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– Here, I’m gonna put this over your face so you can get a little– – Oh my! (laughs)
– vision of the– (upbeat music) – Hi!
– Hey! – I’m Nicolas, and… – I’m Ms. Sara, his preschool teacher. I taught Nicolas for– – Six – Two years. He was six years old. – Now I’m seven. – [Interviewer] Okay, so Nicolas, tell me, why did you pick Ms. Sara to come do this video with you today? – Well, it’s just because none of my other teachers were available. (interviewer laughs) (Ms. Sara laughs) – So, I was last on the list (laughs). (Nicolas laughs) – [Interviewer] Here’s just
some ideas of inspiration. – [Ms. Sara] That’s a little extreme. – I’m so not gonna do that. – Okay thank you (laughs). – Are we just doing the hair? – [Interviewer] What
else do you want to do? – Well, yeah, what else
are you thinking about? – Something like the
eyebrows, or something. – Oh (laughs). Red eyebrows? – I think this actually
might involve some shaving. (Ms. Sara gasps) Just kidding! (Ms. Sara laughs) – Thanks. – [Nicolas] Blue for the bangs – [Ms. Sara] Okay. – Actually, red for the bangs. – Okay, oh boy. – Do you trust me? – I’m trying, I’m doing
my best to trust you. – It’s gonna be like
a berry tie-dye thing. – Berry tie-dye thing? Okay, I do like the tie-dyes. – Wait, is this real hair? – [Interviewer] No. – [Ms. Sara] Oh my goodness. – You’re gonna look like
a rockstar (laughs). All the kids will be like,
“This teacher’s great! “I want to be with this teacher!” (Ms. Sara laughs) – Although I was nervous, but
I love the colors you chose. – Thanks a lot. We’re going to the salon! – Here we go. – [Nicolas] Okay! ♪ One, two, three, listen ♪ (upbeat music) – Hi.
– Hi. – Nervous. – Aw, you look so nervous.
– Should I be nervous? – Um, yes, you should. – What do you want to do to Ms. Sara? – Give her a wacky new hairstyle. – Do you have an inspiration
for this hair-do? – Well I kinda was thinking berry. – Berry. Have you every
dyed anyone’s hair before? – No. – Do you feel like you’re
qualified to do this? – I feel like I’ll be able to do it. – I think you’re probably right. We are going to lighten
your existing hair, just to make it a little bit lighter so the color really is as vibrant and loud and bold as possible. Ms. Sara have you ever had
a more relaxing shampoo in your life? – I haven’t. – [Nicolas] That’s what everybody says. – [Interviewer] Beautiful! – Stage two! – Do you want to help
me blow dry this hair? – Fine, I’ll do it. (hair dryer whooshing) Is this going to be your biggest regret? – I don’t think it will be
my biggest regret ’cause– – Then what is it? – I’m not confessing
everything right now (laughs). – Ms. Sara? This is what
your bangs will look like. – (laughs) Okay. Wow. – Don’t get it on her face. – Okay, please. – Just this little section right here. – Nicolas, aren’t you
supposed to have a license to do this kind of work? – Not really. (upbeat music) – I’ve never wanted blue hair. – Well you’re getting it. – I sure am (laughs). – Make it look pretty, like the original. – Okay, I’ll do that. – Thanks Nicolas.
– Sounds great. – Pink is for strawberries. The purple is for blackberries. And then the blue is blueberries. This actually looks cool. You did a good job. – Oh my god. Tell me I’m the best. – You did a good job. – Oh. (Nicolas laughs) (fast rhythmic music) (hair dryer whooshing) – [Interviewer] Literally
none of it is touching her. – Here, I’m gonna put this over your face so you can get a little– – Oh my god! (laughs) – Why, is it amazing? – Oh (laughs). It’s blue all right. – The blue brings out
the blue in your eyes. – Oh, thank you (laughs). – [Hairdresser] Go ahead. – (laughs) Oh my god! Wow! – Do you like it? – I really do (laughs)
like it. It’s bright. It’s fun. – Isn’t it amazing? – It is amazing. – Ms. Casey, we forgot the eyebrows. (Ms. Sara laughs) I kind of love it. Thank you. – You’re welcome, you were a great helper. (upbeat music) (knocking) – [Man] Yes? – Surprise! (laughs) – [Nicolas] Surprise! – Did you do your
eyebrows too? Oh my gosh. – (laughs) Oh yes, I love it. (Ms. Sarah laughs) – Good job Nicolas. – [Nicolas] Thanks.

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  1. Please make videos with "Jackson Brooks Jr." HE'S SO CUTE AND ADORABLE!!!๐Ÿฅบโค
    Edit: I said Jackson's full name because that's how he introduced himself in the brain freeze/slurpee video.

  2. I dont know why but i just love all the teacher and mothwr and father and kids try not to kove bideos i just LOVE THEM!

  3. How come all these teachers seem so… awesome?

    NONE of my teachers would EVER be seen in wild, wacky colours.

    I mean my teacher is awesome and amazing and I would never replace her but like โŠ™=โŠ™

  4. I love hiho! Itโ€™s the most friendly channel ever! I hope I can get pinned. These teachers are so lucky!

  5. Woman: So why did you bring miss Sarah here? Boy: Well because none of my other teachers were available Me: dies of laughing

  6. Ooh please… Back in day I couldn't even look to my teacher in the eye….come on I can tell the teacher is on heavy debt and hiho offered her nice cash…what any person in his right mind accept to get that cynical hear cut that would really make him a fool in front of 10 year Olds

  7. This video ๐Ÿ“น ๐ŸŽž๏ธ ๐ŸŽฌ was a good one . Its still sad ๐Ÿ˜” ๐Ÿ’” that Marina Taylor is not there no more

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  10. If I were to do it I would pick my 6th grade teacher and just do a plain brown or blonde because she teaches in a private school

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