Inside Julia Haghjoo’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

My name is Julia Haghjoo, I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, and moved to Paris this year, in July. I’m working together with my sister Silvia
in a digital field. We photograph, we do creative and art direction
and do brand collaborations. Right now, we are in Paris
in the 16th arrondissement. What I like about Paris
is it has something like in a movie, it’s very charming and magical
and I feel so lucky that I can call Paris my home. If it comes to when I need to describe my style, I would say it’s very modern,
elegant and timeless, but with a twist. It’s very important to have great basics and invest in a great trench coat
or cashmere sweater or handbag and to play with that to mix and match. It’s so important to feel confident and strong
in the pieces you wear. My signature look is wearing blazers
and putting like a cashmere sweater on it. I love to play around with knits
and with muted colors and tailoring and volume and layering. Actually, maybe it comes from Hamburg. I think Hamburg or the Hanseatic people
love to wear knits. It’s a very Nordic style, I think. And combining it with the Hamburg style
and the Parisian style, I think it’s a good combination. Working with my sister Silvia is… I can’t even describe it
since we are business partners, we are best friends and sisters. It’s like a relationship in so many ways and we needed to find our way to communicate,
to respect each other and to find our balance
between living together and working together and it took us over nine years for that. For the apartment,
I furnished that together with my sister. It’s a mix of my own furniture I had in Hamburg, some pieces we also found
at flea markets in Paris and it’s a combination of Silvia and me I think. Like my style, it’s very modern,
elegant and timeless again, but with this special twist.

26 thoughts on “Inside Julia Haghjoo’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

  1. Yeah because every girl living in Paris is very rich, very thin and has the same style while thinking its "special"

    Give it a rest Vogue!

  2. These r getting repetetive
    – investment pieces "with a twist"
    – feel confident
    – simple minimalistic apartments
    – rich skinny girl in paris
    Come on…

  3. Thank you showing us another face with the same body and style as any other girl you show us every time. Can’t wait to go to Paris and see all those tall, slim women wearing stripes up and down Paris. 😂

  4. This is NOT Paris
    Paris is dirty
    With strikes
    Poor people In the street
    No bus
    No subway
    This IS Paris..,

  5. “My style is money, with some more money, with a money around my money”. Rich people are boring, their lives are boring and I can’t even begin to describe how boring this person is

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