Iran’s Fashion Renaissance: VICE Reports

For the past 35 years, We have seen how clothes have evolved to express how people want to be seen their movement in society is a stance on their own identity and visual expression. Fashion in Iran has a whole other voice and today we were witness of this. We’re at the third annual Fajr clothes festival in Tehran. It’s the first time an event like this is taking place where men and women are coming out on stage and we’re pretty excited to see what they have to show. [praying in Arabic] The country’s top officials responsible for granting permission for the show were in attendance in the front as a sign of respect and also to ensure the show itself, its models would be dressed suitable within Iran’s Islamic dress code and laws. Before the Islamic Revolution of ’79, fashion in Iran resembled that of Western and European styles for both men and women. Wearing the Islamic cover, known as the hijab, was not required. It was after the Islamic Revolution that the Sharia law came into place, which required the hijab to be a part of the Islamic law. Mr. Razavi has witnessed Iran’s vast shifts in both fashion and culture. VICE: It is more common to see the black chador outside of the major cities especially in the holy cities of Quom and Mashhad. However, Iran’s involving fashion has
even garnered the attention of President Rouhani, who has openly expressed a softer
approach to the laws around clothing. In this room we have the clothes of all
the various designers that are taking part in the Fajr fashion festival. As you can see, we have the different types of chadors on one side and then you
have the more colorful types of clothes on the other with a bit of the
traditional Qajari right in the center so we can see that since the
Islamic Revolution the type of clothes that people wear has really evolved but
still respecting the Islamic dress code. Here I am with one of the designers. Her name
is Ahzra Moradi. VICE: Designers are not the only ones who are facing many obstacles in Iran. Iranian fashion models have to work within a very concise set framework. Men and women have not modeled on stage together until today’s event. Sharif Razavi understands this balance and is the founder of Iran’s premier modelling agency. VICE: The fashion revival has implications beyond just the clothing itself. There’s a noticeable difference in the
attitudes of the attendees, like that of Hamid Yousefi, the head of Pars Leather, who explains the importance of the catwalk. The success of this year’s Fajr fashion week attracted over 35,000 manufacturers that sold their clothing designs in over 400 venues across the country. VICE: It’s really nice and colorful, vibrant. I love this. This is one color that no one would dare to wear like, what, more than 10 years ago. VICE: Iran’s fashion movement is gaining momentum. The colors are blossoming and expression through fabric may be the opening to a new Iran, one filled with style and grace.

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  1. im iranian . and whats the big f deal . there isnt so much hijab in the street , like whats the point of the video , like go to show the nature and wonders , like wth

  2. Damn man, these poor women must hate the summer since they have to cover themselves up so much. They are beautiful though! Btw, is it safe to travel to Iran? i really want to visit this country but i'm afraid for my safety 🙁

  3. Based in Budapest, Hungary, we get many Iranian girl students doing Western studies here. Persian women are stunning – and also fun people. None of them seem to wear the hijab here but I guess they must back in Iran. Hope the slow thaw in social conventions such as clothes continues for them.

  4. Islam is such a goddamn cancer. Don't get me wrong, Christianity is just as stupid, but at least most western countries have gotten over the bullshit and put it where it should be in society, in the fringe.

  5. I remember the day I learned the U.S is responsible for the current Islamic state of iran. I over heard an Iranian kid flipping out and explaining so fast he bit his cheek. Yelling at the racist kid in my highschool class and it turned into a writting research lesson history. Where we got a more in depth look at things leading up to our current state. The teacher was so proud that this kid knew his history.

  6. It's so tiny to see how liberals embrace Islamic culture and their treatment of women. Women can't"look sexual" or they're beaten or killed and this is with their entire body and face covered. A woman's word is worth half a man's word in court. Women are beaten with sticks like animals and if a woman is accused of any transgression that shames the family it's legal to kill her. It just shows how the left will adopt any cause or standpoint if it's convenient to them and their objectives. Total hypocrisy is the norm. In America a woman has the right to abortions at any age and the tax payers should pay for them no questions asked, while under sharia a woman doesn't even have the right to choose when she has sex. There's no such thing as martial rape, she cent show her face in public and if she's raped she needs 3 male witnesses to confirm her story or she'll be killed to save the honor of her family. Well I have no problem with people coming to America from Islamic nations but if they seek refuge in my country they can live by our laws.but if you look in Europe where they've been Allowed to settle large areas they institute sharia law and they openly speak of conquering the people who have taken them in and stealing their women and forcing them to choose between converting to Islam or being beheaded. That ain't right. The left see it a way to weaken America so they love Islam and feminists embrace the hijab! What a world were living in today!

  7. The older gentleman crying and talking about the possibilities for the new generation really moved me. One of my best friends is Iranian and what that Country has gone through is unbelievable. I really hope change will come.

  8. Once I was against this Islamic women clothing, but to be honest look at whats happening to non islamic women nowadays, instead of showing their heart or their brains in clothing, they are showing their asses, etc, their bitchyness, none worthyness…. and im not islamic, just kinda made me think that what happened to our women who got a little bit of freedom – look what happened to them…

  9. iran's fashion is just a joke as long as this hijab shit is around i feel pity for myself for being born in iran we are fucked up people majority of youth think about migrating west

  10. The guys Crying at the end makes me think that they are pretty oppressed if color in clothing and fashion has been a struggle for the past 8 years.

  11. Islam is a complicated culture ,and religion. It forbids the women's,and other's minorities rights,in some Islamic countries,like those ones on the Arabian peninsula ,especially christian's, but allows homosexuality(bacha bazi بچه بازی)..Iran can be exeption ,becuase there's a beautiful Russian orthodox church at the heart of Tehran.

  12. religion and fashion do not go together…. I can't wait for the day everyone is an atheist , if we survive that long. Religon is evil.

  13. Persia has always been a melting pot of cultures and sure can contribute a lot to fashion. It need not to be any thing western and had to be skin. Love from India

  14. It seems the hijab is an apology for their men’s lack of self control. All add backwards. I truly don’t get it.

  15. I'm sorry but the Quran doesn't tell you to that you must get permission from your government to wear fushcia…. That's not Islamic.. that's oppression

  16. Why is it that only european looking clothing are regarded as "modern" and "good looking" or "normal"? The world is not Europe's lmao

  17. Renaissance and Iran if used together seems more like a oxymoron Lol when you think of the Enlightenment! How ironic is this?

  18. You know what will create a brighter and prosperous future for Iran? Letting women wear whatever they want and not living under a theocratic dictatorship.

  19. Persians are awesome. Persian and Indians were always in good relations. We Indians genuinely love Persians (Iranian, Afghans and Tajiks).
    I hope Iran achieve all it desired goals despite of senctions of the US.

  20. Iranian dudes dont watch blonde babes in bikini huh 😂 hypocrisy 100% fucking internet is the worlds another oxygen its everything and everywhere

  21. Why are you all leaving so many hate comments? It was your countries like USA and United Kingdom which paved the way for the Ayatollahs.
    Before Grand Ayatollah Khomeini it was Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh (First democratically elected PM of Iran) in power. He transformed Iran into a secular democratic nation. But Britishers and Americans saw interest in the Shah power. So they forced PM Mohammad Mosaddegh out of the office posing him as a communist.
    Mohammad Mosaddegh reduced the power of the Shah and even Ayatollahs supported his term.
    Your countries are responsible for paving the path for Shah again which eventually led to protests and then Ayatollahs came up in power to protect their country from western occupation.

  22. Look how sympathetic lefties are towards anything and everything Muslim and hijabi. I absolutely don't care if you want to wear a trash bag black burka or a hijab – but do not come to my country, esp as a male, and judge me, or attack me, for not wearing it. I don't come to your country in a bikini looking to get laid. See how that works? I just don't see how lucrative fashion can be with these kinds of clothing restrictions for WOMEN ONLY OF COURSE. Most women a) won't be able to afford these clothes they can wear only in private; and b) the largely uneducated masses will always choose the burka or the chadour or plain inexpensive clothes and hijab. This is nuts.

  23. If you want to see some stunning fashion in a country that doesn't restrict its women quite as badly (although it is still a world gang rape capital), but very similar textiles and clothing cuts, check out India Fashion Week. Those shows are to die for. All the gorgeousness of this but all out in the open and available to for anybody who can afford it. If you can afford it, you can wear it.

  24. Westerners will never feel happy unless your wife,daughter and sister wears bikini,tanga and g string.They will never feel happy unless they see women in clubs.They will neva get pleased unless there hotels are booked by boys and girls for sex.They will never fell happy if they don't change their girlfriends every year.They will never accept her if she doesn't show up her boobs or if she does not have long naked legs.I found the importance of islamic dress and instructions for men and women when i moved abroad and now i live in south korea.However,i don't believe in enforced Hijab at all.

  25. Alternate Title: Iran Under the Shaw, circa 1974. They've gone through the time warp and have been spit back out on the other side. There are pictures of women in bikinis in Iran from the 70s. Khomeini was the start of the country's downfall.

  26. Chador and hijab was part of Persian culture. The 20th century Pahlavi ruler Reza Shah banned the chador and all hijab in 1936, as incompatible with his modernizing ambitions

  27. No one can beat when it comes to iran in all walks of life. i love you the host you are someone great great great what a command on what you are saying and doing* bows*

  28. I ate my neighbor's dog once. It tasted like chicken nuggets. The funny thing was its name was Nugget. It was the last time that dog shit in my yard.

  29. There are some anti Islam Iranians saying Islam destroyed their culture however mini skirts was never your culture that was western culture that you guys wanted to copy.

  30. But Iranian women are allowed plastic surgery but not allowed to take scarf off plastic surgery is against Islam as well yet you let your wife's get it

  31. to my non-muslim friends, let me tell u that the hijab is very effective at its purpose. i had a crush back in school and i would get infatuated over her 24/7. then one time we had an outing and she was wearing the hijab, needless to say i was able to focus on other things. 10 years later, she's a full blown ninja and i have made a pledge not to date any girl that wears hijab. however, most of these women aren't even wearing it properly.

  32. I remain ever-so-grateful to be a free woman in a free country. I would never survive under these conditions!

  33. Oh, my goodness! That man at the end choking-up talking about the hope for the next generation, his children and a brighter future.

  34. Well Done Gelareh, you're a very capable reporter! Even as a British Iranian, I never knew about this event and I'm impressed! Thank you for reporting it!

  35. Yeah so Iran used to be chill, until ugly people came up with hijab covering.. Now we all look stupid….lmao

  36. Bla bla bla ! Not a single comment about the great creative job done there ! That is so different from all the world companies shit we are wearing everyday ! We should inspire from them….

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