31 thoughts on “It's You (Piano Karaoke) Ali Gatie

  1. Hello, please I need so much that you do “beauty and beast (Leroy Sanchez version) pleaseeeee 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I will go sing for my bother when he married (i don’t remember what say casar) (sorry my English very bad)

  2. this is sooo good wow!! i have a suggestion, since i cant find postcard (by troye sivan) anywhere, maube i could ask you if you can do a piano karaoke version, that would be great! i really love the song. i wanna do a cover of it, so i would really appreciate it, if u would make a piano karaoke of it.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hey just want to let u know I covered this song using this instrumental and I won’t monitize my video I hope that’s ok
    If there’s any prob just inbox me to my email @[email protected]

  4. I just wanted to say that your karaoke's (is that how you make karaoke plural? whoops) are my absolute favorite to use. Whenever I have songs I want to cover, I always check to see if you have a karaoke video for it first. They all sound very beautiful and make my life so much easier, so thank you so so much!

  5. Can u pleaase make a karaoke of "if you hate me" by kiana lede there are LITTERALLY no karaoke to this beautiful song

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