Located just one hour east of Los
Angeles our state-of-the-art KVCR television
studios a versatile production facility that can be used for a variety of
projects. Whether you’re looking for a talk-show
style set, a PSA, educational or training backdrop a
commercial or even a music video our spacious studio can accommodate your
needs Our studio configured HD cameras
including a Jib make for quality shots. Talent can
take advantage of our teleprompters. You can personalize the set with the use
of a wide screen monitors. Our advanced LED lights create the ambiance you’re looking for. The studio’s lighting Grid holds multiple
lights from frenels to soft boxes and more. All controlled with a high end lighting board and connected to 96 channels of dimming. The black-and-white cycloramas wrap around the set and can be modified to create the mood your project requires. The green cykes also wrap around to serve green screen production needs. Our production control room includes a
2.5 ME switcher, multiple channels for record or
playback, a graphic stati on, a lighting board and a producer station. For audio, handheld mics, lavaliers and a boom are available. The audio booth is equiped with a high end mixer that can produce both analog and digital audio Also included are monitors, playback
software and an instant sound effects console. For additional voice-over needs we can
also provide you with a quality VO Booth. Our premises provide you with
a lobby and reception area, a green room lounge area, well maintained restrooms, a conference room for production meetings, wifi, and a monitored parking lot. Our team of professionals is ready to
work on your project. Our crew can assist with on-site and field
productions. Our graphic artists are ready to develop
motion graphics for your project, and our in-h ouse editors can piece together the final product. Contact us and book it today!

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