38 thoughts on “Karaoke Work Party

  1. Started watching these while I was looking at Cambridge for grad school and now I'm hooked. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see what's next.

  2. hey Jake,
    I'm from Spain and I'd really like to study architecture in England. what do you think about it? I'd really appreciate your answer. thanks a lot

  3. did everyone in the group order a starter? usually for a group, you order 1 maybe 2 starters and everyone shares that

  4. Can anyone tell me what its like having an entry level software dev job? I'm absolutely terrified in what to expect and don't want to make an utter fool of myself. Thank you.

  5. Went from admiring Cambridge from afar through your videos a couple years ago to planning my flight there now for my interview in a little over a week! gonna walk across the mathematical bridge and pretend I'm you lol

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