Korean style iced coffee (Naeng-keopi: 냉커피)

(cheerful music) – Hi everybody. It’s summer, summertime! Let’s make something really really I’m not cooking today, so you see? This thing is
Korean style iced coffee. You like coffee? Raise your hand, and let’s see how many people love coffee. I’m really a coffee lover. I usually like morning time always a hot coffee I drink, but in the summertime, only, I drink iced coffee in
the middle of the daytime because I get energized, and then make my body cool down. You guys maybe wondering. Hey, Maangchi, what happened? A few weeks ago you
posted samgyetang, really hot samgyetang
and then yi-yeol-chi-yeol! Fight the heat with heat, but you are talking about this cold iced coffee? Yes! But different. This samgyetang is
lots of protein inside, lots of good stuff and
you get some energized. But this one is really simply cool down your body temperature. I gotta, I gotta take off this. (laughs) So that I can see you more clearly. This is Maxim Coffee, you get this at a Korean grocery store. I think Korean grocery store, they should give me some award, don’t you think so? I always say that you get this
at a Korean grocery store. There are lots and lots of
different version of iced coffee. Starbucks, they sell the iced coffee, but this coffee is my favorite. But if you cannot find this,
any type of instant coffee you can use, but not hazelnut. (laughs) So, no flavor coffee is better. Also, see? This is a
powder, you know, cream. Basically cream. But we Korean this
peu-ri-ma, prim! I used to call this peu-rim, powdered cream. So, these two things,
and then, it’s honey. Honey or a sugar. Three items, ice and
cold water. That’s it. You can make then really delicious, cold, cold Korean naeng-keopi. We just say that we never say coffee. (laughs) We say keopi. Keopi. Keopi is a word,
some Korean borrowed word. Let’s make Korean naeng-keopi! Everything has to be cold. This one cup of cold water
and this is going to be my jar and I’m going to drink this. Then, ice. Wow, wow, wow. See, ice. I forgot to tell you to explain this. You know what this is? You know, in America, everybody uses this as a gravy mixer. Easily you can make this
all mix just quickly. Funny thing is that
I’ve been using this one over decades and decades whenever I make, even I didn’t know about gravy sauce. But later I found out, Americans use this as gravy mix. (laughs) But, we make the iced coffee with this. I don’t know who invented this method but I knew this one, long time. I’m going to use this. coffee. One tablespoon. This is for one serving. One tablespoon. This is peurim. Powdered cream. And two tablespoons. This is honey, honey, one tablespoon. This is one cup, pre-measured and cold. Then, this stuff inside. Mix! (upbeat music) Mix, mix, mix! Dance, dance, dance! Okay, I think done. Ice, around one cup amount. This ice is too big. I like
to break into small pieces. Around a dozen. You know my method, just a little violent. (upbeat music) Okay, enough. Then… ice. Wow, cold, cold. This is naeng-keopi we made. Easy! Just a little mix. Okay. It’s so easy, isn’t it? Let me taste. Wow, oh, delicious. I’ll finish this whole. Whenever I drink my
naeng-keopi, I have a really kind of a story. You know, sometimes,
some food, some dishes influence me to like more than before. Do you have that kind of food? You liked that, but you
never liked them much, but after something happening, and then you like more. Okay, I’ll give you my story. Around 20 years ago in
Korea, there is a huge department store, it’s collapsed. Then, a lot of people died and wounded. One of the survivors, she was found in around two weeks after and then everybody was in the newspaper,
everybody was just listen to. oh, my God! This
is a survivor, the lady. Then, the reporter asked
her, “What kind of a food “do you like to eat now?” She said, “Naeng-keopi.” When I heard this, I just thought, wow. Ever since that time, naeng-keopi, I always drink naeng-keopi. Before I heard this, just
naeng-keopi, sometime I drank, but not that really my
favorite, but ever since I heard this one, it must
be something really good. Good stuff in the naeng-keopi. Whenever I make naeng-keopi,
I always think about her. (upbeat music) Enjoy my recipe and enjoy the
summer with this naeng-keopi. See you next time. Bye! Ah. Good, good, good.

100 thoughts on “Korean style iced coffee (Naeng-keopi: 냉커피)

  1. Actually in Korea we added Sugar, not honey haha~ but it doesn't matter, add anything what you want. That is best coffee👍

  2. I seen 712 people’s unlike they are is Unhappy people’s in their life 😂😂😂😂 the everyone’s who like this video Is The Happiness person in a life 🙏🙏😍😍👏👏👏 Great recipe Ma’am Mangchi 🙏thank you 🤗😘🙏

  3. I would love to drink that cold delicious keopi…but the only prblm is, i got serious type of sensitivity in my teeth…😑

  4. 으아 그립네요 예전에 아부지가 "누구야~ 커피둘 프림둘 설탕 둘해서 타온나~~" 하시던 기억이 ㅋㅋㅋ

  5. LOOOONG time ago we used it for making cold coffee too in India. I mean BEFORE I left India, which was 42 years ago, we used to get it free with the coffee in the beginning. It was in the 1960s & 1970s. I remember having a light blue one with a white cover

  6. Hi I'm from India I like your way of food making and really sweet of you I like your food and I also try it

  7. Thank you for sharing this deliciousness!! 😁 I've tried many iced coffee recipes, and this one is so simple and tastes so yummy! 😍 I look forward to making this everyday, and it keeps me from spending too much money at coffee shops. Thank you! 🙂🙂

  8. @Maangchi i have found you few days ago and i've already falling in love with you… Seeing you just like see my mother. Love you, maangchi, from Indonesia…🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🌹🌹💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  9. I use that for mixing protein drink mix with my plant milk … like a milk shake. Never used it for gravy before. Cool idea.

  10. Oh wait ✋!!! Honey is suga? Or something else!! If this is so then I think that's why suga of BTS kept his name SUGA!!☺

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