47 thoughts on “james charles getting dragged on live television

  1. His EGO can't handle a little criticism. If children are looking to him as a role model….we're all screwed! Parents..where are you all?…are you even paying attention to what your children are watching?

  2. Hope one day the people who made this video get dragged through social media. Ameen 😂😂😂😂🐍🐍

  3. As much as I hate James, the news articles do whatever they want. They aren’t as truthful as they were 50 yeara ago. Not as interesting. Just superficial and bullshittery.

  4. UK news aren’t always serious, they joke. Yes she was sexist but you don’t see that many men wearing make up over here, though a lot do. Personally I’ve seen more men wear makeup in America then over here so the “older” generation still may not even know about who wears makeup and what not so…. idk.

  5. No the news was fine. Every person gets dragged but James was being a but. He has no kids but comments on parenting? Also his makeup is copied. He even quotes how Tati inspired him who else did and just didn't get credit.

  6. His lipstick looks like crap and his eyelashes are clumpy. Why was he ever more famous than Jeffree star?

  7. He didn't know about James Charles because he is irrelevant in the real world. Gaining "Fame" online and having impressionable little kids and young teenagers as your following doesn't mean anything. He created his own brand and is set in the beauty industry, yes, but his actions have no significance outside this world and as we can see right now the same people that gave him this fame-in-a-bubble can also take it away over night. He started to get stuck up, thought he is untouchable and no one could come for him. Well, his little kids will stand by him, real people with integrity will drop him (if they ever supported him)

  8. Lmao what is it with old people and sexism and homophobia? Like it get it, you were raised differently, but still. As a FUCKING NEWS REPORTER BITCH you should be UP TO DAYE WITH EVERYONE!! From all generations! I'm not even a James Charles fan. Besides, that old lady and James aren't even on the same level of makeup talent lmao. Stay in ur lane sis you aboutta die soon. Just go back to being sexist in the retirement home or sum shit

  9. James felt so ENTITLED that he had to prove that he is a bigger person lol, knowing his fans are proly mostly 12 y/o insecure teen degenerate girls makes me laugh pfft

  10. I’m not a huge fan of James and I think sometimes he engages when you shouldn’t engage but people seriously need to stop underestimating internet followings and dismissing people because they’re not on traditional media

  11. The reason that guy on the radio didn't know who James Charles was was probably because he is most likely a middle aged man who doesn't watch make up tutorials on Youtube, IF he even does watch stuff on Youtube at all…

  12. They really shouldnt have made sexist comments, and James should have just addressed that. But his cockiness just needs to stop. Having meet and greets at public places like this with this high of fame shouldnt be allowed… they need a private venue. It causes major traffic problems and causes the police to have to get involved somtimes when they need to focus on other things.

  13. Virtually unknown… 16 million sisters
    Virtually unknown… 8000 screaming fans
    Virtually unknown… palette that sold out in 5 minutes
    Virtually unknown… self made millionaire
    Virtually unknown… runs a clothing brand
    Virtually unknown… first male cover girl
    Virtually unknown… bought a house in la at 18
    Virtually unknown… drives a Tesla which he bought after buying his house
    Virtually unknown… shut down an ENTIRE UK CITY because his loving fans wanted to see him

    A 50 year old man hating on a gay, makeup loving, nineteen year old boy that runs a business and makes over 3 times as much money as him exists. I wish that was virtually unknown.

  14. The guy doesn't know him cuz hes a grown man that probs doesnt watch YouTube or beauty videos for that matter😂

  15. ouch. she messed up… big time 
    "I take advice from women and not a man" like bitch please don't
    at least he knows how to do his own makeup unlike her sorry ass
    and I feel really bad for her kids I hope they turn out better then her

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