I’m so excited that Murdoch Mysteries is a
part of this. Yeah it’s amazing. We feel very privileged to be a part of it
and it’s exciting. Yeah, I can’t wait. We’re going to go see, it will be my first
time ever seeing an episode on the big screen and we’ll see everybody’s reaction to it first-hand. Although our fans are very nice to us so I’m
sure it will be a biased flattering response. -We hope. And then we’ll do a little Q&A afterwards. Very cool. So my first question is, name your character
and then one characteristic about the character that you really really love. My character is Dr. Grace and I suppose my
favourite part about her is she’s very sassy for that time period especially. Someone actually tweeted me ‘#Sassmaster’
last week after an episode so I really liked that. Crabtree’s imagination I’ve said before that
I think Crabtree is a very smart man and with the imagination of an eight year old and he believes
everything and he gets on these wild theories that sort of drive everybody else a little
crazy. I like doing that too, I like how he makes
the other guys a little pissed off. Which brings me to my next question, what
challenges did you have getting into a role because it is a period piece, were there any
challenges at the beginning that you had to get through? It’s funny you should ask that, you know I
saw reruns last week of an episode from the first season and I think now I’ve sort of
flattened the way I speak I think into a more of that era-appropriate way of speaking. With the comedy I get to sort of break out
of that very sort of formal Victorian time and I get to be a little broader in what I do. But you’re trying to just, especially if you’re
ad-libbing a lot too, you don’t want to sound or say anything that’s an anachronistic or something
as simple as you know a couple days ago I said “Okay” to somebody in a scene and then
it’s like, “Oh, you can’t say okay.” Trying to keep it a bit forward. Well for me, being a doctor like all the medical
jargon I had to learn and I always use a dictionary and I have to look up every thing so it’s
actually like kind of doing school work sometimes to really understand what I’m saying in scenes
so it’s been a great skill actually to learn and now if I had to play a doctor again or
a lawyer or something I’d feel like I’ve learned something that would make me more confident
to be able to do that. And then the language obviously in 1901 yeah
you can’t ad-lib a lot but you get better at it, “I shall” or “I shall not!” So yeah you figure it out. Would you be comfortable walking into an actual
hospital and doing things now? Um so if the person was dead. If the person was alive, no. I’d be like, “I can’t deal with you until
you’re dead.” And then I wouldn’t feel so much pressure
because he’s dead already so whatever. Fair enough. What do you think being a part of Canadian
TV culture means to you and especially with this festival. We’re in a very gratifying stage of the life
of this show. We always felt it was a little show that could
remain. We were cancelled by a previous network and we thought it was dead in water and then
were picked up by another network which I’ve never heard of that happening in Canada or
anywhere really. But when CBC did pick it up, they really got
behind it- they promoted it very well and that’s been reflecting in the viewership. The numbers are doing great so- We could have been gone two years ago. And I was there, it was my first year when
we found out we weren’t going again for me so to be here three years later
-It’s her fault really. -It’s my fault. Or I was the good reason for CBC to sweep
in so I was very grateful for that and CBC’s really acknowledging of its stars and we do
a lot of things there and that’s really nice because you work hard for something and you
have good people who really acknowledge you so it’s great. Well congratulations and I’m so glad that
you’re a part of this festival. Yeah! Well thanks for talking to us. Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see
you at next year’s festival.


  1. Well I guess I owe the CBC a BIG THANK YOU from America…I can't imagine my life without Murdoch Mysteries…..THESE are my people 😉

  2. Not only are these two best friends but so crazy funny with everything they have acted on with Murdoch ❤️❤️

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