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do hit the bell icon.’ Take the alleys, bro, not the main road.
We don’t got our helmets on. Chill, bro. We aren’t the only ones without helmets.
– Actually, we are. Just look around. Nevermind. Who in the world would question us?
You almost got under our wheels! Where is your helmet?
– You are right! You almost got under my wheels.
Where is your helmet? I told you this would happen.
– Bro, chill. I know how to deal with this. He is calling someone, sir.
– Let him. – No, sir, I’m not. Please, have this, sir.
– Count it. Can I have my keys back?
– Rs. 50, it is. – Firstly, bribing a cop is a crime. Secondly, you think I’m so cheap I’d do with Rs. 50?
– He seems too strict. Do something about it. Sir, give me a moment.
I’ve some more cash on me. Sir, we’d like a receipt. Incase, any other cop
stops us, we’ll show him this receipt. Another Rs. 50?
– Yeah. The fine for helmet less riding is Rs. 100. That was until a while ago.
Prices have gone up. Pay up Rs. 1000. Rs. 1000?
– Oh! So, you’ll be giving us a new helmets too? No! Rs. 1000 is the new fine price.
– Sir, this is ridiculous. How can govt tweak old rules? This is so stupid.
– You tried to bribe and now you’re talking about rules? Now shut up and pay up.
– Rs. 100 is fine. But Rs. 1000, that is not fine. Since the change in rules, people have become disciplined.
– Yes, that’s right, sir. Look, everyone is wearing their helmets. You didn’t expect I’d be here, did you?
– W-Well, sir, my home is right here. Taking a U-turn would take me 5 more minutes, so..
– Just to save 5 minutes of your time.. You ended up with a fine of Rs. 5,000.
– Rs. 5,000? Sir, the fine is only Rs. 100. The government made the fine Rs. 5,000
so that you don’t say ‘It is only Rs. 100’ anymore. Pay up! Now!
– Now I understood why all were stopping at red. Why is he being so cautious?
Something is fishy. Look, kid, how much ever the government
increases the fines and deploys cops to enforce it driving when drunk
and still not getting caught is an art. And the greatest practitioner
of this art is me. Did you get it? I got it.
This is good. This is great that government increased the fine
to Rs. 10,000 for drunk and driving. So, artist, pay up Rs. 10,000.
– Rs. 10,000? Do you know how many quarters I can buy
with Rs. 10,000? Is there no other option? He will tell you.
– Yes, there is another option. There is a special option for people like you.
– And that is? Produce your license.
– W-Well, sir.. – Produce your papers. Didn’t you hear him?
– Since you are refusing to share information we can impose a fine of Rs. 2,000 on you.
– Sir, I forgot my license at home. Show me your RC. – I forget it at home too.
– Then why are you out on the roads? Because I didn’t expect I’d be stopped by cops.
– Show me your Press ID card. Press? What do you mean?
– You tell me! You’ve a Press sticker on the vehicle. Tell me! If you don’t,
like I said, you’ll be slapped a fine of Rs. 2000. To reduce the chances of getting pulled over by cops,
I got that fake sticker on my bike, sir. You people should stick
your pollution stickers on your bike. Instead, you people stick fake stickers. The fine for this violation is Rs. 10,000.
– Rs. 10,000? What do you mean, sir? If I have such much money on me, I could actually
become a journalist. I won’t pay up. Are you sure?
– I’m sure. – Give it a thought again. I won’t pay up.
– Since you’re disobeying the orders of authority you should also pay a fine of Rs. 2,000.
So, that adds up to Rs. 14,000. Rs. 14,000? Sir, please! That is beyond me.
I can’t raise that money by even pawning this bike. Hey, you, stop the vehicle.
– Sir, I can’t even pay these fines through EMIs. I don’t care. You should pay up.
– Pull your vehicle aside. Produce your license.
– Do you even know who I am? Do you guys find these stickers at some stationery?
I’m a cop, yet, I don’t have a sticker on my bike. Sir, I have a police sticker on me.
You can take it and let me go. Screw you, idiot! So, who are you, by the way?
– I’m the brother of a cop. Your brother is a cop, not you.
– Don’t you dare rough me up. Bro, watch out, cops!
– Busted! Let’s put all the traffic offences aside.
Do you have any mercy for this bike? If this bike could speak, it’d cuss at you
so bad that you’d hang yourself out of shame. What do I say now? It is a case of emergency, sir.
His mother has been hospitalized. Is that why you guys are trying
to get hospitalized too? You know how recklessly you are driving?
Note down the vehicle number. Where is the number plate?
– This is a new bike, so we’re on our way to get it. A new bike? This doesn’t look new to me at all.
– You don’t even have the TR number. All the more reason
why we’re going to get the number plate. Produce your driving license.
– Here it is, sir. – I asked his. He still needs to attend the driving test.
– That is why I’m practicing driving for the test. Where are you helmets? – Well..
– Are you on your way to purchase helmets now? How did you guess it, sir?
– I know how to deal with you all. What was his excuse?
– His mother has been hospitalized. How dare you lie!
And you? You’re on your way to get the number plate? Sir, please..
Don’t.. You have to pay the fine.
– How much is the fine? Never did I think I’d have to sell the bike to pay the fines.
– I can’t walk anymore. Book a cab. We’re so broke
we can’t take a bus ride. Why does this guy
act so suspicious? Go stop that guy. Can I see your license? I have my license on me. RC? Insurance? – Swipt left.
– Pollution? – You’ll find it all there. Sir, he has all his papers on him.
– Then why were you staring at us so weirdly? Because producing all the papers
when pulled over by cops is so much fun. Hello, control room?
This is Mallikarjun speaking. Here is a guy moving around so suspiciously.
Send reinforcements soon, so that we can nab him. What the.. Man, these guys are here too. He collected a fine of Rs. 1000 from us
and suspended our license for 3 months. If we get caught again, the fine will Rs. 10,000.
– Only if we get caught. That guy is too strict.
He is the first traffic cop I saw who uses force. I’ll take care of it. Hey, you, stop there! Yes, we evaded the cops! Shit, they met with an accident! Hi, guys! Like you all know,
the government revised the traffic fines. You may still try to escape getting pulled over,
but that doesn’t guarantee your safety. So, follow the traffic rules not just
to avoid the fines, but to be safe. In case you liked this video,
do like, share and comment and don’t forget to subscribe
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