100 thoughts on “Kevin Owens & The Street Profits loathe Styles: Raw Exclusive, Oct. 21, 2019

  1. Jajajaja not only he delivers a killer line with that 'i might not even turn on you' ….

    But he follows with "lets not get ahead of ourselfs" xD
    This man is indeed times infinity the best

    And i didnt over look on the breaking AJs nose either
    Nice set up

  2. KO should have been the universal or the wwe champion right now, i think he is the true face of the company.. shame vince so much potential being waste.

  3. Montez dancing with that baby at the end of RAW has to make it into the opening package of the show that was hilarious!!!

  4. Those griping about the lack of a Women's Division for only one night would be annoyed as all Hell by Becky vs. Charlotte, Chapter 8534. Or you'd be just as powerfully annoyed by the incorrect booking of The Women's Tag champs even as Asuka spits green mist into someone's eyes for the pin. F I C K L E.From B.W.

  5. My Man. Didn't shoot for street profit. He should be fight for the unviresal title champion. Its gone be too sweet.

  6. They will Ruin KO with the flip flopping Heel face Heel BS!!! Right now he's killing it as a face but doesn't have that Authority guy to stand up to, so I get if he goes back to being a heel!!! But please if he does revert back…keep him that way!!! 🙏…

  7. Kevin Owens and The Street Profits were correct to show their dislike on AJ Styles and The O.C. It's an amazing victory last night.

  8. LOL…I can’t believe that Owens brought up that he TURNS on everybody. “I like you guys so much…I might not even turn on you! Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves” lol that is too funny

  9. It’s crazy that two guys as talented as Owens and Styles couldn’t really have a good match 2 years back, but just goes to show sometimes something just doesn’t click.

  10. Kevin Owens needs to be drafted to Smackdown and win the WWE Championship. How has this not happened yet??? WWE YOU HAVE YOUR BEST WRESTLER HERE RIGHT NOW AND YOU DOWNGRADE HIM TO BEING WITH THE STREET PROFITS? STOP WASTING YOUR TALENT AND USE THEM PROPERLY.

  11. Ya right kevin will turned on them soon because he did it with the new days hahaha what a jock he is bro.😡

  12. Kevin Owens wanna grab something to eat.. a Pie to throw it up to someone who threw a pie on KO's face back then

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