Jameela Jamil Reveals All the Snacks Hidden in Her Dress

-Oh, my God.
-I just want to make sure. -Oh, my God, I can’t believe I
have Jimmy Fallon waiting on me. -Oh, my God.
-Hand and foot. -You look gorgeous.
What a beautiful gown. Oh, my gosh.
-I was so scared I was gonna fall over
on live TV. -Oh, my.
You did not fall over at all. You look fantastic. Thank you
for coming on our show. I appreciate it.
-Thank you very much. It’s really nice to be here. I’ve been watching your show
a long time. -Thank you.
Please. Are you kidding me? I’m a fan of yours. I just saw something
that made me laugh. You were on the Emmy red carpet,
I want to say. You’re at the Emmys,
and you were wearing a different gown,
and you looked gorgeous. -Yeah.
I wear gowns. I have a distinct lack of chill.
-You just wear gowns. -Yeah.
-I love that. -I wore one on your show because
I was excited to be here. -Not everyone does that. That’s very nice
that you did that. I love that.
[ Cheers and applause ] You have — Someone asked you, like,
“What is in your purse?” ‘Cause everyone always has
a little handbag or whatever they call those,
and so, you showed it, and I just thought it was great.
It went kind of viral. Everyone loved what you had.
You had, like, string cheese. -Yeah.
A cheese string. Yeah. -Cheese string.
-Now that I know that they ask that question,
I’m bringing a butt plug. But, yeah.
-No. -But I had cheese on me.
[ Laughter ] I have cheese on me now. -The NBC censors just —
-Do you want some cheese? ‘Cause I have some.
-Oh, you have cheese. You brought it with you.
-For 11:00. -Oh, my God.
That’s so fantastic. -I’ve got some up my bum,
I’ve got… [ Laughter ]
Got some sort of a yogurt. Let’s see what else
I got in there. -Still frozen.
Oh, my goodness. That’s insane.
[ Laughter ] A dried-meat snack. [ Laughter ] Oh, wait.
This is for you. -This is giant.
-I heard you have a particularly favorite snack
that is called a Score. -Yeah. -And it’s come from my boobs
straight to you. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -If you’re watching live,
I just scored live on TV. This is fantastic.
[ Laughter ] Thank you for this.
I do love a good Score bar. What does Jameela Jamil do on a
live, on a Wednesday night? What would you be doing
right now? -I’m nowhere near as glamorous
or cool as you might think I am. You probably don’t. I would be spooning
my 6’8″ boyfriend. I’m the big spoon, obviously. He’ll love that I said that.
[ Both laugh ] You’ll be spooning out —
-Yeah, spooning with Netflix and ill, like —
-And just ill. Yeah, you wouldn’t be —
-Just tired from the day. -No big fun party
or anything like that. -No, big fun party, no. No, I don’t drink.
I don’t party. -You must party
and do something. -No, not really.
Not really. I’m a house — I’m a house guy
sort of thing. -“House guy”?
-A homebody, sorry. -Oh, yeah, right.
[ Laughter ] That’s different.
I was like, “House guy?” That’s fantastic.
I did not know that about you. Yeah.
I do know from your social media that you’re very —
your activism is fantastic. What you’re doing
for different — [ Cheers and applause ] -Talking about people’s —
their bodies and being proud of being who they are
and stuff like that. And you did something
on Instagram that I thought was pretty cool. -Well, I started a movement
on Instagram called I Weigh, which is just a movement that
is for female empowerment and just general empowerment
where you measure your worth via your attributes and your
contributions to society, and you weigh the sum
of all your parts, not pounds and kilos. You can’t measure a woman’s
worth on a weighing scale. That’s ridiculous.
[ Cheers and applause ] It’s a global —
It’s a global movement now. And we have almost
a million followers, and it’s completely organic. And I created a petition,
and I managed to get 250,000 signatures
in three days. I took it to Instagram. I said, “I’m either going to
do this to you or with you.” And they moved really quickly,
and they were really amazing, and within six months
of that campaign, they have made it impossible
for minors, anyone under the age of 18, to see diet or detox products
or cosmetic surgery procedures on their Instagram
from now on. [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s what I’m talking about.
Come on. How cool is that?
-It’s mad. -I love that. -Yeah.
-I love that you did that.

100 thoughts on “Jameela Jamil Reveals All the Snacks Hidden in Her Dress

  1. "i'm either going to do this to you, or with you" is the most badass thing ive ever heard and she's so CUTE and FUNNY when she says it <3 <3

  2. How about I stead of showing diet things they should advertise more college stuff more positive knowledge and body positivity. So kids can be more confident in their selves and still want to do something good for their lives long-term..way to go girl!!love your movement!!

  3. Ppl don't know her that well. She used have column or maybe still do on.. I have know idea ….. Such a UK sense of humour. Love her

  4. Can we rewind to the snacks? I know how to hide snacks in the boob pocket. But what about the one below the belt? 😲

  5. A distinct lack of chill lol
    I said this comment and scrolled down only realizing 50% of the comments were the exact same thing. My apologies

  6. shouldn't she be on the lily singh show instead? this show is strictly for white males and if you support it you are a racist.

  7. She's such a kiss ass… she's so annoying…and tries so hard to be cool and smart… and she's neither… who talks about a butt plug on tv.. she's so after the wow factor…. she's crazy.. nut job… if a man did that ..she would be calling the me too police on twitter and get them arrested…. yuck….

  8. first of all who weighs a women's worth by pounds and kilos????? Who Jameela??? Hollywood… Hollywood who you work for… in the real damn world, we study, believe in God, help our families, change tires, cook, buy a house, take out a loan, have babies, get dogs, travel and get masters and phd's ..get promoted, get fired, etc… women have been kicking ass before you came along…dimwit…. if you are so against women being measured by pounds, kilos …then why are you in Holllywood and why are you a size 4???? she is a liar…. and a fake……. she wants to be famous and that's it…… we had powerful women for thousands of years….running countries, militaries, conducting surgeries, running monarchies… go home twerp…. jimmy fallon knows she's full of it…

  9. This video has the wrong title. Her activism is incredible and so important, but we’re still supposed to be interested only in the silly stuff

  10. I'm sorry but I don't know who she is ..but did she ever work at BBC radio with Dan and Phil?? Or am l crazy or something.

  11. That’s actually really awesome! When I was younger all I saw were surgery adds pops up and diet tips because as a teen I used to look these things up and then I was bombarded with adverts and posts about it which made me feel worse about myself. This is a truly positive movement I can get behind!

  12. I love her in A Good Place and I didn't know she really was just like that in person, she's super funny and cool. I'm a fan

  13. Boasts about boyfriends height. Starts moment about female empowerment and that weight's not important. classic double-sided bitches.

  14. Jameela: look how normal I am, I eat snacks

    Also Jameela: *not being normal by constantly telling people she is normal.

  15. Can she say thank you gosh, Jimmy is telling her she looks good and she just goes “yeah.” Like say thank you it’s not that hard.

  16. Ever since i watched her on “the good place”, she’s become my absolute favorite person!!

    she’s over 30 and didn’t have much acting/comedy experience but still managed to nail tahani?? I love her so much

  17. This is such a good example for british vs. american humor (kinda like office uk vs us version)

    I love british humor, unapologetically mischievous, dark, dry, witty and dripping with sarcasm. Just look at ricky gervais or just one segment of a british talk show! It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. But I’m a bit disappointed that the audience isn’t laughing as much. If this was on the late late show or conan, the host/audience would be laughing more haha

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