Hey YouTube, welcome back to my channel. This is Caitlyn Rose, of course, and I promised you some behind the scenes footage of my fashion shoot from a couple weeks ago and today I finally deliver on that!
Thank you for being patient! We decided to shoot at Runyon Canyon because it’s a
really popular spot in LA for photoshoots, you don’t really need a
permit to shoot there, and there’s a lot of different backdrops to work with. I’ve
actually been modeling for over 10 years now and so I have had plenty of experience working one on one with photographers, working with teams. Definitely prefer working with a team of course, because it just adds so much more value to the final product to have a bunch of people helping out with styling or helping to carry things, touching up makeup… To have a professional makeup artist makes
a world of difference because that’s their craft and so everybody can excel at their own craft and the final images are that much better. Check this out! Damn! We got sun, we got ass cheeks here.. Ass! We’re seeing ass! This is the highlight of my day… I’m being so serious! We gon’ give that little situation! There’s not a lot to work with…. Oh child, we gonna work with it today baby! Work with whatcha got! Good, you better get it girl! Are y’all seein’ this?! Good job, Caitlyn. Aw yes!!! *In the background*
As long as he’s not a Leo. I can’t do another Leo. Not another Leo! And they were roommates! *In the background*
Oh a Pisces? I have an ex who was Pisces, yeah, OK… So our second look was great because our stylist had brought his kimono along to pair with my
my black lace teddy, which is very revealing, and everybody at Runyon Canyon
that day got a free show… It was Martin Luther King Day so everybody was off
work and out enjoying the beautiful weather… So there was a lot of people around actually but who cares? Yeah it was just a great
look with the with the kimono especially flowing in the wind you know I had
something to work with. All right guys, this the next look and I want you guys to know this is gonna be great. This is so much fun. Let me show you. Ready? I hope you’re ready. Okay this look is exclusive get ready because it’s coming soon to you LIVE! Hello mama! Tell me! Tell me what’s good…. What do you wanna hear? Tune in. Tune. In. This is coming soon to LA. Everybody get ready. Yas? Yas… YAS! The third look we did a high-waisted red thong bikini bottom paired with my long-sleeved snakeskin print It’s not real snakeskin! It’s like a long-sleeved shirt with bell sleeves. So kind of an interesting combination that I wouldn’t have picked out myself. If you want the final product, the final images, to be ya know, show-stopping, if you want them to resonate with people and if you want people to connect, then the model needs to be able to connect. And so the model needs to kind of know what you’re going for. I’ll snag a dog. Soon as he gets too close… Gotcha! We’re all working together towards the same goal. It really helps to agreement, buy-in, cohesion from everybody on the team that like, yes, we like this look, and yes we like this pose, and we like this angle, and this backdrop… And… feel it. Ya know you have to feel it. Because when the model feels it and the photographer feels it, then everyone that views the pictures later is gonna feel it. Or feel SOMETHING at least. And that’s what art is about. Art is about making people feel something. Is that a wrap? It’s a wrap. Aaaand CUT! I also want to thank Kada Mae once again for coming along and helping out she was just kind of there to assist
and just along for the ride but she really went above and beyond by shooting
all this video for us while we were shooting and helping to carry things and
just kind of like riling us up and really getting the mood up and again I
really think that that shouldn’t be discounted you know if you don’t have an
extra person there to to be the cheerleader that somebody needs to kind
of set the vibe and keep the energy up and use the energy positive and in
this case Kada was really it. She really was constantly yelling things that
we’re encouraging affirming yes great pose, yes great look, you know like all
those things that kind of keep everybody energized so thank you so much Kada and
we really appreciate it. That’s a wrap that was one wonderful
photo shoot I hope you enjoyed my commentary you know…This girl with the cakes, CAAAAAKES!!!! Yasss! Oh, someone’s slippin’ over there. Someone call the police! By the way Kada Mae here follow
me on insta and snapchat… or something. Kada Dot Mae. Gotta promote myself. Y’all have a great one! See you next time folks. So if you do want to see the final images from the
shoot I’m putting them all on my blog at so check it out
it’s gonna be linked in the description below of course. Thanks for watching and I’ll
see you next time! This is pre-production. This is interludes when changing, getting set up and prepared, B-T-S, everyone enjoy this part. This is the most important. We’ve got the photographer here waiting patiently. It’s gonna be a great shoot.


  1. hey have you heard of color grading? I think you could really make your footage look ton better than it already is with color grading. Its basically when you edit or adjust the colors in your footage to look more appealing if i had to explain it simply. I don't really know how to explain it, but I color grade all of my videos, and i happened to put a really heavy color grade on my last vlog about the poppy fields thing. If youre interested in seeing what color graded footage looks like, take a peep, I could help answer some questions for you if you have any. I'm a film major so this is my type of thing

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