27 thoughts on “Larry Kudlow on rising tensions and Trump's China strategy

  1. If you so naive and stupid to let China cheat you for more than twenty years then you fully deserve it lol, you should be fired for your failings and sleeping on the watch!

  2. you can see how Kudlow sheepishly admits its a tax on the consumer…because he knows you have to lie for trump and keep the con going or suffer the consequences ..ba bye larry. you'll be gone soon.

  3. Larry Kudlow is more honest than his boss in this case. US consumers will have to absorb 21% out of the 25% Tariffs.
    BBC reported that will equal to approx. $767 / US household. Ask your boss for a pay rise.

  4. Republicans you do know China is slashing tariffs on imports from five Asian countries in a move that could strengthen its defenses in a trade war with the United States.

  5. Hello, I am the American inventor Adam Ramos. To produce many of my products I need to license intellectual properties, patents. Like Newton said, if I am tall it's only because I stand on the shoulders of giants. I have patents myself and I license patents. China does not share our views on intellectual property. They do not pay licensing fees, hurting the original inventor and disincentivizing innovation. So even if I charge 0 for labor, my costs are higher than my Chinese counterparts. I can't even get close regardless of labor costs. For years you've been told China beats us on the market because they work for next to nothing. Not true. Even if I actually worked for nothing they would still beat me. My prices are artificially high due to my government. I may have voted for Hillary, but, I am very proud President Donald Trump has stepped up and made Chinese prices artificially high to match what I and the rest of the western world's innovators deal with and have dealt with for decades. Thank you for your time. Thank you Mister President.

  6. Kudlow knows he is between a rock and a hard place -Trump has to deliver he has gone all in failure is not an option !. China can walk away from USA and it can walk away from USA -100 % tarrifs by USA would make leaving easy -Trump knows this so he is getting desperate !.Remember USA is bankrupt -illegal sanctions are being challenged as is USA payment system for international trade SWIFT -abuse of SWIFT is US main hold over other countries backed up by US dollar reserve currency .New system awaiting currency reset do USA will soon lose power to sanction countries who USA opposes !. Time for is not on Trump's side !

  7. Here is a way to approach liberals, if trump tariffs slow the economy, a slower economy will emits less Co2, The world maybe wont end as soon as they're saying. Its a win win situation

  8. Kudlow is a cocaine addict and it still shows. Funny Kudlow never finished any type of school or college – but he is a Trum-Pisstard adviser. Laughable.

  9. This trade war Donald Trump is waging with China is only costing you American's more in consumer costs and it's also devastating your farmers who are going to get socialistic(welfare) payments due to the fact that they can't get rid of their products,, in fact some Farmers still have produce from last year that they haven't sold? Trump stated that he would give this food to poor countries and bail out farmers with some cash.. don't understand how Americans tolerate your president's lack of knowledge of economics.

  10. It's so refreshing to see an actual journalist on Fox. I think maybe people have forgotten about the "fair and balanced" part of reporting. I admire Chris Wallace. It gives me hope for Fox.

  11. If a thief is stealing from your house, "YOU STOP HIM" you don't say, oh maybe he'll find god & stop stealing from me eventually! No, you stop him with a sledge hammer so he wont do it again! America must stop being sheepel & return to being the lion. MAGA!

  12. Where do these people go to lean how to lie with a straight face , he kinda stumbled because it wasn’t his lie it was trumps , but like a champ . We both will pay, we both will pay

  13. When the Chinese tariff is enforced you will have to pay $12 for a $10 shirt at Wal-Mart. Buy American!

  14. This is Corporate Media! Lies come first! Are you entertained or educated? Trump-Sluts don't know the difference anymore.

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