Learn How This Photographer Expresses Herself Through Fashion

I’m Dani Chase. I’m a photographer and a
writer in LA Full-time, I work for a company called Moment. I just launched Moment Travel offering people opportunity to go on these rad photography trips They’re led by well-known photographers When I travel I think mostly I want to feel both comfortable and also still myself I think I always knew that I was gay There’s there’s no real path laid
out for someone who doesn’t identify as one side of this binary in terms of how
they want to express themselves I think that’s why fashion is so important I think that it’s always existed as this creative way to both construct and
deconstruct gender identity One of the reasons that I really love LA is it’s one of the first places that I ever really felt like myself and the first time I lived here one of the first incredible places I found in LA was
Griffith Observatory I could go there with friends or I could go there by myself and just sit on a ledge and write and feel surrounded by people and really
get to soak up the vibrancy of the city LA is a huge place and it’s made up of
so many people that are doing completely different things and came here for
different reasons and want to make completely different things out of
themselves and I think that’s really inspiring

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