9 thoughts on “Impeachment In The Digital Age | NBC News Now

  1. As a 30+ year active republican voter, I will be #votingblue in 2020. Until they get their act together, I am going to #walkaway from the republican party. Many of us blue collar republicans are FED UP. We are leaving in droves.

    It's time to let our representatives know we will NOT tolerate corruption.

    If president Trump has nothing to hide, this impeachment process will reveal the truth.

  2. Inez Qtaish could shake the ground ,the roof off your houses, cause chaos all over the world, I could be your best dream or your worst nightmare, I'm only saying once, pay me for the intelligence work I already did, let me have my trial suing fourteen evildoers or I would end life for every living soul on earth, every state , every country I had enough of being mistreated and I will cause the biggest commotion any blind eyes can not see or any eyes have ever seen, I would extreme , TRUST and Believe ME. when I stop.caring is when all living souls on earth will worry and I am woman more than enough to accept whatever I got Coming from GOD, enough is enough, I had enough from the foot up to the neck.

  3. It can be difficult to sit through a video full of information that you don't believe. I tried to sit through a video by, what I perceived to be, a pro-trump propoganda, I only made it half way through. I have difficulty listening to groups that perceive a certain stance but won't change their opinion when presented with facts backed by investigations. Its sad that some people can't just play it straight and adjust accordingly. Ego seems to get in the way a lot.

  4. As the daughter of an editor I must say that you are doing everybody a disservice to society babbling on about a serious trial not being thrilling. This is a trial about bribery in the United States and our dignity helping democracy, not aiding someone's next presidential campaign in 2020…
    As a network I no longer will watch you as I find such ignorance and poor reporting deeply disturbing. These are lifelong servants to the people who are bipartisan reporting very serious crimes. Shame on you NBC. You need intelligence not pizzazz. Wow, just wow.

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