Kawhi Leonard is the most RESPECTED player in the NBA – Enjoy the face of the league LA Clippers

hi Disney quiet Leonard is the most respected player in basketball hands down it's not even close you know as a Golden State Warriors fan of Disney in pain me to say that and a lot of fans to use was make excuses as they want but here's the girl we had our chances and Roz was played better his deaths went off for what 47 points one night if someone else will join the party put up 20 to 25 your smiles put 18 then you'll get that kind of a different series the point being is Toronto every time we made a run squad okay whose credit is that disquiet Lance but we have to give them but the credit doesn't just stop there for him to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers instead of going to the Lakers and falling LeBron James and Anthony Davis and making probably the biggest super team of all time he chose to do his own game granted yes he took Paul George with him the reason why koala deserves so much respect is the fact that he was created from San Antonio to Toronto he didn't choose Toronto okay but instead of moaning and complaining and bitching and being lackluster around the court he gave it his all give her his heart and look with that god amun the country of Canada the championship then official and B Finals championship for literally the entire country of Canada so you did that maybe Saturday look I got you guys a championship I wish you well but Ron's was not you know his City he was born and raised in Los Angeles played college basketball in San Diego so he want to go back to second but instead of joining up and creating a biggest super team of all time with LeBron James and Anthony Davis we're talking about literally three of the top five or six players maybe maybe 80 he's like written seven but at that point doesn't matter the league would've been over so he didn't choose the bright lights of the lake show Jack Nicholson and Evy up-and-coming young celebrity sitting courtside because that's their photo-op he chose the Clippers well obviously there's gonna be a lot of celebrity fans quoting the Clippers game that was not the point what being is this he coulda thought easy way out he could have complained when he was went to Toronto and play that crap well instead he showed what he was made of and you know I took my hat I tip my hat to qilin her yes she beat us yes it hurt I still feel like I feel like for every files lost we ever feel that's what watching home state for 30 years does to you but I must say excellent job man congratulations and enjoy winning with the Clippers I hate saying it but you know what it's better than saying enjoy winning with the Lakers you

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