Julianne And Derek Hough Put On Fashion Shows For Their Family Every Christmas

(applause) – Have a seat, you look
stunning, both of you! – Thank you. – It smells so festive in here by the way. – Oh my gosh! – [Derek] Smells like pine, and– – We try, we did that on purpose, so it feels like Christmas. Yes, all these trees, yes. So let’s, I mean, I can’t
help but lead with this, I remember when I ran
into you and your mother, and a lot of your family in the hallway, literally she produces the
most attractive children. (laughter) I mean, if I’m ever looking
for a surrogate, (laughter) or not a surrogate, I guess,
just eggs or something. – A lotta females too, a lotta girls. – I know, but there’s literally
not one unattractive member, it’s really mean to do to all of us. (laughter)
Anyway, but tell us, I love y’all, you know this, but tell us about your special,
cause I love Christmas. So tell me about your special. – Oh man, it’s so much fun, we jam pack, like a two hour special into one hour. So many performances, a
lot of dancing, obviously, singing, amazing guest
performances from Sierra, Neo, Alexander, oh wow, Julianne. – [Julianne] Oh yes. – [Kelly] Oh my god, is that you? – [Derek] Yes.
– [Julianne] That is me, yes. We just try to test the limits. (audience laughs) – Well, what’s funny,
there was a performance– – What happens if you fail there? – You die.
– You die, death. – Amputation, the whole thing, I mean. No, but honestly we were
thinking about the numbers and we just wanna make sure
each one feels super special and like has it’s own moment, and this song I’m singing
I was like, “I don’t know, “I don’t feel like it’s cool enough.” and Derek’s like “Why
don’t you rollerskate?” (audience laughs) – And then I said, “Yo,
and also you should also “do this trick, this move right here.” thinking she’s never gonna
do it in a million years, next day, come in, she’s like “Hi Derek” – What’s up? – Oh my gosh, I would never. – She burst like blood, you
know, vessels in her head. – Capillaries, like I thought I had a rash on my forehead and also my brain was like scrambled
eggs for a minute. But I was like ” Oh what’s that? “Oh my gosh I just burst
all the capillaries.” – [Kelly] Now everyone will tune in! – Yes.
– Just to see that. – Well, even the producers,
you know, they were like, so how, you know, NBC, how– – Good is she at roller
skating, from 1 to 10, so we’re like. – Oh, cause they start getting
worried about insurance. – Yeah, yeah, and we
lied, we said like eight. – Eight. – Negative three. – Never put roller
skates on in my life, so. – What?
– Yes! – You are crazy!
– [Julianne] I know! – [Derek] But worth it, worth it, right. – Oh my gosh, that’s so awesome. – Insanity.
– Risking it all. – Okay, and I heard you actually hurt yourself in the first number? – [Derek] I did. – And then had to bandage
yourself up and keep going? – Listen, I just finished
like a 56 city tour, like you know, out on stage
for two hours nonstop, and then the very first
move of the special, I came out and do like a
little James Brown split, and I rip my hamstring
and yeah I did that with a (yelps) (audience laughs) – Ain’t no business like show business, you gotta keep going right? – [Kelly] You just kept going,
like Beyonce, all right. – [Derek] Taped it up,
taped it up with duct tape, and then just kept going,
luckily, you can’t really tell, but I definitely, the
tears rolling down my eyes while I’m smiling, Ladies and Gentlemen. – I’m so happy about Christmas,
and you also released a song, right, a new song,
like an anthem for 2020 right? – Yeah, you know, 2020 is
coming up, it’s a beginning of a new decade, and there’s
a song called Say It Now, that you know, it’s out
there, and it’s about sort of acting in the moment, you know, saying it right now, there’s
no time like the present. You know, we’re often like, you know, someday I’ll do this,
someday I’ll do that. It’s a good expression,
it says that the path to someday leads to a town
called nowhere, right? We keep putting it off so it’s sort of like let’s do it right now, so, yeah. – All right, well
Julienne is also featured in a new Netflix series
called Heartstrings with Dolly Parton, which
is amazing, here’s a clip. – How’d you do, Jolene? – Okay, I might need to
pick up some more shifts, things didn’t exactly
work out at the bank. – Oh really? – What, they accused me of
flirting with the customers. – Oh good lord, you flirt with a napkin. (chuckles) (Kelly laughs) – Jolene. Oh Jolene.
– She’s not wrong. – If I looked like you I’d
flirt with everyone too but each episode is the story behind one of Dolly’s songs right? – Yes, it is, it’s like, it’s an anthology of some of her most iconic songs and I got to play
Jolene, she called me up, and was like “We just
want you to play Jolene” and I was like yes, yes, yes, yes. Like how can I say yes faster,
I mean, you know, girl. – Start saying it in different languages. – I only did two languages,
Oui, yes. (laughs) – So you’re Jolene, you’re
obviously to the song Jolene, that’s like the biggest one. – It is, and what’s– – Was that pressure? – A little bit of pressure but
also if you hear the lyrics, they’re all descriptive words
so not really a story line, so the story was completely re-imagined, in what I believe was
very current to today, and like a little bit
of a misunderstanding of who Jolene is and how
she became who she is. – Oh my gosh, it’s kinda
like Gregory McGuire, the writer that does Wicked,
I think that’s his name, yeah, he does all those like Cinderella, he says it from the other vantage point. – Exactly.
– That’s so cool. – Which it’s all, life
is all about perspective, and understanding, and seeing people for who they really are. – That’s what we want life to be like. – Right? Yes.
– 2020, guys. (applause) Everyone’s opinion counts. So you’re going on tour with Oprah? – Yeah, I mean – I want your life.
– What is my life? – I don’t want your life, I don’t want to die swinging around,
but all the other things. – No, seriously, It’s
crazy, yes, I started a company called Kinrgy,
it is about helping people connect to their most
truest self through movement, breath work, visualization,
and Oprah’s going on her 2020 year life in focus
vision tour, so Kinrgy is going to be on every
single stop, with her. (applause) – So with breath work, you mean
like, meditation, all that? – So you know, a lot of people
find it hard to meditate, me being one because– – I’m always like (vocalizes) – Yeah, my mind is here, you know, so meditation can be something that’s like super fun and enjoyable, it’s
the joy of transformation versus the fear of change, right, so. – I’m coming to the tour.
– Yes, please come. – I need this. – And then we’re going
to come and see you. – And play games, because
y’all are so competitive from that footage and I am totally in. I hate playing with people that don’t care if they lose. – Oh no, so boring. – Like come on! – Why are we even playing?
– Yes, yes. So what is, you have a big family, what is y’all’s, a very
attractive family, once again,’ seriously, every single
one of them, and like, what do y’all do at Christmas,
other than model possibly? – Actually it’s funny you say that, because there does, runways
do happen sometimes, cause there’s a lot of girls, a lot of females.
– Our second sister. – In the household, I tend to sit on the couch and just relax when they’re doing like
full on runway catwalk, – Derek calls us his beautiful hurricane. – Cause they’re a, it’s a hurricane, it’s a lot going on. – The volume is loud, louder, loudest, it’s just, it’s chaotic. – I love your family,
I’m gonna make my sister and mother do that this
Christmas, just like, do catwalks with me with music, I’m gonna video it and send it
to you, we’ll compare.

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  1. OMG, here are three of my most favourite people ever! ❌⭕️♥️♥️♥️ Yes, meditation is challenging for sure. A number of years ago I did a 30 day silent meditation retreat in Washington State. The most difficult part was dealing with all the noises in life afterwards.

  2. So sad for juliamne who lost both of her dogs.
    The kids in my familyalways did dress up and runway down the staircase after christmas dinner and desert

  3. Kelly doesn’t need a surrogate, she’s still young enough to have more kids herself if she so desires. 😂🤣

  4. 3:20 So now that they talked about Dolly Parton, when is Kelly going to host this country music legend on her show? She’s already had various others on here.

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