Interior Design Trends 2019

Hi guys i’m Zahira Cury from D.Signers Finally our top ten of 2019 interior design
trends are here This year we have new trends, not so new trends
and trends that made a comeback Here we go with our list and enjoy We’ve come to the end of our list of interior
design styles for 2019 but don’t forget that it should only serve as a guide for the overall look for your home If you love other styles and trends don’t
discard it just because it’s not in trend Always design your space with your personal
taste and the things that you find beautiful and works for you the most! Which one is your favorite trend for this
year? let me know in a comment below and remember,
if you love design and architecture don’t forget subscribe to follow our channel See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Interior Design Trends 2019

  1. What happened to glam, farmhouse, marble, blush pink, grays etc.. I guess this is for the HIGH end, because you basically only see this in magazines or in super weathly peoples home. You should do trends 2019 that are more to real life, that are being used SO much right now, also white decor is being used alot, dark blues as well, did I mention grays, marble decor, tables, countertops etc…

  2. Beige is coming back?!?! Give me a f#%@ing break. "What this room is more beige?" Said no one. Ever.

  3. Just replaced the brand new terrazzo countertop of the new home I bought, such horrible old and busy pattern

  4. Im sorry I dont like black…for some furniture ok..but the whole no color is trend in the beginning Indonesia grand dad bougt furnitures almost black color from dutch seller

  5. "..if black intimidates you a bit…" If black intimidates you AT ALL don't use it!!! It supposed to intimidate and create unease. If you create uncomfortable living spaces because of trend, you will be sick. Don't underestimate the power of atmospherics.

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  7. Aparte de ser hermosa, usted tiene muy buenos gustos, excelentes diseños. Todos de primera calidad. Felicitaciones!!! saludos desde Perú. 🇵🇪

  8. Nice! I follow #ZahiraCury @d.signers and always inspired by her sense of modern and minimalist design!
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  9. I've always considered the concrete as clod material. And here is the first time that I hear saying it's warm! What do you think ?

  10. I am curious about what type of artwork for walls, like styles and such, do you have any videos answering that?

  11. although it goes half of 2019,those trends still very nice,thx,really good cutting of this video, fabulous background music,btw,what's the name of this music ?thx

  12. Black walls make depressed, not good idea! Looks good on pictures, but living in black is horrible. Living coral is beautiful

  13. Je vous conseil cette chaîne YouTube : Sketch Moi Avec Soror : ya l’essentiel la dedans pour dessiner sur une tablette graphique/ iPad avec le stylet Apple :

  14. Love the entire compilation .. just love everything about it !! Coral looks wonderful !! Would not use too much of terrazzo or japandi style

  15. When an interior designer tries to convince you to their project by using the words "trendy", RUN THE OTHER WAY.

  16. Yes, but why smurf music to any type of video these days? Not suitable for interior design unless it is a kids room imo.

  17. Hello. This just came by. And I liked:) and subscribed. I appreciated most that none of seemed overboard like much of design I've been seeing…I appreciate what I've been seeing; however, this is new and more more down to earth. Thanks.

  18. Big opertunity for the people like us who are biginer in interior design learning…. Thank you so much again 😀😀

  19. I love monochrome industrial/zen with bright green plants ideas. Like scifi look. You have ideas for rented flats? limited what you can do.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous ideas! Thank you. I’m going to incorporate a little more black….just a little into my organic space 💕

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