Lerne das Grätzl rund um das Austria Trend Hotel Rathauspark kennen!

Your story is made up of individual moments. Some of them pass by without a trace, but others awaken your curiosity. The first time you set foot in a new city, you’re starting a new story. You appreciate life with all your senses and collect memories that are as individual as you. You are inspired by a city where classic and modern live together in harmony. It isn’t just famous artists, musicians, philosophers and writers that make Vienna unique. We’re all part of this city. Real art in life is effortlessly overcoming obstacles and never losing your curiosity. Because at the end of the day, you never talk about how far you’ve travelled, but the moments that you will treasure for your whole life. Moments that become part of your story. The first step is taken out of curiosity, but the second is out of excitement.

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