Kelly Gives a Universal Studios Tram Tour | Digital Exclusive | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– I might mess this up,
but it’s gonna be great. ‘Cause I’m in the power seat. All right people, right now let’s get this party started.
(crowd cheering) Whoa! There’s bumps. I’m gonna turn this train
around, this tram around. Gonna visit some nice Pergolas
over here on the left. On your right my bad. (crowd laughing) Some Pergolas out here, right. It’s great, a lovely house. That kinda looks like a treehouse, you can’t play on it, stop asking. (crowd laughing) we’re gonna turn a corner and what this is, is a wild bush. There you go. This is a really great tree, hey people! You’re doing God’s work out there! Keep it up. This is a power trip. (crowd laughing)
I like this. (upbeat music) You have a question sir? – I do have a question. – Do it. – All right, so how nervous
were you, if you were nervous when you went to The Voice? – You know what, I
don’t get nervous often. Like we rehearse enough. Like by the the time the show
comes, don’t think about it. It’s like, this moment
isn’t that important in the grand scheme of
life, just have a good time. Like, you know? Maybe that’s not what you should say. (crowd laughing) that’s why I’m not a teacher. (crowd laughing) all right, right now that was a Taboy set ’cause it said it on the
back of the building. (crowd laughing) And I knew it, as well. I know you’re gonna be inclined
to jump out, don’t do it. We’re coming around the mountain. What’s up y’all? Enjoy the tour! Come to the Kelly Clarkson
Show, it’s awesome. (crowd cheering) It’s so awesome, yeah! Kelly Clarkson Show. Vote Team Kelly.
(crowd cheering) I almost said an inappropriate word! (crowd laughing) Good time. – What was it like the first
time performing as a solo? – My first solo like in
school was a dessert theater. So like a dinner theater,
it’s just dessert, I get you that one, I know
I’d never heard of it before This is actually a creepy
story, but it’s awesome. But this old man comes up to me after it and I was like 13, he says, “you were meant to do this
for the rest of your life” and I was like, what? I was like, old dude, have another. I was like what?
(crowd laughing) Like I was like, I’m going nowhere. I was just so startled at what he said, I didn’t say thank you and I was trying to find him. No one knew who he was. – [Lady] Oh wow. – He was no one’s grandpa,
he was no one’s like… So I’m like slightly creeped out, like I’m like, well where did he go? Like, and honestly it instilled
a lot of confidence in me and did something really special for me, but I was never able to say thank ’cause no one knew who he was. And I was like, was he real? Like was he as ghoul, what was he? I was like, wha? Like how do you just disappear, it’s the smallest cafeteria in the world. Really weird story but,
thank you old dude. You make me nervous. Hi! Hey, what’s up? Hey, just saying hi. Hope you’re enjoying your day. I’m gonna be classy one of these days. – [Man] You are gorgeous.
– It might take a minute. It’s gonna happen.

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  1. Love you Kelly! Keep inspiring us! Love from the Philippines! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

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