Spoke my mind, Spencer. I have been trying to start watching Star Trek after seeing Dan's reactions each and every time. Started watching The Original Series but stuck at 4th or 5th episode.

    So my question is : Should I skip the Original series and jump directly to The Next Generation?

  14. I'm definitely intrigued by the new Picard show, and really looking forward to the Dr Strange sequel.

  15. I wonder how many people know that BLADE was originally just a vampire hunter, NOT a daywalker in the comics.

  16. Imaginary Hitler-friend is still not the craziest JoJo out there. I can name at least eight more ‘bizarre’ instances of crazy JoJo.

  17. 🙁 No love for the arrowverse comic con news. Brandon Ruth back has superman!!!!! That's insanely cool.

  18. I am not convinced it is a good idea with the Disney plus shows. They will be pirated to hell in all othe markets than the US, because for those markets aren't even launch dates for Disney+ available.

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