this is a dope shoe but I have no idea how I'm gonna wear this what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm reviewing the brand new kit and Nike LeBron 15 lifestyle thanks so much for tuning in today guys make sure to give me a follow on Instagram and on Twitter at real Seth Fowler if you haven't yet but we thought that being said let's get into it last weekend the long rumored collaboration between Ronnie and LeBron James finally dropped as a kid exclusive release we got three different versions of the LeBron 15 the first was a luxury version of the original and the second two were different colorways of an updated life style version of the silhouette the shoes dropped for $200 and two hundred and thirty dollars respectively and as I mentioned before they were only available through KITT before we get into the shoes themselves though let me show you guys the box because I've got to say the packaging that these shoes came in it's pretty impressive each one of the sneakers came in this drawer box the entire exterior of the box is covered in this gold leaf sort of filigree pattern you've also got some black accents and then a little hit of pink with the flowers in the middle of the box we've got LeBron James's logo and golds except this time around you've also got Kitts logo at the top of it the front of the box is the only plain white surface you've got this gold pull hole right here we've also got a Nike swoosh LeBrons logo again and then the size tag I think they'd knocked it out of the park with the packaging I think it looks amazing but now finally moving on to the shoes themselves here they are at the Nike kit LeBron 15 lifestyle this is a crazy crazy bold shoe I mean don't get me wrong I really like it but it's out there the original LeBron 15 was a mid tap or high-top sneaker but the LeBron 15 lifestyle is definitely a high-top shift right off the bat the most noticeable feature of the shoe is this white and gold strap that wraps all the way around the sneaker and when I say all the way around I actually mean all the way around because it actually attaches to one of the air pods of the shoe the strap is connected to the shoe in five different places the first is this velcro tab on the tail the second is the sort of elastic a rubber band loop that goes around the air pot in the mid foot I don't know how I feel about that but hey it's creative the other end is connected to itself by velcro and then the strap loops through both pull tabs of the shoe if you couldn't already tell the strap itself is made up of this white material with this really bold gold text the text actually forms the phrase long live the king and wraps around the entire strap I'm just gonna leave this strap off for now because I want to talk about the actual upper of the shoe the upper is made up almost completely of a variant of Battlement which is technically a variant of flying it however this isn't the battle knit that you find on the regular LeBron 15 the nubs or scales that you find on this lifestyle pair are pretty different than what you find in the regular 15s they're definitely not as big and nowhere near as stiff from the toe box all the way around the bottom mid foot of the shoe you don't have those scales but you do have a pretty stiff battle knit material it's not flat it's definitely still textured but it sort of has like a knit sweater feel to it except definitely not as soft and honestly I'm okay with that because this stiffness does provide a lot of structure which is nice and also on foot it didn't actually bother me at all and it was a pretty comfortable upper the battle net is draped in this multicolored colorway that's primarily made up of Maroons and grays and whites but if you look really closely you can find some army greens in there as well I think this colorway plays off the Cavs colorway but it's also pretty similar to some other Ronnie Five collaborations from the past near the toe of the shoe there's this white piece of TPR that encapsulates the velcro that the strap attaches to the velcro itself is clear which allows you to see right through the Nike swoosh moving up the shooter the ankle area is where the battlenet turns from this more flat texture to this scaled nub texture that I was talking about before if the nubs battlenet around the ankle area is definitely a lot softer and a lot stretcher than the rest of the shoe which is great because it actually makes getting the shoe han so much easier around the top of the ankle you've got this green and blue stretchy collar moving up the front of the shoe you've got this white leather pull tab that also has an area for the strap to go through and moving around to the medial side of the shoe you've got this white gold zipper on the ankle I love the gold detailing on the zipper and I love the gold Aglets at the bottom of these I guess they're laces but I've really got to say actually pulling down the zipper is is a challenge I'm not sure if that's because it's curved or maybe just the zipper itself is kind of a bummer to open but it's definitely not easy once you finally open the zipper you're greeted with another leather tab that says long live the king d bust into it the sock liner the shoe is all green there's not a huge amount of padding in the upper I think it's mainly in the heel of the sneaker and I think the rest of the upper itself is actually just pure battle knit the insoles of the shoe are actually really cool they're both white with gold detailing the left in Seoul has LeBrons line logo and gold with Ronnie fog and kitten at the top of course you've got a little Nike swoosh on the heel and then the right in Seoul has LeBron James's signature with LeBrons logo with Keith written at the top these are really sick it's just a shame that they're gonna get ruined as soon as you step in the shoe that's for sizing this shoe is definitely a little funky I want true to size on this pair and I found that the lower area of the shoe does fit pretty similarly to the regular LeBron 15 the shoe is definitely a little long my tail ends up a little bit farther away from the front of the shoe than I'd like it also does feel a little bit more narrow than previous LeBrons my main gripe though is the ankle area this stupid leather panel just digs into the side of my ankle and the side of my leg it really really bothers me I mean you 100% have to wear tall socks with this shoe that's not a question you have to make sure that the two layers inside the zipper overlap each other because if they don't this panel is just gonna dig into the side of your foot but if you actually get them to sit right and that's not always easy then the shoe feels okay and you might get used to it throughout the day but I wouldn't be surprised if he found it rubbing against your leg and that really bums me out because of that I would have liked to have gone up half a size but the problem is the rest of the shoe wouldn't have fit me as well because it's already a little big as it is I don't know maybe once you wear it a couple times and that leather piece just sort of lays flat against the side of the shoe it's not as bad but man it really bothered me and that sucks because otherwise I really like the shoe so if you're trying to grab a pair of these for yourself I guess you should go true to size maybe defer to whatever your size is in lebron 15 so keep in mind that this ankle area is pretty snug so it's gonna rub up against your leg so for whatever reason you want to go down half a size you're definitely going to notice this a little bit more maybe if you wear really thick socks or like tuck your pants into it you won't notice it moving around to the back of the shoe you find another white leather pull-tab the top of this one is the nike swoosh instead the heel counter of the shoe is very similar to what you find on the regular Ronn 15 except this time around it doesn't have the Nike swoosh it's got the LeBron and kiss logo now if you don't like the way the shoe looks with the white strap or naked you have a couple different options the first is very similar to the first option that I showed you and that it's this long strap this time around it's in this dark navy color it doesn't have those loud gold accents so it's definitely a bit more minimal instead you've got these glossy Navy accents with Kitts logo and then the Nike swoosh and so if you don't like that crazy white look you can always go for this more muted touch oh and also included in the box you get this little instruction manual on how to put on the straps because let me tell you in the short amount of time that I've had this shoe the number of times that I put this strap on wrong or just not being able to get it on at all is a is more than I'd like to admit to so here's the kit and LeBron 15 life style with the blue strap it's definitely not a bad look and it's definitely more muted but I don't really love how the blue works with the upper of the shoe I don't think there's really enough blue in the battlenet to actually make this blue strap look that good I think this blue strap just looks a little weird and I'm not really a huge fan of it I've got to be honest though that white strap is really really loud and I don't know what I wear with and finally if you're not a fan of the way the shoe looks with the white strap the blue strap or no strap at all you can also lace up in this short green strap so as you can tell this strap is definitely a lot shorter than the other one it's only technically a half strap and I'd kind of like that about it the strap comes in this sort of army green with gold accents which again are kits logo and then Nike's logo so here's the shoe with the army green half strap configuration I think out of the four different options of how to wear this shoe this is my favorite you still got that strappy look which I like but I like the way the green plays off the room better than the blue does and because it's dark of color you don't get that crazy out there loud over-the-top look that the white and gold strap has but what I really like is you do still get little hits of gold with the logos and I think that's really clean yeah this is definitely my favorite way to wear this shoe one thing I will say too is that it definitely offers a little bit more flex in the shoe because when you have that crazy over-the-top strap setup your ankle can't really move and you don't really have a lot of flexibility in the mid foot where is this and honestly the strapless setup both feel pretty good zipper still sucks but what you're gonna do moving down the shoe Ronnie fagin LeBron decided to keep the midsole tooling and outsole tooling exactly the same you've got this light cream midsole with the same articulated Zoom Air units this time around though they're not clear they're actually painted in this matte white that serves to sort of simplify the look of the shoe because as you can tell this is already a crazy loud shoe and being able to see through the zoom unit wouldn't really help anything and then finally moving to the outsole of the shoe you've got that same crazy spiky LeBron 15 traction pattern this time around it's in the semi translucent milky white and then finally rounding off the heel of the shoe you've got LeBrons lion logo again with Rhoni initial and kitten underneath it overall the Roni phicorp kit and LeBron 15 lifestyle is definitely a pretty good-looking shoe I mean yes it's out there yes it's crazy but I love the fact that you can sort of customize the shoe to fit the way you like it like I said before I really like that army green strap setup I think that's the cleanest out of the four different options but if you're just looking at the shoe this white and gold strap actually looks pretty clean as well now calling back to what I said at the beginning of the video I have no clue how I'm gonna wear this shoe or if I can even wear this shoe I don't know what I would wear this with that would make it look normal it's just so crazy and so loud and so out there as much as I really love the way the shoe looks I don't know how I can wear it don't get me wrong I really love the shoe so I'm gonna try and make it work but it's gonna be tough and then of course there's that glaring downside of the sneaker that really really crappy zipper this zipper really pisses me off like it really really hurts my leg like I said maybe the more I wear the shoe it'll feel better but I can almost guarantee you that I'm gonna get blisters for the first couple days I'm wearing this shoe unfortunately now that we've got the review out of the way let's throw these guys on feet let's see how they look make sure to leave a comment in the comment section down below letting me know what you think of the kiss and Nike LeBron 15 lifestyle and whether you're planning to grab a pair for yourself and as always guys thank you so much for watching please make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you liked it subscribe to me Seth Fowler if you want to see more content just like this and follow me on all of the forms of social media the links will be in the description below


  1. man this will be hard to pull off , it just look over the top. still dope but idk man. maybe I'll just buy dem Jordan 1's.

  2. This shoe looks like it's strictly for balling… people probably won't feel it cause it's not for casual wear…😯

  3. If your gonna wear these shoes casually.. Then Your gonna want to keep your apparel clean and simple because this shoe is so "Over-the-top"!!! Anybody with an OUNCE of Flavor or DROP of Swag.. Can pull these off with No Problem!!!✌🏾-Out and Hail to The🤴🏾!!

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