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[Music] the gender binary is being questioned more than ever before is there a need to place a gender binary on clothing and a new generation is moving towards genuine fluidity gender is just a construct two people should just be free to dress Haeundae one – my name is Mun Roberto and I’m going to meet some of the bold and brazen minds and fashion redefining gender as we know it if I promise to be myself I want you to promise that you will be yourself every single day people’s experiences are being wound into fashion so much more it’s like what people see is what we would have put out into the world so I think clothes really do have a power my mom bought me a t-shirt I remember being so excited she gave it to me because it was so oversized that it felt like I was wearing a dress I guess that’s when I first started to feel more comfortable and not having to conform to expectations of what I should and shouldn’t wear I feel like the non-binary conversation really is happening within the younger generation I feel like it’s the next step today I’m going to have a fitting with Tommy Turner from art school I love their aesthetic I love what they’re about I love their selection of models so I was instantly fascinated knows that you got to let me walk next season hello we’re so excited when you reached out just like oh my god we need to make it happen I would say Monroe falls into our icons category those icons really kind of stabilized the whole collection yeah I like the tattoos as well it’s really nice yes yeah yeah really like that like I would really really come yeah yes it looks like they’re showing women’s wear at Men’s Fashion Week but I think in doing that they’re saying that these clothes don’t need to be for women I think that the gender-neutral conversation we pushed forward and I think that that’s what art school to doing and we makeup done and what I’m wearing make me look really good very for me really acting as a driving force behind the show in the same way that we are Chinese girls are this season with non-binary fashion sort of my biggest experience and immersion into it has been being involved in art school is there a need to place a gender binary on clothing removing that from fashion will allow like a space for people to explore themselves even further when I first started transitioning I wanted to be as binary as possible I wanted to be as feminine as possible so I felt like I had to prove it to everybody I found success to being myself I found success in letting go of the binary every single morning when I wake up I think is the most important part of my day you like put an outfit together sometimes I think that you have more men than anyone when you wearing a skirt you brave I’m so happy to be part of the hot school family it’s really strange how there’s like women’s wear menswear people should just be free to address how they want to because it just feels so good I honestly feel like the future fashion is non-binary hands bodies and non-binary bodies we need the representation looking at myself as a holistic being is one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done for myself I didn’t know that there was gonna be a time when I would find my people the next step is me using my platform to support others I think art school are those people right now once society starts viewing each other as just people rather than labels that will just filter into the fashion industry I would say embrace every single part of yourself and realize your worth I really feel that I’m testament to success comes when you embrace who you are [Music]

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  2. don't understand why non binary is only getting acknowledge now . the world should never have specified genders to feminine or masculine attire . if we were more onto it way back when , transgenders may have likely stuck with their gender at birth rather than switching up because only men or women are subjective to certain actions. if we all acknowledged that man and women were put on earth to succeed one another and not worry about the who the superior gender was , we would live in a world where gender is only ever talked about at birth .

  3. Do what you want and all but how would we do sizing on clothes if it wasn't gender specific? I can barely find clothes that fit me in the womens section, so everything in the mens is off limits unless I want everything to be too big.

  4. It's lovely how you look at all of the models together and your brain doesn't even start categorizing them as men and women, they're just models, we're just people ❤

  5. god i hope so. men’s fashion fucking sucks, seems like women’s and nonbinary fashion is always a step ahead.

  6. Love and support for the non-binary! They are humans like us, and we should see them as such, nothing more, nothing less.

  7. In all honesty seeing this is making me as a guy feel sort of outcasted, if all fashion becomes "non binary" then where will I get the clothes I like to wear that shows I'm a guy. This world trying to be undiscriminatory is becoming more and more discriminatory against people who do like to portray their genders like a guy wearing manly clothes because he likes the look, or a girl wearing girly clothes because she likes the look.

  8. I feel like when you have to constantly state "Hey guys look how non-binary my clothes are" it defeats the purpose.

  9. I wish stores would mix it up more. Start with removing the signs for the men and women section will alllow for people to look at all the items and experiment a bit. A lot of women for example wear regular tshirts but I always have to go to the mens section to find them

  10. There are so many things in the world to worry about. Some people like a binary world cause they like everything to fit in its box. But not everybody fits in your boxes and the shape of those boxes changes over time. What's not to get about that?

  11. Gender is a biological and physical aspect of humans. Regardless of what you feel inside you will always be that gender originally however I still have respect for the people who feel as if they are a different gender. I feel they are this way because of the attributes society has associated towards a specific gender. I have no problems with genders, just the pronouns in the English language have to be updated.

  12. But all you're doing is further strengthening the sterotipes. Females have to be feminin, males masculin, and if you break that sterotype, you are suddenly gender fluid or some other bullshit. Instead of having the real 2 genders dress as they want, and normalize that, you create unicorns(dressing like shit if you ask me, the transgender woman literally wore some trashy, old, ripped t shirt and called it fashion*facepalm*). You aren't helping anyone. I don't want to be a gende special snowflake, i AM a woman, dressing as i please (androgynous some days, feminin others), nothing more, nothing less.

  13. hmm feel like i-d is trying to be hip and trendy by using buzz words like 'non-binary' but it just makes them look even less woke tryna sensationalise the non-binary experience and use the term in a way that makes it sound like some fashionable, fleeting trend and not an actual gender so many identify as. Honestly… it's not that hard… Also, has i-D heard of the word 'unisex' or nah? Sounds to me like somebody's trying to adopt queer language and terms to seem down with the kids except they done fked up instead

  14. Fantastic premise, concept and ideology, hideous clothes. Really, I like androgyny and fluidity in fashion, but these designs look cheap and tacky. The presenters outfit looks as though they printed a phrase on a cheap white shirt, ripped it here and there, sprayed bits of it pink and sent her down the runway. Like I said the show as a whole and the designers objective are amazing but the clothing does it all a massive injustice. What happened to beautiful fabrics and thought out silhouettes? These looks are not tailored, they look rushed and to be quite frank, unprofessional. Sorry bout it.

  15. 'see people rather than labels', but its you and your ilk doing the constant labelling… Its you that cant get over a 'binary system'. Like a baby trying to teach an adult how to walk.

  16. from the wise words of Sasha Velour "gender is a construct tear it apart". I love the fact that clothing is becoming more non-binary and love seeing people express themselves. I follow fashion streetwear pages on Facebook and Instagram and love to see men wearing nail polish, Heeled boots, lace t-shirt its different and interesting. Women have been walking over to the men's section and buying clothes for the men's section for years and I feel it would be nice to see men doing the same thing with the women section and maybe not even having women's or men's section at all. I saw a comment about body types of males and females being different and I do understand that so we just need to cater more for the body types.

  17. the idea itself is nice, but it would be nice if different styles would be represented that are non binary.

  18. So many folks saying this is ugly. Conventional fashion has become so dull and repetitive. Time for new!! Bring in the spunk!! Ahhh!!!

  19. Clothing literally has no gender, this video should be called "Mainstream Media Realises anyone looks cute in a skirt"

  20. this title doesnt make sense, non binary is a gender so would you say 'is fashion becoming Gender Man?' bc thats not gramatically correct and not a gender expression. it would make more sense to say genderless/androgynous/gender neutral 🙂

  21. Too much of the same thing can become stale fast. Androgynous fashion has been a thing for a while now and the times where it looked daring and sensational are long gone. All those people that we see in the video operate as a subculture at best. Just because they are throwing their currently trending “non-binary” philosophy on our face and demand respect for it, doesn’t mean they have accomplished something worthy of our attention or our admiration.

  22. I just can't stand all this non-binary bullshit. There's only two human genders: male and female, nothing else. Anything that is not male or female is no longer even human at all, it's a terrible abomination that deserves to be destroyed.

  23. i just watched the latest art school runway and i was so confused
    not by the clothes but by the performance but loved it
    munroe is looking absolutely beautiful

  24. What’s being pushed in the fashion industry is becoming “gender neutral.” That doesn’t mean people are purchasing it. Few people who have the time to be “non-binary” have $8,000 to spend on one outfit

  25. Phukin Garbage.. but watch it come to the black community and continue to destroy black family. They are trying to direct it at kids at school

  26. i absolutely loved this! its just clothes ffs, why should it be labeled only for men or only for women? wear whatever the hell u want, gender is just a social construct

  27. It's tricky… I feel that gender results from sex, and some feel that it's purely societal. In the end, I don't think either camp will be able to provide a satisfying answer to the other. And what's worse, I don't think it's quite possible for one camp to not force its views on the other. For example, if someone tells me that their gender is "non-binary" or some other non-binary answer, then when I go along with that I'm treating them in a way that's at odds with how I deeply, truly see them, and I don't like feeling like I'm being disingenuous with people. But if I call them "male" or "female", then they're going to be forced to be treated in a way that's at odds with how they deeply, truly see themselves which they don't like either. At the end of the day, do we prioritize everyone within a society's ability to define themselves or our society as a whole's ability to define everyone within it? I lean toward non-individualism personally, so I'd opt for the latter, but again, I don't think there's necessarily a provably right answer.

    All in all, I don't mind people introducing these ideas, if anything I think it makes life a lot more thought-provoking. The only thing that sometimes rubs me the wrong way is I do think all the time spent not conforming to gender norms could be used to confront much bigger societal issues, like the fact we're turning this planet into a steaming, inhospitable lump or rubble. I'm starting to get the impression that the younger generation doesn't really much care about that though. So sometimes I just look at this whole movement with pity and, yeah, annoyance, even frustration.

  28. All these people are so beautiful!! gender fluidity gives you freedom to be your authentic self! love it! this is the world I want to be a part of.

  29. Where are all the female to male models? This is meant to be a video about gender fluidity but you completely ignore women who dress or identify more as male

  30. Non binary goes as deep as fashion and that's it 🤷🏽‍♀️ dressing in unisex clothing doesn't mean you have no gender 🤪

  31. Don't be ridiculous. It depends where you are from, what your age is and how you think. I am extremely feminine and would never wear any of this.

  32. if he is against being labeled in a certain side of the binary, then why does he associate bravery with "being a man"?

  33. I'm sorry, but I don't really like it when people make the makeup and hair look like the model just got out of the shower.

  34. I dont think fashion will become non binary. Becaause for so many years we have a lot of Male womenswear fashion designers that just told women how they should look like. So recently young female designers are redefining how actually women want to look and what they want to wear without a male gay or straight designer vision. As much as we loved all those designers works and dresses it was misogynist. But I do think there is a queer, genderless fashion specific market that is getting strong. Also menswear is being redefined.

  35. 1. Gender is not a construct, gender expectations are
    2. Non binary is a gender not a gender expression
    Thus the word for the clothing would be more androgynous or more genderless/ unisex

  36. Is the medical field becoming non binary? Give me a break…even different ethnicities are susceptible to different illnesses. Gender should be separate just be honest about your chromosomes. This fashion looks terrible. The fashion industry has been corrupt since the beginning with models sniffing coke to be the best workers and be skinny. These ppl look like clowns nobody would take them seriously because they have literal mental issues that make apparent on their bodies

  37. Fashion is a way of expression and it is totally free for us to decide what we want to look like. There was a time when I was cooped up in the idea of gender stereotype and struggling to look like every other man. I am glad that more and more people are becoming open about the non-binary look. However, it is also true that society is not fully accepting it. For example, in some high schools, students are still forced to wear certain types of uniform depending on whether they are biologically male or female. True beauty shouldn't be affected by our gender and sex. Although I am not a huge influencer, I speak about it to share my message. If you are interested, please check out my Instagram;

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