Hello ladies and gentleman. How are you doing on this lovely… I guess it’s still morning, it’s 11:20… How are you doing on this lovely morning? um, yeah i’m doing pretty good, thanks for asking 🙂 Uh, what I brought you here for today is Instagram. We all we all *Bass drops intensively* we all LOVE Instagram. We all we all love…we all love some good Instagram. So, I’ve talked about Instagram food, I’ve talked about Instagram food I-I like talking about that.. Instagram life hacks, I’ve talked about Instagram life hacks, I’ve talked about Instagram life hacks I like…I like talking about them as well But I haven’t really touched on another key part of Instagram There’s food, there’s life hacks and then there’s fashion as the third branch of this tree I’m making with my hand So what I’m going to be looking at today is this kind of intersection between the fashion branch and the life hacks branch So it’s It’s the fashion life hacks what I’m doing also say hi to pimple haha Okay, so your food keep falling out of your bag because you’re holding it upside-down Um, everyone holds their bags upside-down, that’s just how you do things (well yeah, You’re in Australia) Yeah, yeah yeah yeah… Just walking around with a pair of pants on your back, yeah You will be the most normal dude or dudet in town Why just use a bag that doesn’t have a hole in the bottom? Why just use a backpack which does the same thing but…is better in every way? SHUT UP, HATER! OK? YOU HATE YOU’RE A HATER! (Slazo is Jake Paul confirmed?) Just hating on my life hack because you didn’t think of it first WOW!!! WOW! I’m disgusted Okay 😵 Okay, yeah 😖 You…you look like you pissed yourself! Like, sure you get to button up the thingy. But… Will you prefer just wear another pair of pants, or wear that one? And look that you pissed yourself I think I made my choice Or you can just…suck in your tummy, you know? Like…what’s like…you know…just suck in your tummy Come on That looks very uncomfortable, I’m just gonna say it Like, pants are so much corser and rougher then shirts Plus, the upside-down zipper…? What…what? You weird And, you know what about us stiff boys, with big torsos, like Mr. incredible, you know, like Our pants aren’t the same aren’t the same with the with the torso I don’t know? Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Vodka! The obvious solution! Okay? The obvious solution! Guys! Why would you wash your pants you moron? You filler sty? You nitwit? Ah? Just put Vodka on it! What’s that? There are a ton of products designed by scientist to remove odor Ah Nah just chuck some Vodka on there dude. What are you, idiot? Okay, so we have the no-stitch-top. Which is just a pair of undies of undy duds Just made into a a top thing sports bra kind of thing I’ve got this one to hide, the shoulder straps, that’s actually useful, well done! Again, it’s just getting an item of clothing and repurposing it, and look! It’s this item of clothing now! I don’t wanna just buy a dress that will inevitably be better as a dress because it’s actually a dress No, I’m just going to get my boyfriend, Scarce’s flannel shirt… and just turn that into a dress! Because ah because that’s the…that’s the rational human thing to do! You know, there’s BROKE, there’s is stealing your boyfriend’s hoodie, okay? You know? And that’s the that’s the generic girl meme And then there’s Woke Which is turning your boyfriend’s hoodie into a dress LOOK! EVEN THE HOODIE! Even the hoodie said… Me and this video have a connection, okay? The hoodie… knows this *Bass drops again* is broke as hell! Ah, yeah. So you’re in a rush, you have to go to the boss Right now. Like, you are late as hell. They are going to be furious Ok? So what you do, is to quickly craft a bag out of your hoodie Don’t just use the bag, that’s right there NO! No, no. Make one out of your hoodie! Bur speaking of hoodies you know what’s not broke? A brand new Slazo hoodie, up on boom! SEGWAY I’ve got some new designs I got ”SHUP UP” And there’s ”Slazo since 2008” Since that’s when I made the user name! It’s when… it’s how long the name’s been around. In my li– like… YEAH. Anyway, incredibly convincing sales pitch over, back to the video. What does that mean, for unforeseen situations? What does that mean, diy.learning? What does… what does this video you stole from 5 Minute Crafts mean? You could just buy a 2 piece swimsuit set thing. Again, I’m very familiar with women’s clothing. And probably have it be infinitely more comfortable and infinitely better. And not ruin a perfectly good I am very confused, I am confuddled. I’m confounded. Right so we’ve got this… technique here, you… cut out a thing in this paper and everything, um, put some glitter on there. And then finally… At the end, okay. At the end when it comes up, uh. You can embrace… the divorced single mother in you! I miss wine, uh, yeah. Ok here we’ve got another re-purposing clothing. What are you doing? So you’ve got a pair of like yoga pants or something, you’ve turned it. You’re sewing it up. Is it a bag? Nah, nah it’s just a… it’s just a shirt. Ok, if you ever wanted to walk around with a pentagram on your collarbone, y’know, just right here. Boy have I got the hack for you! W–wai-wait. I’m sorry. Under what circumstance does your iron… have feces on it, it just doesn’t happen Melissa, does it? Ok, so you cut the entire piece of shirt away, nice. And then you… put some frills in it I guess, yeah. Ok I’m not gonna lie the end result looks pretty good. But the premise? The premise is unrealistic, it’s a no from me. Mmmmmm! Scarf tits! So you get lipstick on your… on your thing, on whatever item of clothing that’s called. I’m very knowledgeable. Don’t just pull it on, like, keeping it away from your mouth, no don’t do that. Naw what you do is you get a McDonald’s bag from the Maccy’s run last night… You just chuck that on your head, uh. And THEN you do it. Yeah that’s way easier than just avoiding the lipstick contact isn’t it? What? I’m sorry, did they just move on from there, they just had a woman… It’s just moving on like nothing just happened. Yeah ok I get it you made a uh… twirlie thing. But what was that at the beginning, she was just pouring hot glue on her head. Are they just not gonna explain it, it’s in the thumbnail even. What? This… needs answers. Ok, this can’t go unresolved, this is important. Um, unfortunately I just have to move on, like there’s… I’m just gonna watch through the whole video and make sure it’s not there. Ok we’ve got a jacket, we’ve got a ribbon. We put the ribbon on the jacket. Ok, it’s very straightforward so far. Oh we put a billion ribbons on the jacket, we sew them on. Or glue them on, either or. It’s a very flexible method. And then. And then what you do, is you repeat all around the shirt. Cut the excess, ok. And then you can walk around like the most homosexual cowboy to ever live. Wait I’m sorry it just opens up with what’s she doing… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ you tell me You wear a bikini bottom on your top. BOOM, it’s innovation. That’s all any of this is. It’s just hey, here’s a thing that’s meant to be… here or it’s meant to be there on your legs. But no. We’re gonna switch it ’round, woohoo, aren’t we clever! No no. That’s not thrifty. That ****’s weak, ok? What’s thrifty… Is when you’re out of toilet paper and you use that bit of cardboard in the middle of the roll to wipe your ass? That is thrifty, ok? This? Using bikini bottoms as bikini tops? Pff. Pff, I schleep. I schleep. I schleep. Oh hey do you guys see this pair of shorts right here? Pretty nice pair of shorts. That’s all they are, right? Right? Well, actually… Sorry to burst your bubble sweetie, but… it’s a shirt now. Heh. This is uncomfortable as hell, I’m takin’ it off. Yeah an actual bottle opener that’s just a bottle opener on its own? Broke. A pocket knife or multi tool with a bottle opener? Still broke sweetie. One of those key rings with bottle openers on it? Broke as hell. A hoodie, with a bottle opener? W̴̛͍̯̝͗͆̆̓̃̒̆Ò̷͍͉̼̤̆́̿̑K̶̫̜̋̏͊̃̕Ë̷̡̱͇̹̖̮́̚ Did you ever need anything to enable your crippling alcohol addiction? Even when you’re at work? Yeah? Well just… Just do this. Okay, just… chuck a bag of wine in there. Um, y’know, it’s simple. And I’m sure nobody will notice the tube of wine going from your hoodie into your mouth. But eh, who really cares. Just drink their opinions away, yeah? Anyway, I think that’ll have to do this video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I hope you’ve taken something away from this video, become… maybe a bit more fashionable. It’s hard not to when things like this are influencing you. If you did become more fashionable, or even if you didn’t, I don’t care. Just smash like on the video, thanks. And subscribe if you’re new. Wait is that… is that Slazo merch? Yep, I just became 10% more attractive to women. And men… all around the board. Uh as always my Instagram link and my Twitter link are down below, follow me there if you feel inclined. And as always, thank you to my patrons, the most generous people in the face of the… Well not just the Earth. Not just… the universe, really. If you wanna support the channel it’d be great if you could pledge, otherwise just like the video, obviously. And without further ado, I will see you in the next one.

100 thoughts on “INSTAGRAM “FASHION”

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  2. How about just hold the laptop on one hand the phone in the other, she's looks like she has 2 hands 😂

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    You should know, you live in 🅐🅤🅢🅣🅡🅐🅛🅘🅐

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  6. All these DIY channels are practically destroying one normal thing to make something else DIY, and eventually coming full circle. So if they didn't do "DIY", they wouldn't need "DIY".

  7. Did anyone notice that in the first hack the jeans that were used were the same style as she had on her. so either she was carrying an extra pair of jeans with her that is identical to what she was wearing, or she took hers off for this hack? And I'm assuming you'll be outside of your house when you have this problem so… I mean you've got to love to practicality of these hacks.

  8. Is your whole shtick that you act like a entitled dickhead that can't use his brain for more than 10 seconds.

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    “Okay this was a nice date, but you should put your coat on now”
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    We goths are still unfortunately a thing

  13. 6:41 Yo that’s not a pentagram it’s a pentacle. Pentacles are for Wiccan’s who do not worship the devil and pentagrams are for Santionists who worship the devil. It’s a honest mistake, just wanted to point it out though.


  15. Why do half of these "x-hacks" videos always demonstrate something legitimately dangerous?

    Hopefully no one is dumb enough to spray their jeans with vodka and then put them in a tumble dryer… Because they WILL catch fire.

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  22. The vodka one isn't ENTIRELY wrong. Spraying fabric with vodka while the sweat is still wet will prevent it from developing an odor, but if the sweat has already tried it's too late. It's used in Stratford theatres because you can't exactly throw those intricate delicate costumes in the laundry machine. All that said….no, there's no good reason to do that to your jeans. : /

  23. "And then you can walk around like the most homosexual cowboy to ever live."
    I think I'll go do that

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