100 thoughts on “Javier Escuella Kills Them All – Red Dead Redemption 2 TARANTINO STYLE

  1. "You know, my father always said to me… if someone disrespects you? Fillet them with a knife." – Javier Escuella | Hope you enjoy, and if you really liked the video, subscribe to the channel! Leave a like, leave a comment!

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    -Martin Rismo






    -Tony Ramos


  2. This channel just amazing the time effort you put into the short films is awesome! Keep making quality content bro!👍

  3. That intro is so epic, I found it a shame Javier wasn't described as a character that well in the first game but loved his character in the 2nd!

  4. I been playing online so long I totally forgot about those slow motion action shots during gun fights.. man they need to add that into the online mode too because it really makes the combat so much more satisfying when u get a few of those bad ass slow motion moments like that

  5. Youtube just recommended this to my sister and she watches fortnite!!!! Its happening bro the vid is taking off lol its so sick

  6. honestly the best RDR2 and may be the best gaming vid i have ever seen !! you awesome keep going partner ❤️❤️❤️ from France

  7. I knew from watching your old Tarantino style vids that you'd kill in PC esp with mods, Its gonna be completely new level when R* Editor comes out for RDR2, Keep killing it bro, Truly a master of the craft

  8. Hi! I've got an idea to improve the videos, when you aim it really feels like a videogame, because every third person game has the view on the right shoulder view , so if you click left on the d-pad (i don't know about PC) it will change the shoulder view to left, so it will maybe improve a little bit the cinematic effect, because people usually use the right view. Hope i helped! (Btw i just made a fan acc about the channel, so if you wanna check it out its called @voyagersrevenge4eva, i didn't posted anything yet, but i will very soon!)

  9. I really loved this but the only thing that brought it down was the constant like and subscribe messages. Don’t seem desperate and people are a lot more likely to sub. Regardless I have done both anyway

  10. This is unbelievably good, you have earned a subscriber!

    Also what is the music that starts at 1:58? It is amazing and an awesome choice for this scene!

  11. this poncho needs a separate mod so arthur and john can wear javiers poncho. imagine if modders brings the online poncho textures and replaces these for more options.

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