47 thoughts on “Is a $750 Gaming PC Worth It?

  1. I have this. I play pubg and fortnite. Fortnite is around 150 FPS and pubg is 60. But the ducking fans are so loud. I installed speed fan and control the speed but if they aren’t full speed(loud) it overheats and turns off

  2. Can you show how to fix the noisy fan? I bought a pre built pc and when i play rainbow six siege the fans are so noisy

  3. I’ve had this pc for a almost a year now and pretend it was new and you try to play a game right away but five minutes in, i get a black screen with a buzzing sound then i just have to restart. Any way you could know what the deal is man?

  4. I have this PC what is a way I could get a more consistent frame rate in games like fortnite for example when I'm in a game it will usually start with a scary 1-10 fps I cant exactly tell what's wrong because I'm not a big computer nerd but from what I know to believe is a beter graphics card to my assumption or an ssd as you mentioned if anyone could help with a reply i would greatly appreciate it thanks.

  5. Guys is this good? CyberPowerPC Gamer Master Ryzen 3 / 8GB Ram / 1TB HD + 120GB SSD / R7 240 / Win 10 Gaming Computer (GMA8840CPG)
    Somebody tell me

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