Kim Jong-un sending Trump “Thanksgiving message” with missile launch: U.S. media

North Korean leader Kim jong-un is
sending a Thanksgiving message to u.s. President on trumpet through his regimes
latest missile launch that’s the common perception among US media outlets as a
report on the North latest firing of two projectiles The Washington Post says
Pyongyang uses two star Thea the start of Thanksgiving holiday to vent its
frustration over the administration’s refusal to grant the regime sanctions
relief murder says launch served as a reminder of the north year-end deadline
for the u.s. to come up with new approaches to restart their stalled
denuclearization talks it also noted that the test-firing also came one day
before the second anniversary of the North ICBM test a missile that
reportedly has arranged to hit the mainland the United States

5 thoughts on “Kim Jong-un sending Trump “Thanksgiving message” with missile launch: U.S. media

  1. North korea is a small country and this man is still keep going to be all hail mighty among nations. His military assets is extremely poor compared to U.S.. Does he have a brain at all? Cause for me he has to go to mental hospital cuase he is crazy!

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